Lost my touch with girls need some advice.


seem to have lost my touch with the ladies.. when I was 14-17 it would be so easy to chat a girl up over Facebook, BBM, or even just texting! but now all my lines just fail completely. Id have new friend request every day each one was a hot girl id play it smooth and with in no time id be meeting them (almost going out with them). or id be out partying and get with some girl get her number and be texting her all the time, honestly I was pro, no meen to brag but this shit came naturally to me UNTILL I met this one girl who I really started to like, meeting her for months nearenough in a relationship and then I find out she's fucking about 3 other lads! I don't meen to sound like a big girl but it broke my heart. After that I rebounded about 7 girls in the space of 2 months each one failed and I went into major depression didn't have no motivation at all to talk to girls, around 5months later I'm at a party and get off with some girl start texting her and get into a relationship after 3 moths I find out she was just using me until her boyfriend comes out of prison! anyways since then I Haven't gotten close to any girls, I kept my self to my self for a while, but now its almost been a year later and I want to get back into the game! but for the past 3 months every attempt has failed, have I lost my mojo? I actually don't understand what's wrong with me, half the girls I message don't even reply to me no more and this is completely different to before I never needed to make an effort and now I don't get a reply? so confused, mabe its because girls talk and I have a bad name? but I've tried girls out of my erea, different age, non of it works it must be something I'm doing? I've thought it could be looks, wich it proberably isn't if I've had a lot of girls before, but yeah I'm turning 19 in 3 weeks and really need advice don't want to be another year of my life be an absolute fail haha.


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  • Start off small to get back in the game like go for the less hot ones


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  • "I used Facebook/the computer to talk to girls"

    "I use lines on girls"

    "I'm used to hot girls clicking their mouse to accept me on Facebook"

    "I was a pro-Facebook player"

    ...I found your problems :D

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