My dad has been texting another woman and both my mom and I know about it

so my dad has been texting another woman for a few months now. she is married with children and obviously so is my dad. both my mom and I know about it, and when I confronted him about it he put a password on his phone and deleted all his text messages. he insists there is nothing going on and gets really defensive when you mention it. but I see my mom is hurting and she has learned his password and sometimes will sneak onto his phone because she just cannot trust him. he has done this before in the past and it completely ruined my high school years. everyone found out about it and kids were awful to me. it kills me that he hasn't learned his lesson and thinks he is invincible and that he is doing nothing wrong. I have even confronted this other woman and told her to stop and that if she didn't I was going to tell her husband. they text all the time and even say good morning to each other through texts. I am 24 years old so I am not a kid anymore I'm not stupid or naïve and I am extremely protective of my mother and I hate my father for doing this to her and my family. I don't know what to do. any advice?


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  • Well for one, tell the bitch's husband. She didn't stop, so let her deal with her own marital problems. Stop showing your dad respect he doesn't deserve (if you haven't already) and be there for your mom. You're an adult, so you should be able to talk to your mom at a more equal level. Share your thoughts with her, comfort her, she needs somebody to talk to about these things and aside from a therapist you're probably the only person out there she might ever feel comfortable talking to about it.

    I think what's most important is that you help your mom look out for herself. She's probably worried about so many things that she's not thinking about her own interests, and you're probably one of the key people who can reassure her that it's OK for her to think about what she wants for herself.

    I wish you and your good luck. It really sounds like an awful situation. :s

    • thank you :( I have her husbands phone number and screenshots of text messages. so no one call tell me that I'm making anything up or exaggerating. it is definitely a tough situation. especially because the bitch said she understood and that nothing was going on but she still hasn't stopped. she's a whore.

    • Ugh, there are such terrible people out there. Don't let either of them fool you into believing they'll stop. You'll believe it when you see it. Once lost, trust doesn't just magically come back after a few kind words.

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  • I really don't think you and your mom can do anything anymore. I think your family needs special help. Like a family counselor or something, because this is a huge problem. I hope you and your family will get through this and be one again. :) good luck

  • Don't get involved. This is between your mom and dad. You are their child, not the other women