Guys: do you respond to texts out of politeness?

This guy and I used to hook up but ended pretty intensely. Now we are talking again. He's texted me on his own a few times but it's usually me. Now we are talking at least once a day via text. The other night he asked me to hang out but I couldn't so I suggested this Saturday and we might hang out.

My question is I am always the one texting him but he always responds. Even if it's late and he's asleep, he'll text me when he wakes up even if ihes not trying to have a conversation. Is he just being polite or is he into me.


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  • I think some guys text girls back to be polite and others do it if they like a girl. I always think with the texting thing that girls have more power then guys do. I can text a lot of girls and if a girl doesn't want to talk then she won't text back or she might use one or two worded text which kind of shows if a person wants to be bothered.Since this is a hook up thing maybe he might be getting attached to you.True you shouldn't have to be the one to text all the time.I feel if you stopped texting him for a couple days that maybe he would text back.Im assuming he would probably wait for you to text him since that's the kind of way it's set up.Once you start something a certain way then the other person expects you to keep doing thigns that way.He's lucky you still talk to him since thigns ended before.


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