Female Excuses for Bailing on a Date?

Ladies what are some of the excuses you make with a guy that you have to bail on a date whether is be you don't like the guy that way or you literately have a good excuses because something came up

Side note : Why do girls agree to a date, give a guy his number flake and flake on him?


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  • Usually girls flake a lot at the start if a) they aren't that interested. or b) they are interested its just they are busy with their life and/ or have lots of options so it is going to be hard catching up with them for a while because they have friends to catch up with in their spare time/ other guys/ so at the moment because she doesn't know you well yet you are not a priority/ so you are going to get cancelled on quite a bit. Not because she doesn't value you or she is selfish its just honestly she is too preoccupied, its almost like you need to win her over because she is not desperate in the least bit, and others will be persuing her, so if you dont, you won't stand a chance. if a girl is flakey, determine if she is worth the chase, because chances are, that is what you will have to do!

    In terms of excuses, well it depends how much I like the guy. If I actually want him to still think highly of me and want to catch up with him again, I actually usually think of some pretty seriously low conscious excuses. Like If it was a last minute cancel I might say something like omg so sorry to cancel but my dog needs to go to the vet omg I'm so upset I just can't talk now ill have to see you another time so sorry =(. So not only am I cancelling but I am now making him feel bad for me for cancelling making him feel sorry for me because I am so upset.

    Or If I know the guy is only available after 8pm for example and we are meant to meet then I might say ah so sorry can't do later tonight but I can catch up earlier at like 5/6 for a couple hours if you want..but I think you said you were busy, shame I really wanted to see you...and I can't do later..ugh this sucks!

    • that level of manipulation shesssh lmao but interesting this defiantly has worked for me in the past with her saying I have to work actually feeling sad blah blah blah I said I was sad too she says yey wow ahahha

    • thats bs, if you like someone, you make them a priority. no one s ver too preoccupied to make sure thy stick to a plan. if she's not interested or busy, she shouldn't make the plan in the first place. there's no excuse to continuously cancel on a plan.

      no matter how busy you are if you like someone, you like them that's not desperate. that's completely crazy to associate genuinely caring about a particular person with being desperate.

      only people lack self respect feel desperate for liking someone.

    • ok early on in dating its possible to like multiple people at once. clearly you have not been in this scenario before. I never said it was desperate to like and care for one person or whatever you just said. you are putting words in my mouth or reading what you want to read. and yes you can be too busy even if you do like someone. clearly you have never been in this situation once again so don't say its bullshit when you clearly don't understand

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  • 1. If she never wants to see him again she'll probably say she's not ready to date or is too busy in life right now etc. If its just one date but she plans on going out at SOME point in the future then it can be any white lie, like "i forgot I had this important event... or lots of hw, or... I'm working that night..etc.

    2. Some girls don't want to be rude so they give the number cause theyre put on the spot, but theyre not interested. Other times they Facebook stalk you/talk it over with friends etc and decide you're not worth their time based on either your social media or your texting abilities/what you say etc.

    • haha I've heard the work one before if I remember correctly she told me the morning of the lunch date if we wee still go but she said she had to reschedule called into work

      with the giving the number I don't understand why girls do that, its basically leading him on right your not interested but here my number and I hope you never contact me lol

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    • oolala

      give me a break. you don't give out your number because someone is pushy. you just say NO, firmly. if they continue to bother you that's harassment, and its illegal, and the guy is psychotic, so why would you communicate any further?

      you don't give your # when you know your not interested. You're just making excuses to be lazy, and its disrespectful.

    • Its hard to say "hey I don't wanna give you my number" for some girls, they try to be polite.

  • Usually, I just say I don't feel good. And, it isn't really a lie...just don't feel like going out.

    It is a sugar coated form.

    And, I do not know why girls do that. I did it once, because it was awkward to say no...as he was a friend I use to have. Then, he texted me like 24/7 and...yeah...

  • I dont. I think if you are not interested in someone you shouldn't make a plan to begin with. its disrespectful.

    sometimes something genuinely comes up and you can't make it but if the guy was clear about wanting to spend time with me, then id offer an alternate time.

    btw, guys do this too. its not women who play games, its assholes. they come in all sexes.

    at the same tim, not all excuses are fake. and when you assume its a lie, that's annoying as well. but id say an excuse without trying to arrange another meeting, and or not showing up -again_... dump her.

  • Can't find a sitter, I'm sick, Gotta work, family member died, just busy...I feel when someone flakes either someone they had interest in came into the picture, your said or did something they disliked.

    • yup I heard the I got called into work , I forgot to text you I was actually sad about it I'll have to reschedule We can defiantly go some other time hahaha smh I rather have a girl be straight up with me and tell me she's not interested

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  • Girls do that all the time. If a girl does that to me I will likely drop her and let her come crawling to me to make it up to me if she wants. if she doesn't come crawling back then it wasn't worth it to begin with. I am actually an author of the book on Amazon , "The Art of the Alpha Male: How to Be A Man that Attracts Beautiful Women", which may be of value for you.