Jennette McCurdy (iCarly), living proof women turn men into jerks?

Well, it's not as much of a question as it is a statement. But for the sake of courtesy, lets say it isn't true.

The story:

Basketball player Andre Drummond confesses his crush on Twitter, word gets around, long story short he and Jennette begin dating. Eventually, he becomes her boyfriend.

In her recent interview, she says:

"He was so into me. He bought me a necklace and got down on his knees during a dinner date and asked me to be his GF."

Only to break up with him on the phone a few days later.

On air, she proceeds to punish Drummond's sweet behavior:

"McCurdy seems to be laughing at Drummond the entire time -- painting him as this pathetic, immature guy who doesn't have a clue about how to court a woman."

She concludes: "I agreed to talk to Drummond because he 'seemed like a big deal.'"



To the "nice guys", does this sound similar to your experience?

A user recently asked: "Do you think women are the one who turn men into jerks or they are already jerks to begin with? Share your thought?"

The answer is obvious.

My concluding statement:
What women say they want, and what they react to are two different things. More men need to realize the less they do, the more they're appreciated for it.

1) When a woman puts in more effort than you, she rewards you for it.

2) When you put in more effort than the woman, you are punished (See story above).

"Sometimes you gotta live and learn by the mistakes you make. You gotta move on and keep pushing."

Sounds like he finally got it.

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For clarification purposes, I meant my poll question to be: "Do women turn men into jerks?"


Most Helpful Guy

  • Cheeseburgers lol you're right on this. It seems like Drummond had to learn the hard way.. ugh... it was painful for me to just read it, Can't imagine what he feels. I was literally embarrassed for him. He should just do what I do & ''hit it & quit it''. If he happens to find a Woman who deserves to be treated like a lady then he should wife-her-up, until then he should remain a bachelor & enjoy all the free fish. (:

    Also the poll says yes or no which one should I click for saying that I agree with you?

    • .. o. O... I Guy thumbed me down? So either you're a troll or a white knight either way I solute your integrity to annoy the human race. Good on you gents, good on you...

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    • Cheeseburgers, Now I got 3 men that have downvoted me? It's like they literally want no pussy for the rest of their lives...

    • The down voters are hardly worth acknowledgement. That's a great statement. They haven't learned it yet. But they will. Although it wouldn't surprise me if they later settle for some fat or mediocre chick whom is equally desperate, only to form some self-serving rationalization to avoid the realities of their mistake s.

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What Girls Said 8

  • Sounds like he was infatuated with her for her namesake and not her as a person.

    When you idolize someone without knowing them, it doesn't matter how sweet you are, it matters how compatible you are.

    IT doesn't matter if a guy comes crawling on his knees with diamonds and pearls if he's an abusive psychopath.

    Relationships take more than gifts and kindness and SOME of you guys don't seem to understand that. You can be "nice" until sugar falls out of your ass, but if you aren't compatible with someone you aren't compatible. He may not have been mature enough for her, he may have had a wet towel for a personality, he may have been condescending and controlling.

    You weren't in the relationship. She can break up with anyone she wants. Just as men can break up with anyone they want.

    • IT was a grand enough gesture for Her to DATE him, he obviously didn't have enough of SOMETHING to KEEP HER.

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    • ''You know I always hated Aladdin, I didn't like the art, voice acting, or the songs.''.. D:!!

      .. Well alright we're definitely polar opposites 'cause I loved Aladdin it was perfect in every way, shape, & form imho. I never really remembered that song ''be prepared'' & I never really liked ''The Lion King'' all that much...

    • Well its official, you have no soul and no taste.

  • That sucks! She shouldn't have dont that! Who knows? Maybe someday someone will say something about her and give her a taste of her own medicine.

  • Jennette McCurdy is one woman last time I checked.

    So I guess your "logic" makes perfect sense.

  • Sometimes being TOO sweet is a bad thing. It just makes you feel all smothered and like you're a hamster being held by a 5 year old who doesn't understand to not squeeze when they hold you. Sometimes, it's just too much.

  • No jennifer didn't turn anyone imto a jerk. Maybe she treated him poorly but its his own responsibility and his own doing if he turns into a jerk because of it. No one can turn anyone into a jerk just like how men can't turn women into bitches. Yes maybe you were in an unfortunate relationship or some shit like that. But half of life is what happens to do the second os how you react to it. Turning into a jerk wouldn't say anything about anyones character but youe own. That you turn bitter and defeated when one bad thing happens you let it get the best of you. If jennifer is a bitch, thats on her but you can't blame turning into a jerk onoher cuz thats totally the persons decision. Sorry that life gor the best of you and I hope you never let anyone change you from who you are and never loose sight of your destiny just becauae there's a few mountains in the way. Your not ment to be happy your meant to be strong

  • That's insane. I would never date a guy who treats me like shit. One bad move and you're gone. I don't play those baby games.

  • Man n women can be jerks
    A man can turn a good girl bad
    We all do into it happens to us then we hurt but would bout the people we hurt along the way

  • no if you're a jerk you're a jerk, man or woman. Sometimes past experiences do mold you but you are who you are. and in any relationship sometimes you have to make yourself wanted and not always there for the person! make people miss you, crave you and they'll be there for you. If you're there all the time how can someone miss you? if you're always on point and satisfying the person 24/7 how can they crave you? you have to know how it works to work it! It doesn't mean you have to be a complete jerk for someone to like you or that we prefer that. It's common sense.


What Guys Said 7

  • When you put it like that yes but there's always two sides to every story. He may not be what she wanted, just like all guys and girls go on dates and turns out that they didn't like him/her like that, that's life. She might even be a girl and not a woman. Girls tend to do that. She might even take the celebrity status to her head, who knows. By reading what you have told us what she did was tacky and not classy at all. Clearly she's beautiful but her personality says something different. It all depends on the situation. At the same time we should not judge because we have no right to judge. We do not even know them personally to make an assumption like that. She'll find someone that completes her personality and looks. Life goes on. It's 50/50; there would be women that do turn men to jerks and women that don't, there will always be some yes's and some no's, there is no one answer. I personally don't care about her. She isn't apart of my life and has no affect on my life. Just a waste to give my thoughts on her.

  • She's douchey. But isolated incidents will never replace peer reviewed group studies as evidence for such matters. This story informed me about the mannerisms of one girl, and that's about it. Just as I wouldn't take one or a few isolated incidents of KKK activity as a general representation of how white people act, I won't extrapolate scattered cases of brat-like behavior from girls to represent the female population. I've been with enough women to know better than that

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    • "Socially dominant = bad"


    • Proof is anything that serves as evidence.

  • Lets face a reality, if she was into him, she wouldn't have treated him this way. This is one of those circumstances where it seemed like it should be a good idea. He probably was attractive, she thought he may be somewhat known, they could relate on many levels. But the chemistry wasn't there, at least on her end.

    In the real world people happen into this all the time. You meet someone that "should" be perfect, but there isn't that chemistry. Some people ride it out anyway, but it rarely lasts. In this case they live in a bubble and things like this are even harder to understand. It is easier to blame the actions of the other person that try to explain some intangible element was missing and come off as being unrealistic.

  • She wants to quit being Sam. Sam and Cat will probably be canceled

    • And no, women don't turn men into jerks. Some do, but not all

  • Yeah--it's a tough lesson, but the earlier you learn it the better off you'll be.

  • Sounds logical to make a conclusion out of one situation

  • Yes, I agree.

    There are basically three categories of guys: guys who were always jerks; guys who (usually in their early twenties) turned into jerks because of girls; guys who (usually in their early twenties) dropped out of the world of sex, dating and relationships.

    Sure enough, Andre Drummond is 20 years old and pissed off. Which of these two paths he will take, I don't know.

    • She's also torpedoed her own love life. No self-respecting man would want to date her now. So, unless she's willing to date a guy with no money, she's pretty much finished romantically.

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    • Indeed. And then women later in their twenties whine, "Where have all the nice guys gone?" Is it funny? Is it sad? I don't know. But having become a jerk myself, I'm having quite a lot of success, whereas I previously as a nice guy had none. So maybe it's for the best.

    • Great answer. Obviously a guy with real world experience. Can't say the same for the White Knight brigade.