How to thank a guy for asking me to prom?

So this guy asked me to prom the other day- I had no idea he was going to do that. My friends got him asking me on video and I just watched it for the first time tonight. I was caught so off guard I didn't even sound excited when I said I would go with him. I was like, "Umm, yeah. That would be fun." Luckily I made a save and gave him a hug afterwards. I just wanted to text him to thank him for asking me, but I don't know how to word it haha. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


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  • I'll answer that, but first I have to know if you're attracted to the guy or just going as friends. This is somewhat important as it kind of shapes my answer.

    • I'm honestly not sure if I'm attracted to him or not. Maybe a little bit? I'm also not sure if he likes me though. Although the way he asked me to prom was really sweet

    • Well, for the time being, I think you should keep it very polite and friendly until you do know if you're attracted to him. Send him a message or tell him in person (I'm kind of old fashioned, so I prefer the latter but that's just me) "I really want to thank you for asking me to the prom. I know you put in xtra effort to ask me and I think that's sweet." If he's paying for the tickets, you could thank him for that, too. Have fun at the prom! I did!

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  • Say nothing else - no texting - don't get him cocky
    1. have a good time, insure he's having fun also at prom
    2. big kiss goodnight at front door
    3. say "call me, sweety - this was fun and we should have more"

  • You need to buy him a car and have sex with him. Pff text a thank you? Puh'lease.

  • I have no clue


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