First date ever, he french-kissed me twice already?

So I went on my first proper date (I'm English by the way), and it was with a Frenchman (surprise!) whom I had met briefly before. So we started texting for a few weeks and he then came to visit the town I live in and we met up for a was an amazing first date, and we immediately hit it off. he came across as a genuinely kind and very open person - he was a gentleman through and through. I also never got any bad vibes from him either. Later on we went to go see a film and he started holding my hand halfway through and kept complimenting me on the way I looked and saying that my scent was nice...I'm an oblivious person, and I'd never been a relationship before so I was quite surprised with all the flattery and I was even more shocked when he unexpectedly kissed me on the cheek several times and then leaned in to kiss me on the lips...twice!(yes with tongue...) I was frozen like a plank and had no idea what to do. Later on before we said goodbye, he pecked me on the lips and said he wanted to see me again.
It wasn't that I hated his affection, but I was just surprised at how MUCH affection he was already showing on the first date...when we first started texting, he told me that he was waiting to meet the right person to settle down with, so that's why I'm also confused with how spontaneous and affectionate he already was with me, I expected him to be more..."cautious" I suppose, with who he was going out with? I'm just confused with all these signals, and haven't a clue about how to go on about all of this! I'd really appreciate some advice, because I haven't a clue about what to do, since I'm so inexperienced and clueless about guys and relationships! Thank you in advance!


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  • He's French. I imagine they are all like that, at least that's what their reputation would lead me to believe.

    I'm American. I don't do the flattery thing as much but I do get affectionate rather quickly. it also depends on the type of girl I'm with. if she is accepting of it then I continue. if she's a prude then I back off, naturally.

    You're right to say that he's not shy because neither am I, it makes sense that we would both be similar in this respect. It shows that we don't fear anybody or care what others think.

    However, the general consensus in America is that when a male acts that way he is a "player." It's too good to be true and he's probably just in it for the sex. While that does not properly describe me I will agree with you that it's probably not a good thing to get so affectionate with a woman I don't know; I'm also Hispanic so maybe it's a Latin-lover characteristic we both share ha ha.

    So, your options are to 1) slow this done to your pace & see where it goes, 2) Go with the flow or 3) extinguish it.

    I do not suggest option 2. As you describe yourself and inexperienced then you will only get caught up in the romance of it and could possibly be gravely hurt, emotionally.

    Find out if he's a resident or if he plans to leave to France again. If the latter then conduct yourself with extra caution. Obviously it's all common sense beyond this... Know what I mean?


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  • oh my lants! french kissed by a french man :)

  • He might just be the overly affectionate type. Just let him take the lead on this one, he doesn't seem like the shy type