10 Rules For Success By "Some" Of The Best


10 rules for success by

All this is from the youtube channel Evan Carmichael. To find full videos for the 10 rules. Simply google the name of the person you are intrested in and 10 rules for success.

I picked various people from Business, Strategists/Speakers , Sports and even Entertainment/Acting.

Success Leaves Clues - Anthony Robbins


Tim Ferriss

1. Have other interests
2. Scratch your own itch
3. Learn the art of the pitch
4. Focus on your strengths
5. Be able to sell
6. Ideas are worth nothing
7. Pick the right things to do
8. Be pragmatically pessimistic
9. Have a focused metric
10. Use failure to help you

Steve Jobs

1. Don't live a limited life
2. Have passion
3. Design for yourself
4. Don't sell crap
5. Build a great team
6. Don't do it for the money
7. Be proud of your products
8. Build around customers
9. Marketing is about Values
10.Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Warren Buffett

1. Find your passion
2. Hire well
3. Don't care what others think
4. Read, read, read
5. Have a margin of safety
6. Have a competitive advantage
7. Schedule for your personality
8. Always be competing
9. Model success
10. Give unconditional love

Bill Gates

1. Have energy
2. Have a bad influence
3. Work hard
4. Create the future
5. Enjoy what you do
6. Play bridge
7. Ask for advice
8. Pick good people
9. Don't procrastinate
10. Have a sense of humor

Bruce Lee

1. Demonstrate impressively
2. Express yourself
3. Have faith in yourself
4. Exploit opportunity
5. Be confident
6. Be like water
7. Create your art
8. Commit Fearlessly
9. Don't think, feel
10. Take on the best

Robert Kiyosaki

1. Experience makes you smarter
2. The more you give, the more you receive
3. Change the way you think
4. Focus
5. Hard times bring new opportunities
6. Design the business properly
7. Know what you are working hard for
8. Don't be afraid of losses
9. Aim to acquire assets
10. Stop saving money, hedge it

Richard Branson

1. Keep it simple
2. Give it a try
3. Be a leader
4. Don't give up
5. Delegate
6. Treat people well
7. Shake things up
8. People will be skeptical
9. Affect lives positively
10. Do things differently

Sylvester Stallone

1. No means yes
2. Listen to your gut
3. Improvise
4. Don't give up, keep talking
5. Get it done
6. Believe in yourself
7. Find your process
8. Do one thing right
9. You only learn through failure
10. Keep moving forward

Michael Jordan

1. Keep working hard
2. Ignite the fire
3. Be different
4. Fail your way to success
5. Have high expectations
6. Be positive
7. Be who you were born to be
8. Have a vision
9. Stop making excuses
10. Practice

Donald Trump

1. Don't do it for the money
2. Never give up
3. Be into the details
4. Be totally focused
5. Get great employees
6. Work hard
7. Follow your instincts
8. Believe in yourself
9. Have a messy desk
10. Love what you do

Arnold Schwarzenegger

1. Have a clear goal
2. Think Big
3. Turn your liabilities into assets
4. Ignore the little man
5. Work your butt off
6. Make the world a better place
7. Don't be realistic
8. Don't be afraid to fail
9. Model Success
10. Believe in yourself

Mark Zuckerberg

1. You get what you spend your time doing
2. Get feedback
3. Make mistakes
4. Only hire people who you would work for
5. Make a change in the world
6. Learn from the people around you
7. Build a really good team
8. Give the very best experience
9. Care the most about it
10. Social bonds are critical

Kobe Bryant

1. Make sacrifices
2. One move at a time
3. Trust your skills
4. Use your scars as a weapon
5. Focus on each day
6. Don't be afraid of confrontation
7. Be competitive when it's hard
8. Just keep going
9. Thrive on being an outsider
10. Compete with yourself

Cristiano Ronaldo

1. Just play!
2. Be competitive
3. Always take on new challenges
4. Know your priorities
5. People will judge you
6. Work hard
7. Believe you are the best
8. Play for the team
9. Enjoy the moments
10. Have a sense of humor

Floyd Mayweather

1. Take one day at a time
2. Always be at your best
3. Have a game plan
4. Keep your eyes on the prize
5. Dedicate yourself to your craft
6. To become great, you have to follow greatness
7. You can never overlook anyone
8. Believe you are the best
9. Appreciate people that support you
10. Always have a backup plan

Oprah Winfrey

1.Understand the next right move
2. Seize your opportunity
3. Everyone makes mistakes
4. Work on yourself
5. Run the race as hard as you can
6. Believe
7. We are all seeking the same thing
8. Find your purpose
9. Stay grounded
10. Relax, it's going to be okay

Napoleon Hill

1. Have a definite purpose
2. Get along peacefully with others
3. Believe
4. Your only limit is yourself
5. Take action
6. Improve your personality
7. Create, recognize and act upon opportunities
8. Success must be planned
9. Move with courage and determination
10. Conceive, believe, achieve

Jackie Chan

1. Be yourself
2. Do it your own way
3. Learn from your audience
4. Work hard
5. Do it while you are young
6. It's not all about the money
7. Be different
8. Do the best you can
9. Keep your promises
10. Have mentors

Tony Robbins

1. Raise your standards
2. Be truly fulfilled
3. Progress equals happiness
4. Love your customers
5. Add value
6. Have an exit strategy
7. Be resourceful
8. Pay attention to the little things
9. Look for leverage
10. Change your mindset

Jim Rohn

1. Let's do it!
2. Ask for adventure
3. Work on yourself
4. Have a purpose
5. You've got to dream
6. Never give up
7. Rely on yourself
8. Learn from other people
9. Say "Enough is Enough!"
10. Think rich

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. - Socrates

Again ! To find the full videos just search "Name" top 10 rules for success.

Credit goes to Evan Carmichael and his team.

10 Rules For Success By "Some" Of The Best
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