4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn How to Touch-Type

Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Touch-Typists

In middle school, I took a computer course. It taught me basic computer skills that I would use for the rest of my life. I have about 13 years of experience with touch-typing. Yet, I still see people - too many people - at the public library who hunt and peck at the keys. For this myTake, I have compiled a list of reasons why I believe everybody should be touch-typists.

1. Efficiency

Being a touch typist means you are trained to type fast and accurately. You can type as fast as you can think of the words. This level of efficiency is an extremely useful skill in so many areas of the modern world. If you bring your laptop to school and want to follow the professor's lectures, then all you have to do is let your fingers do the work, while your brain can concentrate on understanding and processing the words. If you have transcription software installed, then that may help with transcribing the professor's speech word for word.

2. Professionalism

Being a touch typist makes you look professional and serious about your job or task.

3. Ergonomic Posture

Being a touch typist helps with forming that ergonomic posture. If you sit in front of a computer and type all day, then you should sit properly to avoid bodily injuries. Your back should be upright; your elbows should make a 90-degree angle. If you hunt and peck, then you are very likely to stoop your head, and then you'll wonder why your neck is sore.

4. Typing Games Would Be A Breeze

Some Internet browser games involve typing words accurately and quickly. This is where it really helps to be a touch-typist. You can earn high scores without much effort at all.

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn How to Touch-Type
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