Can we take a moment do discuss touch culture?

Can we take a moment do discuss touch culture?

I’m not talking about sexual touching for a moment, I’m talking about touching in general.

Some cultures are more touch friendly than others while others are less. Unfortunately I belong to one of those cultures that’s more you friendly than others. I belong to the Hispanic culture which is notorious for being very touch friendly. People get up close, touch each other a lot and have a tendency to invade personal space.

See, I have no problem with this when it’s a girl who is relatively decent looking. But that’s because I am sexually attracted to women. It doesn’t mean I’m getting aroused every time I get touched, but I don’t mind it.

The problem is when it’s a dude. And every now and then I meet a (usually) hispanic dude who invaded the fuck out of my personal space, gets close and starts touching. They usually think I’m crazy when I complain and think there’s something wrong with me. Because apparently being Hispanic means we have to touch each other a lot.

Plain and simple, if you’re a dude, please limit your physical touch when you’re around me. I don’t care if our cultures imply that we have to have a bromance which each other. Even family seems to think I’m crazy.

How do we feel about touch culture?

Can we take a moment do discuss touch culture?
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  • Syrian_survivor
    If it means more love then I have nothing against it, and seeing its long term effects causing nothing bad on anyone whatsoever (other than maybe spreading disease through touching), then I'm all for it, it's just a higher level of expressing a big amount of love and endearment, it keeps many precious bonds intact and strong.

    And please don't be one of those people who see everything between 2 guys as gay, I don't know if you're homophobic but it doesn't matter, I'm not for homosexuality but expressing your platonic love to your male friends is something positive and wholesome, and should not be dropped as a form of "bromance".
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  • I think our reaction, this uncomfortability to being touched and only being okay with it if it's the opposite gender, it's some serious fucking disease.

    There was a time when men used to dance together, and it wasn't gay, nor should it be, they were just having fun, locking arms and swingin around, or kickin their boots in a line, it was fucking fun and people weren't all neurotic about it. I grew up in this hyper sex focused society where everything is about sex, and I FUCKING HATE IT
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  • SkipStop
    I feel very uncomfortable with being touched. Even receivng kisses and hugs from my relatives who I love more than anyone feels uncomfortable. And I don't know where this discomfort stems from. It might not be a bad thing these days. Helps me stay away from women.
  • markscott
    My culture is definitely less touch friendly, but is become more touch friendly. I like touching others, as long as it's not too much into my personal space. I'm also more comfortable touching females than males, though I do a fair amount of both.
  • Anonymous
    Can you give some examples of what you are talking about?

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