You Can Have More Degrees Than a Thermometer, But Will That Keep You Warm at Night?


I am of Asian Indian descent. There I said it. I am born and raised in New York City. I came from very strict upbringing despite what my "parents" will say. "home schooled" studies in the summer, from memorization of paragraphs to multiplication tables. to writing summary paragraphs. Even down to wearing dress clothes to a PUBLIC SCHOOL and keeping my hair long and poofy because they said I looked taller.

Never wanted me to have relationships with females, would always say "you don't need a woman, a degree will love you back" (the words of my father who passed away - who never achieved his pipe dream"

You can have more degrees that a thermometer, but will that keep you warm at night?

And what pray tell was his pipe dream...

BA from Harvard

BS From Yale

MA From Princeton

MS from Brown

and the creme de la creme..

PhD from Oxford.

And he was adamant about it too.. Because I didn't get the grades he wanted when I was in 2nd grade, he called me a failure. What parent tells his kid they are a failure at 2nd grade? Then in 4th grade he upped the ante, I was forced to walk behind the car, in the rain, because, yes again, I didn't get the grades he wanted. And yes, again, in 8th grade, because I wasn't on stage with the others, I was a failure.

High school got very interesting, I did not know how crazed they were. I had to take the SATs 5x. Was told I could not go to my prom because I had to study for the SAT (which was the next day) and systematically ruined a relationship which was forming with someone.

And it got much worse in college. While in college, people would call and want to talk. Im there eating dinner he would shout at them "he isn't home dont call this number again". He was so hell bend in making me as miserable as him. Not to mention, working full time and going to college as well still didn't satisfy the neurotic behavior.

You Can Have More Degrees Than a Thermometer, But Will That Keep You Warm at Night?

Flash forward a few years later, he was in the hospital for health issues. He said "Oh you never came to see me" Well what is more important to you? the grades you want me to achieve, or to see you? since you been touting grades..grades..grades, I am not going to stop your fantasy of me trying to get a degree from "where I choose to, and what I want my degree in."

To much chagrin of his ways and he dying a few months later. As Frank Sinatra sang. I did it MY WAY". I dont have all those degrees, I have 1. a BS. In addition to a paralegal degree. I am now working on going to law school (if I can get past that LSAT) and possibly a Notary.

Why I dont think education is next to godliness. Simple. In my background, everything is a competition, who has the most degrees, who has the most smarter kids, who has the most homes, cars. (who can get a female Caucasian wife faster to rebel against the family and culture)

To me, education shouldn't be a rat race, Working a 9-5 Job, Monday to Friday, paying for your house, your mortgage, raising a child, making sure your child is happy and can get what you didn't have and give them more than anyone else because its your child. And this is one reason why I believe in that:

the UCLA Shooter.

"Sarkar came to the U.S. from India on a student visa in 2001 after earning a degree in aerospace engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur."

You Can Have More Degrees Than a Thermometer, But Will That Keep You Warm at Night?

"Eldredge called Klug an exceptional person and teacher who had a gentle way giving feedback to students. Even so, Sarkar "didn't take criticism well" when he submitted a dissertation that advisers returned, requesting significant revisions.

"He was rather combative in his responses," Eldredge said. "He'd say, 'I don't know how to answer that' or 'I don't know what that means.' He was just very stubborn."

From what learned in my field (as well as family) they dont take criticism well and when you point out wrongs, they become combative and arrogant".

This may seem like a rant, but its not. Its because of incidents like this, people like me are stereotyped by people who have no knowledge of, or anything, and just goes by how these people act and what motives they use to get here.

I am me, I am an individual, I am not part of the "education is next to godliness". I am the person who thinks that - give me the 9-5 job, give me the 4 squares and a roof over my head. give me a woman who loves me for me and children who won't hate me for making them the best they are, without browbeating them.

You Can Have More Degrees Than a Thermometer, But Will That Keep You Warm at Night?
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