An Open Letter to Teenagers in High School

An Open Letter to Teenagers in High School

Dear high school students,

I know high school may seem rough and tough, but trust me it's not the toughest thing you're going to have to deal with. In fact,if you're planning on going to college you're going to find it's a cakewalk compared alongside it.

All those popular people that claim that they are perfect, they aren't. They have everyday problems like you and me. In fact some of them are pressured to be like their parents were or to fit in to a society mold even though they really don't want to.

If you're being bullied, I just want to say never compromise what you believe in. That's what the bullies want. They have compromised because they are insecure and immature. They may have problems too, but instead of facing those problems head on, they channel it out on other people to make them feel bad. The only thing you're guilty of is being nearby for them to target.

The food may not be the best, but trust me some people are lucky to have it. Some of the others around you it may be the only food they get the whole day from sunrise to sunset. So someone else's distaste might be someone else's only meal.

An Open Letter to Teenagers in High School

Don't worry about being part of a clique and thinking in a group mentality. Have a few friends, but also have individuality. It has been often said variety is the spice of life. The group of Blonde Barbie wannabe plastics think in a group mentality because there is one person who wants them to be that way to make themselves feel good by having control over others. So what if you have one friend who's a little nerdy, another who is obsessed with rock music,and another who loves to take every history class available to them. It's all variety. Having friends with different backgrounds helps to see situations from more points of view than one.

If you're having trouble in any classes, be honest and let your teachers know. The guidance counselor or teacher may know some resources to help you get extra help so that you can understand the material better. Trust me if you ever need help, don't ever be afraid to speak up and ask.

You may not know what you want to do after high school, and that's ok. Some people choose college, some choose military service, some enter the workforce, and some even wait a few years to do either. It's all OK. There's nothing wrong with deciding you want to go to college later in life. There's nothing wrong with working for a while then going on to school or the military to better yourself. You are your own person. No one can make decisions about yourself or know themselves better than you.

Just remember it's all going to be ok. If you need help or don't understand, never be afraid to speak up. We're all different.


A former High School student like yourself.

An Open Letter to Teenagers in High School
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