Is Online School Right For You? Know What To Expect!

Is Online School Right For You? Know What To Expect!

Recently I've found that a lot of people are saying that they'd like to start being home schooled instead of the traditional classroom style learning. A few of those people think that online schooling is just your parent/guardian handing you books, teaching you shit, and then letting you go do whatever you want. Most home schooling is actually done through the internet these days, and although there is more flexibility, you still can't just do the work whenever you feel like it.

Is Online School Right For You? Know What To Expect!

I was enrolled in an online academy for a few months, and I was disappointed to find out that it was nothing like what I expected. We had a certain amount of hours we had to be on the site working, we had to do virtual classroom sessions at a scheduled time, and we had to keep up with the work or it would pile up way faster than in traditional school. We also had timed tests where our browsers could detect other tabs open (so we couldn't use google to cheat, which I was guilty of doing on the classwork at times.)

Is Online School Right For You? Know What To Expect!

Not only were there a lot of things that online schooling threw at me, but when you're enrolled in an online academy there's a good chance that you'll only speak with a teacher a couple of times a week. Don't get me wrong, you can communicate with a teacher by phone or message, but you still won't be getting a full lesson like most teachers give, and you'll have less of a guiding hand to lead you through work. You have to do a lot of reading (A LOT!!!), and a lot of practice work. You may even be required to look up some additional info on your own. People who need extra guidance or need to see something demonstrated/explained more deeply should definitely rethink being home schooled.

Is Online School Right For You? Know What To Expect!

Another misconception that some people have about online schooling is that they won't need text books. Au contraire my friend. Some online schools will ship you tons of books. I had six huge text books sent to me! I mean, I never touched them, but that's probably why my grade sucked while I used the program... Woopsy. If you loathe textbooks, don't expect to escape them by joining an online academy! The books will always find you!

Is Online School Right For You? Know What To Expect!

My main issue with home schooling was the fact that I went totally stir crazy. I had no one to talk to, and I never had an excuse to leave the house. Previously, my only outings were the trip to and from school. I wanted to join an online academy to escape socialization and be alone, but I quickly started to miss being around other people. It gets really lonely when you don't get to socialize, even if you don't particularly like people. Extroverts probably won't enjoy home schooling much, but introverts should be fine with it for the most part.

Is Online School Right For You? Know What To Expect!

Being forced to use the computer for 4+ hours a day can really make you hate technology. You don't get to play any games or chat up friends during your class work time (unless you're cool with missing a ton of information), so the four hours of work i soooooooooo boring. I didn't even want to check GaG while I was enrolled in online school. That's how much I started to dislike my computer. If you have a short attention span or just get bored easily, online school will drive you nuts.

Is Online School Right For You? Know What To Expect!

One of my other issues with home schooling was the pace. My teachers would upload a new assignment every day, and since there wasn't a timed lesson planned, I was often stuck in place for an hour per class. Imagine having to read through textbooks, watch informational videos, and completing several assignments a day for eight classes each day with no time limit set for how long teachers can keep you busy. I couldn't jut work for the four required hours and finish it all, but I would get so mentally exhausted that I'd save some work for the next day. That was a bad idea, because then the work just started to pile up. Not all schools will be like this, and the pace could have just been my own speed at working, so don't let this discourage you! If you're a generally fast worker who can pick up on things quickly, you'll breeze right through!

Is Online School Right For You? Know What To Expect!

All in all, home schooling just wasn't as great as I had expected it to be. I did get more flexible time, but I didn't learn a thing. I have a short attention span, so I really couldn't focus on my work. I'd skim paragraphs, and since I was forced into all honors classes, not knowing the right info caught up to me quickly on tests. My grades slipped more in online school than they ever have in traditionally schools.

Online schooling is a great alternative for people with social problems/anxiety, people with jobs, or even people with children who can't be away from home too long. You just need to enter the program knowing exactly what to expect. I may be a bit biased, as I didn't get accepted into the program I entered until a month into the school year (then had work just piled up to speed through until I caught up), so do some research for yourself before just taking my opinion as fact. Home schooling isn't all bad, I swear! You just have to keep up with your work and know that you have some rules just like any school does. Good luck with your schooling journeys, my friends, and I hope you find the education that's best for you!

Is Online School Right For You? Know What To Expect!
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  • EnglishArtsteacher
    This is going to sound weird, but bear with me: While I'm not a fan of online schooling, I AM a fan of home schooling. As you mentioned, as overwhelming majority of home schooling in this day of age IS online, but when I was a kid, I was home schooled from third through fifth grade. So, unfortunately, since home schooling these days is largely online, I don't know how I feel about home schooling anymore-Although virtually every study shows home schooled students do significantly better in higher education, AND in their careers.

    I agree with nearly everything you said, but one thing I disagree with you on is the socialization aspect of it. In this day of age, "socialization" is largely done over the internet, and via electronics. I know you're not allowed to do that on your school computer, but as someone who teaches in high schools, I see students texting each other, messaging people on social networking sites, using Snapchat, etc., instead of talking face to face-All the time.

    I do like this "MyTake" though. You let people know online schooling is not all "fun, and games."
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    • The socialization aspect was more for extroverts who need to spend a lot of time in groups to feel happy. I don't like talking over the phone/through text as much as I do face to face, but that's a personal opinion. And thanks! :)

    • Oh, I see your points! No problem at all! I did enjoy this take!

    • I'm actually homeschooled with mostly traditional books, but I do a tad bit of online work for AP and honors classes. I agree it does get overwhelming at times

Most Helpful Girl

  • reixun
    I did online school this whole school year and man 😂 that shit sucked. It wasn't as bad as yours, I didn't get any textbooks and could still open other tabs during tests (😎). I didn't feel that loneliness either because I went to arabic classes everyday. My pre calculus class was so bad, horrible explanations. I finished with a B and I'm never doing it again. Public school here I come because that shit was vile.
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  • Pink2000
    I was homeschooled and did online school for years. I didn't have any problems with it. Would I do it again? Probably not but only because I like to socialize.
    • I'm going to try taking another shot at online school this year (My senior year) because I REALLY don't want to have to start over at a new school. I'm horrible at socializing.

    • Pink2000

      Are you able to take electives at a high school

    • Yes, but my electives got chosen for me because my mom was in a rush and didn't feel like waiting 5 damn minutes... So now the girl with severe anxiety is taking theater and oral communications

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  • SovereignessofVamps
    This sound horrible if you struggle with math! How do you get any help? I was terrible @ math so this would be nightmarish for me.
    • The academy that I was enrolled in allowed you to call/email teachers, but it could still be hard to grasp without seeing it all done with my own eyes

    • that just sounds awful srsly.

    If you do not mind me asking, was this for high school or was it for college?

    Because I have done both and I can tell you that there is an important distinction.

    The high school homeschooling I did was similar to what you describe. There is a required amount of hours you must be online along with times where you MUST be logged in for virtual lectures etc. However, if you do homeschooling through a non-digital outlet like Indecent Study via an alternative school, then you will not really need a computer at all as much as you will simply need to see a teacher in person once or twice a week for a few hours. This system is far superior to the online one, easier too.

    College homeschooling however is by default online only. But unlike high school, you are not required to be online at certain times for lectures everyday (with the sole exception of finals which are timed). Most of the work consists in reading, watching videos, and then submitting quizzes and/or essays by a certain time, and/or discussion boards similar to this forum.

    In fact, many of your final exams are replaced with final essays.

    The one UNIVERSAL tip I would give to ALL homeschoolers whether it be college or high school is to know that just because it takes place at home, that does not mean there is less work.

    If anything, homeschooling requires you to do MORE work because there is no room for class participation. Whereas a person can get by via regular classes through simply showing up, a homeschooler literally has to submit a real assignment for every aspect of their grade. It is ALL homework.
    • I did it for high school. I'm a senior this year, and I'm going to try to give online schooling another shot (with a new program, in a new state). Thanks for the info, I didn't think it would be so different

  • MissFabulous
    This was a very interesting & refreshing take. :) I've never been home schooled but I have a few friends who were. They told me a little bit about it but I didn't know the extent of what they had to do. Thank you for sharing. :)
    • And I really like that warning sign, it's super funny. :)

  • helloitsmethere
    I did homeschooling for a year because I was sick and it sucked. BIG TIME. I heard I was missing out on a lot of things that were happening at the school I was supposed to and I was bored a lot. I'm actually excited to go back to public school again next week lol.
  • abundantlyrich
    Lol ill just learn from young millionaire internet gurus. I dont do rules and schools of any type.
  • mntwins66
    4 hours doesn't sound too bad.
    • But there were days where I literally could not complete 4 hours simply because I ran out of assignments before the four hours were up. They didn't give a crap if you completed everything, you had to be on and working for 4 hours of they'd call home and you'd get into trouble. That's only with the program I used, though. That fact was mostly thrown in for people who think "Oh, my mom will hand me a page of work and when I finish in 3 minutes I can just go do whatever I want!"

  • SnowHearth
    Online schooling is not for everyone
  • LoganLohan2
    I love online schooling.
  • Anonymous
    I would recommend online schooling/home schooling in countries that are highly into entertainment like America for example. Most kids in there are horrible and only into looking good and attention etc... and some of those kids THINK they're good kids too and so does some grown ups.
  • Anonymous
    Homeschooling =/= online schooling. I was homeschooled personally by my parents; no online element. We also went to little group things (not classes but drama/art/dance workshops) for socialising.
    • Alright, but the majority of the people I hear talking about wanting to be home schooled are mentioning online classes. I wanted to write this take for those people, because I have first had experience with it. Thanks for clearing that up though, and I wouldn't mind hearing your opinion on the form of home schooling you did :)

    • Anonymous

      I see. ^^
      Basically, my mum started teaching me basic stuff from like when I was three and we went on plenty of excursions to museums and stuff. It was a very NICE education; I want to say "privileged" but people freak out or get the wrong idea whenever that word comes up for some reason. :/
      My dad taught me more sciency and mathsy stuff and mum taught me a bunch of other stuff and basically I was just learning. XD The only thing we kinda had to worry about was when the "inspectors" came along to make sure we'd been doing proper work (which was the only reason we "resorted" to using textbooks as well XD).
      Anyway; we had lots of weekly activities that we went to and met other homeschoolers (and not necessarily homeschoolers sometimes) at, so we got our socialisation in that way; we've had to deal with people telling us we "don't have any friends" a lot, though, based off an assumption. (By the way, when I say "we" I mean my sister and I.)
      And now I'm in uni early! Sorry if I rambled XD

    • Oh wow, that seems like quality education. My mom couldn't even help me out with pre algebra xD The school program I was in actually hosted meet ups for all of the students so they wouldn't miss out of any social events, but my guardians at the time (my uncle and his girlfriend) either never had the time, or my uncle simply didn't feel like taking me. I lost a big part of the experience that way, because the students also had study sessions and things that I couldn't go to. It seems like no home school education, be it online or otherwise, is complete without some sort of social events. It's great that your parents dedicated so much time to that

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