Online school is being done pretty poorly


Right okay,

I'm doing online school and honestly, I couldn't tell you what I did in my last lesson, I at least am not learning anything from this.

The work is always too long or too short so I either can't be bothered to try or can't be bothered to finish.

Half the time my teachers aren't even trying with the classes and just give us stupidly long and boring reading tasks.

We can't socialise with other students, we can't socialise with the teachers, the parents are the only people who are being given updates about how the school is doing things and n e v e r the students

It is so frustrating and needs a lot of improvement if they want students to actually attend and complete tasks because I kid you not, a good two thirds of my school are just using the time off to play fortnite.

Online school is being done pretty poorly
Online school is being done pretty poorly
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  • NathanDavis

    education should be first, and foremost... a personal quest, and yes this is were the education system has always failed us, most students see education as a requirement and a task.
    Since March of 2020 I was asked to help with many kids on my street and help them with their studies and online classes, so I focused on tools, I found a way in which all the kids could be interested on doing their assignments, and that took a lot of work, because in some cases I had to work hard on convincing the parents or older siblings to get involved and help too.
    most in the group did not know how to use a computer ( they only known phones) so that was a first to solve, and then I had to show them how to actually find information, and not just copy paste the first result on google search
    Then I took some time on making little tests, just so I can see what every kid is lacking, when it comes to basic learning tools, and then I took time to work on that with them.
    For the kids that were into homework, and since it was easier for them, I focused on giving them tests to complement the smarts they already have, this is of great helpfor them because they can get a personal sense of progress and improvement, while for the kids who have it difficult, I just present them with tasks that are easier and then they can actually feel like something is working and they even get excited.
    It was till November or around those days of 2020 that most of them needed a lot less supervision, so they just usually check out just for the things they can't figure out. It was a lot of work required, and this was a small group of kids so.
    Online classes are done very poorly, but there are other options that can work better if we actually take the time to do them.

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  • Paulychicago10

    Try being in my shoes. Been 20+ years since I was in school and about 12 years since I had a computer. Im going back to college.

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    • exitseven

      i graduated college later in life. It is not easy and it will seem like you will never finish but when you are done, you will be really glad you stuck it out. Take it one course at a time.

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  • Graciegirl61

    I understand you, I'm in my last year of secondary (I end in a few months!) and I've missed out on a year and a bits worth of important work that would go towards my final exam to decide my future with college etc. It's so difficult to concentrate at home especially with multiple siblings that just never shut up, or parents that need help. The teachers don't care about mental health but care about only the work getting handed in on time, which is fine and dandy but in reality it's a struggle to get everything done in a day and sent off. I just wish there was more support, I can't exactly look out and ask for help from teachers as they aren't great at all when handling issues mentally. I guess we'll just have to wait until it's all over, which probably won't be anytime soon.

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  • exitseven

    The transition to online classes were done with little investment in training and hardware. Expecting teachers to create an online course on the fly was just not realistic. I the computer science and I am computer literate and I was not really happy with the way my courses turned out.
    It really is unfortunate that students did not fare well during the pandemic. Hopefully school will be back in session soon.

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  • jshm2

    Seems more like you need improvement and discipline. They are your teachers - not your social workers and carers.

    They have a life to live and it's up to you to learn from them. Not up to them to ensure you learn.

  • Toast792

    Tbh, School in general is being done pretty poorly..

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  • iAMtheT0ASTER

    I'll go as far as to say that the U. S. school is done poorly. The U. S. school system is just a bureaucratic daycare.

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  • Avicenna

    Yeah, it's difficult for K-12, especially elementary school students.

  • RingOfFire


    They are holding our children hostage.

    These kids will be the Covid generation. They will NEVER be able to make up this lost education. 97% of the donations to political campaigns the stinking teachers unions make go to Democrats and the Democrats pay them off with kickbacks and corrupt deals.


    Biden is running cover for these unions and won't do a single thing to force them to get back to work even though EVERY expert says it is safe. Restaurant workers work, garbage collectors work, cops work, fireman work, grocery store workers work... SO WHY CAN'T THE FUCKING TEACHERS WORK? The taxpayers are paying them to sit home on their lazy asses! They should ALL BE FIRED and new teachers hired... and THE UNIONS SHOULD BE ABOLISHED!!!

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    • exitseven

      I don't know why people with kids in the school system are not getting class action suits against school districts, teachers unions and anyone else they can sue. Probably because as usual they are so busy juggling work and seeing that their kids are learning something to protest anything.

    • The teachers aren't teaching, the schools are closed, BUT I AM STILL FORCED TO PAY THE STINKING SCHOOL PROPERTY TAXES!


  • BentAssassin99

    Same thing with me ngl

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  • emiliadavid

    I'm not in favor of online schools.