How To Make Work More Enjoyable

How To Make Work More Enjoyable

Most jobs aren't meant to be fun in the way one's weekend or birthday can be fun. They often contain mundane tasks like long work meetings or projects, having to deal with the same people every single day that you may not like, or dealing with a situation where you feel like you lack value at your job. It can be taxing, stressful, annoying, tiring, and a whole host of other things, but if you have bills to pay, a family to take care of, you need that job. However, there are a few ways to make your work day more enjoyable or at least cut down on your stress level.

1. Spend some time decorating your desk

Put up some pictures of people you love or some funny quotes. If you're taking a vacation somewhere in a few months, put a picture up of your destination. There are several companies that offer office supplies that all coordinate to a certain theme---go all out. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, and also want to know who's stealing your office supplies, get a roll of duct tape (they have themes for everything now), and cover all your pens, your stapler, your notebooks, etc. in the tape so you know which is yours and who's been taking your stuff without asking! If you have your own office, it's obviously a bit easier, but if you have a cubicle or shared office space, make sure you're not impeding on anyone else's space.

How To Make Work More Enjoyable

2. Take a walk

Sitting down all day is terrible for you and can start to affect your body in many numbers of ways. Stop what you're doing once an hour if you can, and stand up, stretch, walk down to the water cooler or to the bathroom, and get a little exercise to help clear your mind and step out of repetitive tasks for a minute. If you have enough time at lunch, spend half an hour eating, and the other half in the sunshine taking a walk around the office or in a nearby park.

3. Find a hiding spot: your happy place

Even if you don't work somewhere in an office setting, make it your business to find a happy place somewhere in or around the building. Maybe its out by the loading docks, or in the closet store room, or in the stairwell. When you get stressed or you're tired, or maybe you just want to eat lunch alone, go there and just chill out. Knowing you have this private space to go to, can really help you to deal with the stress of stupid co-workers or your boss breathing down your neck.

4. Bring Snacks

Often times hunger can make you go nuts by making a bad situation worse when your blood sugar drops. Stash some healthy snacks in a locker, or your desk, or in your bag to help curb your appetite and your anger.

How To Make Work More Enjoyable

5. Create an Inner Office Club

If you have a few co-workers you really do like, create a club. Rotate within your group who brings breakfast or coffee for everyone on Friday, or coordinate to meet up for lunch each day or for after work drinks and b*tch sessions, or do something stupid, like all wear the same color pin on a certain day. It's just something that you guys can enjoy together to make the days a little less mundane and boring.

6. Challenge Yourself

A lot of times we get bored with our jobs and we settle in to feelings of hopelessness, but if you want more or something new, challenge yourself to get up out of your own comfort zone. Talk to your boss about new projects, or go after a new position, or bring up your own project ideas or ways to improve the company to the boss and see what s/he says. They may surprise you and start to take note of you, as opposed to you just fading into the background. Also don't be afraid to try and try again. Your first ideas may not work or you may not get the job upgrade, but keep at it if you want it bad enough.

How To Make Work More Enjoyable

7. Have Something Else Going On

When you feel or are working non-stop, everything seems like it's about work, work, work, all the time, but outside of the job make other things you enjoy a lot, a priority. Join a club, take some cooking classes, go for runs, something that has nothing to do with your job and find something that you are passionate about so that when your work day is done, you don't just go home and sleep and then do it over and over again on repeat in a sort of purgatory.

8. Update Your Wardrobe

We know wearing something we really like can instantly affect our mood. Make a new laptop bag, or a new dress, or a brand new uniform shirt, your work goals. Challenge yourself to accomplish all the tasks you need to so you can go out and get some new items to help put a bit more pep in your step. It can also help if you are going after a new position, to start dressing the part, so you can perhaps show your boss you're more of a serious candidate.

How To Make Work More Enjoyable
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