4 Things That Seemed Like Great Ideas When You Were a Kid


I was reading an article about how non-indigenous mustang ponies were not going to be euthanized because of protests. However, because they destroy the habitat for less attractive indigenous creatures these protests haven't solved any problems. The association responsible for population control cited the only suitable alternative would be to adopt these horses. The idea made me laugh! If these protesters thought eating healthy vegan was expensive had they ever owned a horse??? But when I was 8, having my own pony in my suburban backyard seemed like a logical doable reality!

Thus, my list:

1. I want a pony

4 Things That Seemed Like Great Ideas When You Were a Kid

Yup. It seemed like a great idea at the time. We will keep it in the back yard, I said. I'll feed it apples, I said. I'll ride it everyday, I said. Did anyone know horses are a lot like time shares? I live next door to a town that does in fact have a national riding show, so riding a horse is a reality for many of these girls.

But even so, the ponies live in a stable, far away from you, and you pay someone else to feed Mr. Ed. And likely you only buy a share of him, so you only actually get him every Thursday and every other Saturday. And try getting a new one after 10 years. No one wants Mr. Ed then. And let's just say say he gets a hoofnail/hang nail! Cha-ching!!! It once cost me $150 to take an iguana to the vet and that was a steal in comparison. Now I'm older and wiser and living in the city, so no thank you!

I'll stick with a dog.

2. I want to eat ice cream for every meal

4 Things That Seemed Like Great Ideas When You Were a Kid

What kid hasn't said this?? Me me me!!! I think there was even a fad diet my mom tried called the ice cream diet, so it's not just a kids dream. This past year i was so stressed with keeping in shape I just said, fudge it! My New Year's resolution was to eat whatever I wanted in whatever quantity, including copious amounts of deserts and junk food. It was one of the few resolutions I failed and by early March, I was tired and the heartburn was unreal! I actually craved lettuce??!? What seemed like an awesome idea to my 8-year-old self did not hold true nearing 40. Though I still splurge in summertime whenever I hear the ice cream truck driving by.

3. I want to be an astronaut

4 Things That Seemed Like Great Ideas When You Were a Kid

Screw accountant or mechanic or salesperson or doctor. At 8, astronaut seemed like the only decent choice. Kind of like choosing escargot to put on one's pizza if you ask me in hindsight.

I mean I get car sick riding near the mountains! The Tilt o' Whirl makes my stomach do somersaults just thinking of it. Being stuck on a space vessel longer then 5 minutes would probably involve my vomit landing on someone in a state of weightlessness, making me one unpopular astronaut indeed. And lets not discount how difficult it is to make it into NASA. I mean we discourage children from going to vet school because of the competition...

4. I'm going to go for the gold

4 Things That Seemed Like Great Ideas When You Were a Kid

Now this one was almost practical, or at least more so then the others...except I have not a single athletic bone in my body. I was picked last for every team until senior year. I'm now an accomplished yogi, but that involves no hand-eye coordination or involvement with others.

Now as I'm approaching 40 my chances are even bleaker. But I was inspired by the last Olympics! I'd sincerely love to be the Methuselah of the Olympic village! The oldest least in-shape participant is something to aspire too! Obviously sprinting is out. So I combed the categories. I've decided pistol seems doable. Only I'm a liberal Democrat so I'm kind of anti-gun. But I don't want to shoot anyone or thing, so I'm going with the sport aspect. Also, at my age I feel like gold is ambitious, so I've modified this to shooting for Bronze 😀. See you in 2024!!! I told one of my patients my plan. She suggested I try out for Special Olympics instead.

So that's my short list. It's awesome to dream and everyone should, be they 8 or 80. But there is a reason the phrase, "I wish I knew then what I know now" exists.

Which dreams did you have that no longer seem like a good idea?

4 Things That Seemed Like Great Ideas When You Were a Kid
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