The 10 Best Things About Childhood

1. Saturday Morning Cartoons

I know everyone always grows up and says their this or that was the best, but our cartoons were awesome and had THE best ear worm opening credits which any kid that grew up back then can sing, even today. Some of the greats were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Darkwing Duck, Richie Rich, X-men, Rugrats, Animaniacs, Ren and Stimpy, Hey Arnold, Recess, Captain Planet, Sonic, Gargoyles, Ducktales, Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers, Aladdin, Street Sharks, Talespin, The Magic School Bus, Goof Troop, Pinky and the Brain, Garfield, and Daria.

2. Siblings for Roommates

I miss having my brother live right next door to me. We got in so much 'good' trouble as kids and as teens he would always ask me about girls or what to wear to impress them, or for just general advice. The day he moved away, was one of THE hardest days of my life, and it's harder now that we live across the country from one another and only get to see each other in person maybe twice a year.

3. Recess

Need I say more? An hour a day in the middle of the day where you were let out from boring school to go and play. This was actually a part of your daily schedule until the weekend hit of course.

4. Nap Times

You probably hated them as a kid, but they always made you feel better and rested afterward so you developed a love/hate relationship with them. Now, as an adult, it's practically a felony to nap during the day.

5. Summer Camp

Some of the great moments of childhood happen at summer camp if you're lucky enough to go. You start out all nervous and meeting new people and learning to be away from your parents, and then you have all these amazing adventures and good times, and learn new skills, and have tons of fun swimming and hiking and telling ghost stories, that by the end of it, you hate to leave and can't wait to go back. Not too many experiences like that for adults, and besides, can't take that long of a time off to do them.

6. Sleepovers

A bunch of girls+some good grub+the latest gossip. Yes!

7. Christmas

This day was like the Olympics of childhood. All year long you anticipate this one day. You can't sleep, you're waiting to open presents, and see all your relatives, and you get to decorate and eat and drink pumpkin spiced everything, and you learned all the words to every Christmas tune for the obligatory Christmas pageant. Awesomeness.

8. Being Wild

Being a kid meant a lot of no f's were given. You could wear your princess skirt with the plaid top, polka dot knee highs, and green shoes and no make-up, your hair a little crazy, and you were just being a kid. You were free and unrestricted by those arbitrary rules society sets upon adults to pull us into the land of sameness. Also that you were allowed to be wild and release all your energy, like whenever "adult" stuff that was going on like dinner parties or parents meeting with their friends or even church, your parents always let you skip it and just go outside and have fun (aka, get out of their hair and stop annoying them).

9. Birthday Parties

As an adult, you are not allowed to ask for gifts, there really isn't a committee of committed friends and family planning you a big bash every year, you often have to beg to get people to come because everyone is always super duper busy, and if you want to have a party, in some part you have to pay for it. Not so as a kid. It's just one stop sugary, ballooney, themey, pizza-y, messy, present-y thing. And before the internet and cell phones, people showed up and were physically and mentally present for the whole thing and you felt really special.

10. Bike, the first real taste of freedom

I grew up in the era before internet and creepos that you knew of where it was nothing for my parents to allow me and my sibling and our friends to just ride our bikes outside all day long and just expect us back for dinner and not worry. It was total bliss. We would ride around for hours, visiting our favorite spots, and hanging with friends.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Ahhh yes, the magical good ol' days. I can relate to all of these. :)

    And of course, the big one: Complete and total innocence and freedom of responsibility. Your biggest worries were homework, bed times, and how long you could stay at a friend's house. Life can never again be that simple and free...


Most Helpful Girl

  • I never did summer camp and I had only one sleep over with a friend. I think the best things about being a kid were
    1. You don't worry about money and bills
    2. You don't worry about people hating you, you just play with anyone and everyone
    3. You don't worry about what to eat
    4. You don't worry about what to wear
    5. You don't worry about car or house maintenance
    6. You don't have to work at a job all day, with no play unless you're working at a job you love (lucky you)
    7. You are not responsible for anyone (I have two kids, sigh and a husband)
    8. You are pretty healthy, happy and have a ton of energy
    9. If you aren't in school yet, you don't have to worry about school
    10. You can get away with a few things because you are a kid and it's understandable that you don't know everything about life.

    That's just how I feel because I have two kids now... I don't remember much about my childhood but I can say that adulthood is a lot more work than childhood. Enjoy being a kid while you can, I am going to tell my kids that.


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What Guys Said 11

  • I get in a nap whenever possible on weekends. On weekdays I have to be careful as I sometimes can sleep right through the night if I "intend to take a nap" too late in the day

    I LOVED the cartoons when I grew up. Today's cartoons (even the ones that are made today but based on characters before the 2000s) still are lacking in my opinion. Wacko is AWESOME!

  • Indeed, I agree with most of these things, very good Take :)

  • I had (still have) pretty selective taste in kid's shows, so I only watched SpongeBob, classic Scooby Doo, and classic Tom and Jerry. Sometimes Jimmy Neutron.

    My parents got annoyed by lots of shows too, simply the voices of characters sometimes, so we wouldn't watch those.


  • Thank god I can't relate to #2. Rest are amazing obviously.

  • 1. These are not aspects of childhood in general, just childhood in your generation. You can still watch thos cartoons now if you want, they're on the internet And to be honest they don't sound very great.
    2. Again, this isn't something great about childhood. Not everyone has a sibling around their age right next to their room.
    3. I agree, recess was great. Only had it up to 5th grade though. And sometimes they would force us to go outside even when it was raining, snowing, too cold, or too hot, which kinda sucked.
    4. If you hated them as a kid how is that a good thing about childhood?
    5. Not everyone goes to summer camp.
    6. You can still invite some friends to stay at your house overnight as an adult.
    7. I agree.
    8. You couldn't do whatever you want as a kid, your parents would tell you what you can and cannot do instead of society.
    9. Never really liked birthday parties.
    10. Meh not really.

  • Cartoons are still the best part of Saturdays even the modern ones. The only thing I can't relate to is the roommate siblings thing as I was raied by my grandparents without my other siblings

  • You forgot NOT PAYING BILLS!

  • Yeah - Number 8 is top of my list there

  • Childhood was not in any way the best times or awesome, my childhood consisted of me getting bullied, stabbed with pencils put in chokehold starting when I started elementary school, being beaten up by guys, called ugly by girls who made fun of the way I looked, being told by my father to man up, spending lunch everyday alone, no one wanting to ever do projects with me, all up until my junior year in high school which I quietly was able to get through along with my senior year, which I stood by myself. Gladly I have finished that nightmare of childhood and "innocent fun times" and am now living happily alone and take my college classes online and am entering a field where My interactions with others are kept to a minimum, that is all.

  • Well how you compare childhood depends entirely on your circumstances.
    As a kid I had allergies , an inflamed throat that made eating could be painful , mouth ulcers, eczema and asthma and all are far better now plus i have a very active mind so fast internet is a big thing for me. My parents have told me that when i was younger I was taken into hospital for an allergic reaction to a bee sting.
    Now i'm 24 and I just have very mild allergy related asthma.
    Also now i have more freedom but more also responsibilities and a bad economy for young people.
    I enjoyed 2 of the full time temp jobs Iv had since graduating with a physics degree though one of them in a warehouse was awful I also enjoyed all of the work experience and voluntary work i've done.

    It depends on your circumstances but for me personally now is currently better than when i was a kid I want to be a software developer but that's not the only kind of work i could enjoy. How the future will compare to when i personally was a kid I don't know its not going perfectly but at the moment I prefer it to having all those health issues as a kid.

    • For some things went much more smoothly after college especially if they had the right connections or lived in a less rural area and some probly had worse childhoods I had health problems but at least I had a loving stable family so Im sure im not the only one who prefers adult hood?

What Girls Said 5

  • So relatable, especially the part about people being physically and mentally present for the whole thing and making you feel really special. Really good Take.

  • Awesome take but you needed to add how easy it was to make friends :P Just ask them if you wanted to be friends and they either said yes or no lol

  • Cartoons and sleepovers... yessss. 😎

  • I miss those years so much!

  • I Linda hated recess cuz I got bullied lol but everything else is pretty accurate :p