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Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

So here is a list of things from being a child in the 90s (i grew up as a kid in 90s and here is somethings we had back then) Keep in mind i am from the UK so i don't know if we had any of the same things anywhere else.


Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

First on the list has got to be the classic tamagotchi... it was the thing that pretty much all kids had at some point... your own virtual pet that you needed to feed, take care of and clean its poop to make sure it did not die. keeping it alive was pretty hard because it was soooo easy to forget and after a few hours it would die and you'd need to start all over again.

Paper fortune teller.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

At school everyone would make these.. you pick a colour then a number then read your fortune inside... they were easy to make and something fun to do with your friends.

No tears L'Oreal Shampoo.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

This stuff smelt amazing specifically the strawberry flavour, most of my friends from school had all owned this shampoo... never tried to do it but apparently a few people tested the theory of it being no tears and got it in there eyes and here's a Meme for the result.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

Retro games, like Nintendo 64 and Sega mega drive.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

When i was about 10 or 11... my life was literally get home from school and play Sonic and Mario kart

and it was amazing i even still sometimes play them now.

Gel pens.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

I really don't know what the obsession was with this one but literally everyone at school collected gel pens.. I use to have just 100s and different ones and different flavours and everyone would swap them.


Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

I legit lived on this channel as a kid its pretty much all i watched from when i got home from school.

Here is a list of my favourites.



Are you afraid of the dark?


Kennel and Kel.

Drake and Josh.

The Wild Thornberrys.

Spongebob Squarepants.

The Amanda show.

Blues Clues

Saved by the Bell.

As told my ginger.

The Fairly oddparents.

Three friends and Jerry.

Pokemon cards.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

I never had these but i do remember they were the rage while i was at school.

Panda pops.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

I lived on this stuff, i sooooooo wish they didn't get rid of it i was gutted when they discounted it.


Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

I use to be addicted to these things.. i had loads of them a jelly like alien in goo could literally keep me entertained for hours.

Windows 95.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

ever have the original windows? if so you might remember these games.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!
Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

Pez dispenser.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

Pretty much everyone 90s kid had owned at least one of these!!


Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

Most 90s kids were taught how to play the recorder at school.

Beanie Babies.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

Everyone had there own collection of beanie babies!! i had loads of these.


Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

Everyone had there own furby!!

Snap Bracelets.

All the girls at my school had one of these, but the things were pretty dangerous and painful.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

This S?

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

I don't know why but everyone use to draw this S at school doodling including me and i have no idea why.. if anyone knows please tell me?!

A few more mentions.

Baby bottle pop.

For some reason baby shaped bottled candy was a popular thing in the 90s when i use to go to my local shop to pick up some sweets and junk food i'd often want to grab one of these.

Jelly shoes.

Every 90s girl had her own pair of jelly shoes.

Mood rings.

Another big rage was mood rings, you'd put them on and they'd tell you your mood.. basically all it actually does is change colour depending on your body temperature but they were fun anyway.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!

Ok so I thought I better stop now but here is some things I remember from my childhood of being brought up in the 90s.

Anyone remember any of these or have a list of stuff they remember growing up as children?

Annoyingly I had to delete a lot of things from here because of the fact that you're only allowed up to 20 images.

Some Things That 90s Kids Should Remember!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • lumos

    Some of these are clearly American stuff because I've never encountered some of them lol.
    But Tamagotchi was the shit. I even made a bed for mine on my night stand. They were banned from school but my friends and I would still sneak them in because we liked comparing our creatures and they could also play with each other through the infrared thingy. So addicting. And I watched Disney channel instead of Nickelodeon, because we didn't have Nick :p

    • Disney channel was great 😊 I am from England but lots of the Americans said they had the same stuff as well.

    • lumos

      Well that makes sense then! Here in Finland we didn't really have jelly shoes, at least not to the point where it was a "thing" or a trend. I've also never heard of baby bottle pops, snap bracelets or beanie babies. We have a type of snap bracelet but they're not a "trend" and they don't come in different patterns, it's reflective and you're supposed to put it on your coat in the winter so that cars can see you. :) It gets very dark very quickly here.

    • Oh wow i admit i'm shocked with the beanie babies we still have them here even now!

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  • pervertedjester

    The "S" at least in my hometown started with the 17th Street Surf Shop. They had the popular t-shirts at the time.

  • thechico79

    You forgot these strings, the plastic ones and the jansports

    • Yeah I was going to add those scoobys 😊

    • lol, my Jansport was full of these strings.

  • Cosytoasty


    Obviously against health and safety these days! I still have all my Pokemon cards, my shinies too 😝

    • Are those the things that make a loud bang when hit ground? i never had them lol.

    • Omg I love those

  • MadBoy

    Oh sweet god I remember ALL of this! Especially Windows 95, Sonic, Nickelodeon... Heck I remember seeing that S everywhere in the school bathrooms too. Mood rings, baby bottle pops, Furby... You missed one though. We used to also have those cylinder-shaped rocks that we called gum. These things.


    There was also just CD computer games like Jumpstart stuff (no Steam or flash games for you, it was all from the CD). Gaming consoles weren't super fancy or anything either, they just played their game LIKE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO. Cell phones didn't really exist but when they did it was just a simple little brick phone or a flip, not this crazy smart phone stuff. Heck when I was little we still used beepers!


    • Never tried that gum :) glad you remember them! what country are you from?

    • MadBoy

      United States. You? Probably the same I bet.

  • Odysseas

    I remember most of the things you've posted. My favorites from your list were:
    Sega Mega Drive (the only console I owned)
    Windows 95 (The very first computer I've build used that operational system)
    I remember of course PokΓ©mon but I didn't play the game. I was playing Magic The Gathering, Warhammer (tabletop) and DnD instead.
    Regarding TV Shows, I was watching Doug , Goosebumps my favorite though was a cartoon called Recess.

  • AynonOMouse

    I remember the paper fortune tellers, PEZ, recorders, and slap bracelets, all of which are still used by elementary school kids today where I am. Still, the schools don't let the kids keep the recorders. :(
    I remember and still have my games. I remember having Goldeneye 007 tournaments with my friends in high school. I'm a little older though, so I also remember playing the original Super Mario Bros and Zelda too.

    • Oh god i remember that goldeneye 007 game so well! was always on it.
      all i remember was a walking hand with a gun lol.

    • That game was the reason I bought an N64. I liked the Facility and the Complex levels the most. I liked using paired Dostal or whatever those gray pistols were called, and the RC90. Me and my friends eventually learned the order of the starting points, so once you died once, you would usually die again as soon as you pressed start. lol

  • RedMatch

    Awesome take, I was bourn in 1999 so i was brought up with a few of the above things that I know some of my friends have no clue about. and haha i love that last pic so true, it is what my stepsister is like, far out she didn't even know how to use a yo-yo

  • Brokenheartedx

    Trolls either the little dolls, the key rings and the necklaces lol

    Platform trainers
    Anything spice girls
    Large name or initial necklaces

    Box braids before they became cultural inappropriate

    Glass oasis bottles with the metal lids that could constantly be popped

    Hubba bubba bubble gum

    And when marathon bars changed their name to snickers

  • PrettyKitty31

    Lol the gel pens were the best but it never failed you were trying to scribble down some important info that "will be in the test" and the damn thing stops working! Uhhgg! And of course it's your least favorite teacher and she hates to repeat herself and can't be bothered to write the damn thing down so you're sitting there about to have a melt down because your damn pen won't write.

  • NightOwl8801

    Wow, so many things I remember from growing up.
    Nickelodeon when it was amazing
    Windows , playing games on it
    Beanie babies
    Furbys , creepy things
    Gel pens.
    I could go on
    Wow I feel old now

  • WildButterfly

    I remember them all except panda pops and aliens. No cabbage patch dolls? lol and I thought the first one you posted was called giga pet? πŸ€”

    • No in my country it wasn't but it might be other places :)
      and yeah i remember those but i think i only had one.

  • BrittBratt2416

    Oh the 90's how I miss yee!! Anyways I never saw panda pops or had those little alien things. I also didn't have windows 95 cause I didn't have cable growing up when I lived in AL. But yes 90's was so good.. the music, the fashion, cartoons... I miss it a lot. I think I remember that S but I had no idea why people were drawing it or where they got it from. Was never into sonic growing up, I have no idea how kids played that game.. sonic is too fast for my eyes and hurts to watch him run.

  • Omar5881

    The nostalgia, funny story I thought "No tears L'Oreal Shampoo " was made that the shampoo goes in your eyes without tears like legit opening your eyes and I tried it... regret it the moment I did it

    • Yeah clearly not no tears huh lol I think they still even have the shampoo now

    • Omar5881

      Yeah but it wasn't as glorious as the good old days lol

  • Jaye234

    Yes and yes!! Great my take. Brings me back to the day!

    I remember everything except the panda pops. We had jungle juice.

    My Tamagotchie was taken away from me at school by my teacher! He was a dick. Everyone had one, even someof the guys!

  • StanleighK

    Best thing was the rave scene and their illegal status, so illegal that at the tender age of 6 I experienced my first and even tried ecstasy when it really knocked your socks off. Yes I loved pokemon too but my real love of the 90's was the rave scene

  • TripleAce

    Amazing, love you for this.. good memories
    snap bracelets lol

    Stacking pencils lol

    remember skip it lol.. early 90's or maybe late 80's

  • madhatters4

    i remember all that stuff except the panda pops

    that's a great point about the S thing. what was up with that? I remember vividly people sitting in class doodling that

  • Richareens


  • JudgmentDay

    Thanks for the nostalgia! I remember some of these things you mentioned.

    Maybe you can do a part 2 of this mytake and continue with the stuff that you couldn't fit because of the 20 images limit?



    i loved my pink sparkly jelly shoes β™‘
    i was 3 or 4

    beanie babies ! i loved beanie baby cats ! and gel pens !
    i remember that S !

    you forgot stickers ! every girl had sticker albums and we traded them at recess.

  • Likes2drive

    We had all that stuff here in USA also, my kids played with a lot of those things, I remember that candy too, that S was used like that in on a lot of my high school stuff because my town started with an S and that was in 1984

  • clampfan101

    I was born just before the 90s started, and feel blessed. My childhood was filled with tv and toys of great creativity, and the breakthroughs in technologies that sadly spoil a lot of kids these days seemed to come just as I was ready for them. :) (people can speed up technological progress now that I’m an adult, though. lol)

  • Glue-Sniffer

    I'm desperately looking for an original tamagotchi with a pet cat for years now with no luck. I lost mine in 2002. Tragic...

  • I know some of these things, but I grew up in my own world more than in the 1990's.
    And the last image…no. We were the same spoiled kids, like kids today.

  • adamski24

    Sorry to piss on your fireworks but we had a lot off the shit in the 80's when I was a boy.

    • What did you have?

      You didn't piss on them lol

    • adamski24

      All the girls did pick a colour pick a colour
      Panda pop
      Jelly shoes

      Maybe not as much as I thought.
      I also think I was probably thinking of stuff we had.

    • I thought they were 90s :)
      i didn't realize panda pops was around in the 80s

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  • estoydorado1

    Got me right in feels 😒😊. You're a continent away but this was basically my childhood lol. Good Take.

  • Warmapplecrumble

    Pinball!!!@!@ I love it *-* my current laptop doesn't have it :(

  • girlconfuseddotcom

    Ahh the days! This post has made me so sentimental and brought on the nostalgia :)

  • Had a Tamagotchi, and had that Loreal kids shampoo. Sonic was one of my favorite games!!!

  • Haley_Mae

    Literally, I was born in the early 2000s, and I remember those things. My three older sisters kept me really up to date on what had happened in past decades, so I grew up in the 1990s basically. The fortune tellers, gel pens, nickelodeon, pinball game, pez dispensers, slap bracelets, baby bottle pops, and mood rings were my entire elementary school! It is nice to have the reminder of the good old times before the good shows all ended, the good candy went out of business, and we lost the old forms of entertainment and style.

  • WhereAmI


    I still have a Furby unopened in its box along with the now broken one I played with as a kid.

  • Amanda has turned into a hagged out gash. I also liked Space Cases and had American Girl dolls.

  • soulbabe

    i know almost all of those and owned all most all of them and i was born in 2000

  • txdiie_

    it didn't mean no tears as in crying... it meant no tears as in tears in your hair

  • DarkBlack9

    I was born in 2000, so I missed most of these stuff. y'all have had a very nice time!

  • Kroakies_krickees

    Gel pens and PokΓ©mon cards are still hot items. Just not to the extent that they were back then.

  • Whatthefluff

    I’m not from the β€˜90s but I still remember most of these!

  • Chrysis

    This sure was a trip down memory lane... but damn, I'm getting old.

  • DesiBeautyLover

    You forgot the Walk man
    Boy bands
    And when Disney Channel was actually goid

  • Blake0048

    Yes ! The S LOL everybody used to draw thar stupid S.

  • lovelyhoneybones

    I was an early 2000s kid and I remember all of this. Lol. The good ol' days.

  • Listening5

    Hmmm well lets get the things I didn't have out of the way first... Tamagochi I didn't have, paper fortune teller either, Loreal kids nope, banie babies nope, recorders nope, pokemon cards nope.
    I have never played a pokemon game or video game, but a lot of people say its good. I didn't watch nickelodeon but instead I watched anime like devilman, dragonball z and street fighter ii v.
    I had windows 95 and it was crazy getting online, took so long lol. I did play sonic and mario games, they are still fun today.

  • El_Heffe

    Read with interest as I know so many 90's folks. I am a 70"s guy I guess. We were less material but also tv mad just not on Nickelodeon.

  • jrjw0202

    What I remember most about the 90 is hip hop and r and b. Best music of my time?

  • Twalli

    I only don't remember two of these although I forgot about slap bracelets until recently.

  • matheus_mb

    I still have one of those aliens :D

  • bluepeng889

    I was born in 1999, so I'm technically a 90's kid, and I remember those fat old TV's with a 4:3 aspect ratio, and I remember Space Cadet on Windows. I had a computer, and I don't remember the operating system, but it was before Windows XP, maybe Windows 95, Windows 2000, or Windows NT 4.0. I also remember the old orange Nickelodeon logo and the old shows (CatDog, Spongebob, Rugrats, Ed Edd, and Eddy, etc). Also can't forget about Crash Bandicoot on PS1 (I played Cortex Strikes Back on PS2, but basically the same thing).

  • AlwaysBelieving

    I remember finding the Easter egg in Windows 95.

    • What was it?

    • Couldn't tell you without looking it up. I just remember that I found it (keep in mind this was before the internet).