What I Really Hate About Becoming a Programmer :(


I am going anonymous for this one but I am a known GAGer here.

What I really hate about becoming a programmer :(

I am 22 years old and a student of programming. I have almost finished my college vocational educational degree and will graduate summer 2017. I don't like programming. Hell, I almost regret choosing programming as my profession but that's what I asked for back then, so can I really complain when I really wanted to become a technician?

Yes, I can.

What I Really Hate About Becoming a Programmer :(

1. All I do is sit in front of a computer for many hours every day

and I look at codes, type codes, test, make things work, recheck (if there is a problem, then I fix it if I can), repeat.

I realized this "lifestyle" isn't exactly healthy. I already wear glasses because of my super short sight.

2a. Glasses are a big pain in the ass and make me look uglier

in my opinion! I cannot afford contact lens while still studying and looking for a job, so I have to wear glasses or I won't see clear past half a meter. Since programming requires you to look at the display for a very long time and very often, your eyes sharpness are bound to be ruined.

What I Really Hate About Becoming a Programmer :(

2b. Programmers tend to look nerdy and are typically nerds

, right? I try my very best to NOT look like one. In my opinion they are not good looking at all. I will never ever wear clothes, that make you look like this guy.

What I Really Hate About Becoming a Programmer :(

Yes, I am intelligent but I try my best to NOT look like a glasses wearing, World-of-warcraft playing, smartass nerd.

I just want to look "normal" AND good, not nerdy. I find nothing attractive about it.

3. Constantly coding is depressing!

What I Really Hate About Becoming a Programmer :(

Do you see anything? As a programmer you have to because it's your job and it's in your title!

It's BORING! Very boring! Doh!

4. People assume you can fix or know ANYTHING just because you are a programmer

What I Really Hate About Becoming a Programmer :(

Well f◘ck 'em! They have NO idea what it means to be a programmer!

A programmer is someone, who writes lines of codes in any programming language, that performs anything the programmer commands the machine to.

Finding out how the automated coffee machine works (without manual!) and then taunting at someone, who is a programmer for not knowing because the programmer never saw that machine before IS NOT WHAT A PROGRAMMER IS SUPPOSED TO!

I hate these plebs like I hate bed bugs! Ugh!

5. Speaking of coffee... this will steadily drain your health! You get little sleep and code into the night.

What I Really Hate About Becoming a Programmer :(

There is a stereotype for programmers, that programmers drink lots of coffee, get as little sleep as possible and sit late at night when everyone else sleeps, coding.

This is the worst nightmare I can imagine!

I am NOT going to sacrifice my health and I am NOT going to drink coffee and I am NOT going to get less than 8 hours of sleep per day because I value my health more than anything else.

I had bad experience with coffee and that included dependency, restlessness, restless nights and all that made me as a result drowsy throughout the day - a zombie.

What I Really Hate About Becoming a Programmer :(

I cut out coffee in winter 2015 and it was the best decision I made since I can't remember when. The benefits were just too great and I am not going back to coffee again.

I also limited my tea drinking habits. No more than a maximum of 2 cups per day. I normally do not drink tea at all but I prefer just water or mountain dew/other soft drinks or juice. Water is what I drink the most out of all.

I only drink tea if it's specially brewed by a special mixture recipe I made myself and that includes tossing in the pot ginger, raspberries, honey, lemons and/or healing herbs (such as amaranth, fire nettle leaves, motherwort, mint or thistle branches). I do NOT drink plain tea otherwise :)

Having little or no sleep is drastically DETRIMENTAL in every way of our bodies, health, mind and focus.

6. You have no life! Your life is dedicated to programming and it's your only purpose.

It's just true. Ask any real programmer and whoever says otherwise is lying.

Or that person loves programming like I love masturbating.

7. You are husband/dad material or you are known to make much money

That counts for me at least!

What I Really Hate About Becoming a Programmer :(

I do not make any money right now and I also appear as such.

However if I get to be dating someone, I prefer to NOT mention my profession or job title because a programmer is typically known to make much money, right?

Let's look at the stats hm?

What I Really Hate About Becoming a Programmer :(

I don't live in the USA. Where I am the salary rate is much lower generally.

Still that means I am a vulnerable target to gold diggers and women, who want a family.

I do not want to become a father and I do not want to get married. I love my freedom too much!

So I have no other choice but to be vague about it. What I do for a living? "I'm a warehouse worker in an IT store." I will say so, so that I am financially stable at least.

And once I trust someone completely, I *may* consider telling the truth but dare she gets issues of it because I wanted to protect myself from gold diggers.

Then I have to consider the gossip risk if she breaks up with me and tells the truth to everyone, I can forget about having a girlfriend, who loves me and not my wallet.

The protection of my own identity is my duty and responsibility.

And I think nearly every woman wants to get married and have children. It's just what they really want.

8. I did not even learn to hack

What kind of educational program is this when we do not learn how to hack or protect websites from hacking?

Guess that's a duty for my free time rather than academic duties.

What I Really Hate About Becoming a Programmer :(

That's all... for now

I cannot remember right now what else I really dislike about being a programmer.

I talked to a few programmers and asked them if programming means to sleep very little and be dependent on coffee. Both told me, that it depends on the person, not really the job! I hope they are right.

Because I either live to live my life or live to work. The latter is not something I plan with my life.

But at least now I know what I like to do

I like working with multimedia. I'd like to work with video editing tools and graphic editing tools and become a graphic designer/video designer. That job is fun in my experience :)

But not programming. Not for me.

What I Really Hate About Becoming a Programmer :(

What I Really Hate About Becoming a Programmer :(
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