Top 10 Most Epic Careers!!!

Top 10 Most Epic Careers!!!

There are many career choices to pick. Most are arbitrary. Here are the epic ten.

1. Photo artist

You explore anywhere that brings you peace. Both inner, and outer. You can sell them online, or at an art gallery. Pics are versatile. You can paint over them. Edit them. Cut. Rip. Snip. Craft. Popout. Anything.

2. Brand Ambassador

Did you know many celebrities endorse brands. They actually profit iff of this. So can you!!! It's easy advertising. You have social media, and a great voice.

3. Kindle authors

Top 10 Most Epic Careers!!!

It's so easy. All you need is a pc or c. Even libraries have them. Can't afford one go to one of those. Type on a word program a book. Save it. Load it on your kindle create page. Choose the price to sell it for. Than publish.

4. Blogger

Many sites pay you to blog. It's fun. Your opinions, and thought. Even crafts can be posted.

5. Etsy store owner

Top 10 Most Epic Careers!!!

Everyone has a few talents. Many of those talent's are money maker's. Etsy is like an online mall. But you don't get billed to have an online store.

6. Youtube channel

If you have a google account. You can access youtube. You can create your one youtube channels. The more views you have. The more you get paid.

7. Online alternate reality creator

If you take programing classes, and get an electrictronic arts degree. Than you can do this. It's fun, and challenging.

8. Social network site creator

Top 10 Most Epic Careers!!!

You know Facebook, and Twitter. the creators of those are millionaires. Do you want to become the next network millionaire?

9. Cyber teen Therapy coach

Many teen's suffer from depression. If you buy a few psychology, and therapy books. Memorize them. Create an email account. You can get sell therapy words to stop suicide.

10. Home movie director

If you have a phone or a recorder. You can do this. Get a group of volunteer actors or locals. Create a movie. Choose your scenes. Or even create a cartoon/anime home movie. Than create copies. Their are many companies that publish home movies.

Top 10 Most Epic Careers!!!
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