The Top 6 Hottest NFL Players <3

My opinion on the hottest players in the NFL. Sorry if I didn't add your favorite player. :p

1.) Colt McCoy (Washington Redskins - Football quarterback)

5.) J. J. Watt (Houston Texans - Football defensive)

4.) Tom Brady (New England Patriots - Football quarterback )

3.) Clay Matthews III (Green Bay Packers - Football linebacker)

2.) Brady Quinn (Cleveland Browns - Football quarterback: I am not sure if he still plays)

1.) Mark Sanchez (<3 Dallas Cowboys - Football quarterback <3)

Sorry if you don't agree with my list. :) I am forever a Dallas Cowboys fan. :p


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  • Is Colt McCoy even in the league? Also, I'm pretty sure Quinn retired. Also, Brady is overrated. Surprised you didn't put jimmy g or Eric decker, although his career might be over... And I wouldn't call the sanchize an nfl player either. The dude is ass 😂

    No homo, by the way

    • Oh, well.
      Who cares about the others... 😂
      My one and only fav is Mark Sanchez. 😍

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    • Such a sore thumb. 😒
      How earth did he even make it into the NFL.
      I should have done some back ground history on these people. 😏

    • Yeah. 1 is trash, Quinn is just old... And trash, Brady can eat a dick and colt sucks, but not entirely his fault

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  • And isn't that what football is all about, watching all the hot guys in tight pants? I know that's my girlfriend reason anyway 😂

  • Yeah they are dimes

  • All very good looking dudes

    • I know right, but some of them are not very good players... lol 😅

  • And not a single BBC

  • brady was a flop, and doesn't even look that good. im from cleveland. he's no longer in the league

    • sanchez was a flop as well
      brady has cheated on his wife
      and watt can't even stay healthy

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    • I only went for their looks, and not how they play.
      They only team I really pay attention to is the Dallas Cowboy, and the person I pick seems to be known to be the WORST player EVER. Just unbelievable. I can't believe he plays for the Cowboys. 😐

    • i know, right

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  • Nice list :P

  • ooo #1 hot