How I Study in Nursing School


If I get asked one thing now that I'm in Nursing school, its how I study. Clearly I'm studying right because I got a 92% on my medical knowledge, anatomy, and physiology test. Before Nursing school, I was told that it was hell. I was told not to have a relationship and that I won't have much of a social life outside of school. There's ways around this. Here's my best tips.

How I Study in Nursing School

Get to know your classmates. They are now a second family.

A lot of administrators told me that I would quickly become friends with my classmates and I laughed. But its true. The only people who will understand what you're going through is them and trust me, you will bond over that. We don't always talk school. We discuss Game of Thrones, our parents or families, what we did over the weekend, etc. Plus these relationships do pay off in the long run. A lot of us are trying to go further in the medical field and a lot of us are planning to work at the same hospital.

How I Study in Nursing School

School always, always, always, always comes first.

Yes, you can have a social life if you manage your time well. However school will always come first. Example: if you have a hot date on Sunday night and have a test on Monday, it looks like you're going to have to cancel that date.

Don't study ALL the time. That just stresses you way too much.

My tests are on Mondays, so on the weekends I don't do much of anything but study, watch Scrubs, and take small breaks. Give yourself a reward if you studied all day for a test. I picked scrubs just because after hours of studying, I need a laugh. Plus 45-55 minutes of hard core studying with 5-10 minutes after, has been proven the best way to study.

Think of your future when you can't go any further.

If you're so stressed and you feel you can't go any longer, take a break. When you come back think of your future patients, how good it will feel when you graduate, how awesome you feel when you get a good grade on a test, etc. I knew I wanted to be a nurse because I volunteered at a hospital, I loved it so much that I switched my major to Nursing. I know there's nothing I can be other than a nurse and that's what keeps me going.

How I Study in Nursing School

Make a bunch of small goals instead of one big goal.

This can easily make you overwhelmed. Instead focus on something smaller like getting a good grade on your next test or mastering a skill.


It helps to know what study method works best for you. For me, quizlet is amazing. I'm a flashcard person so this works well. Also, I read the book. I've always loved reading so reading the book to study makes sense for me. Also, it helps to study a little every night. Even an hour makes a difference.

Nursing school truths

Don't be shy to go into Nursing because you're male.

I have two males in my class and I think they will go far in the medical field. One of them explained how to take blood pressure to me. How to take blood pressure on someone didn't make sense to me until he explained it. He's patient, didn't get mad when I asked dumb questions about blood pressure, and explains everything well and for those reasons, he will go far. Plus, male nurses are in high demand. So you're pretty much guaranteed a job if you're male and become a nurse.

It's not like how Hollywood portrays it.

Probably the biggest thing my professor has reiterated. There are going to be moments where you cry, moments you want to give up, moments that make you want to throw up, moments people challenge you or your intelligence, but it's important to rise above. We all have moments where we need to vent and you should vent but remember, a positive attitude goes a long ways.

How I Study in Nursing School

How I Study in Nursing School
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