Why I'm Not Repeating My Grade

Why I'm not repeating the grade

Why I'm Not Repeating My Grade

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I went to court a couple of weeks ago because I have missed many, many school days. I have no excuse for this besides the fact that it has been a tough year for me. Which court doesn't care about way too much. Luckily, the judge was fair and could tell I was nervous. Me being put into DCF custody was a possibility, terrifyingly enough. I'd almost rather die than be taken from my home.

The day I went to court, the truancy officer mentioned that I would repeat the grade. Perhaps shock was overwhelming on my face, for he didn't know until my reaction that I knew this.

My lawyer for this case was helpful. She wanted to do anything possible for me to go to summer school rather than repeat the grade or something. However, it was said in confidence many times that this was not a possibility.

So for the past few weeks, I have been even more depressed than ever. Internal dialogue became you are a failure and you are hopeless. I felt shame, for having to be at the same school and everyone knowing I stayed back seems damn humiliating.

Until today. My dad had a meeting with my housemaster, who luckily seems to like me. For my dad came home on a work break and told me I had news (I forgot he had the meeting). Fearing the worst, naturally, I walked with hesitance to the kitchen.

He told me I'm not repeating the grade. Summer school starts Wednesday since I didn't do well in math, history, and something else. I will have to take classes with freshman as a sophomore. But still, a weight has been lifted. I almost feel I don't have any problems. And thank you very much to the GAG community, who helped me through difficult times (and continues to do so).

Why I'm Not Repeating My Grade
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