Why I Will NEVER Become a Teacher!


Now I don't want you guys to think that I'm some teacher hater that's going to talk trash on the education system. That's not what I'm going to do at all. In fact, my mother has been an elementary school teacher for as long as I can remember and I highly respect those who undertake the responsibility of teaching our youth. Really what I would like to convey to you guys is the reason I could NEVER become a teacher.

Why I will NEVER become a teacher!

I'm sure what all of you are thinking now is, "How could this guy tell us he so much respect for teachers, yet tells us that becoming a teacher is that last thing he would ever do?!" and I don't blame you! However, what I really want to talk about is how poorly teachers are treated by their employers and how that effects me wanting to become a teacher.

While I was growing up, especially once I started reaching my later teen years, I've always heard from others that working with kids is something that I should consider as a career because I do really well to get a long with kids, as well as working with children really does bring me joy. I worked at my local pool as a lifeguard and a swimming instructor for five years and within those five years I taught hundreds of children of all different kinds of backgrounds. While some of those children did have a knack for getting on my nerves, most of the kids I taught were kind and friendly and it was something I enjoyed all the way until I left the pool to further my career and become an EMT. I've had interest in becoming a nurse and working in pediatrics, however, I've heard from multiple people that becoming a teacher, particularly, an elementary school teacher, is something I should seriously consider pursuing.

While becoming an elementary school teacher is a noble decision that is something I can be proud of, the way they are treated is something that has completely deterred me from the idea. The way things are now, when you walk into an elementary school classroom, it's almost always filled with vivid colors, bulletin boards bordered with bright and beautiful frames and wall papers stretching from corner to corner that will soon be filled with work from the students, drawings and paintings, as well as other decorations that make the environment as inviting and friendly as possible. This is so that students can work in a comfortable environment that improves performance and helps the kids learn by being immersed in the lessons of the year. Decorating your classroom is one of the most important things that teachers can do to help their kids excel throughout the year. And in doing so, teachers will spend money out of pocket so that their classroom is a comfortable learning environment for the children.

For many teachers that make sure their classrooms are decorated and ready for the year, the average amount of money spent out of pocket adds up to over $700+. For decorations and basic school supplies! Teaching is one of the only jobs that has a requirement that you have to spend hundreds of dollars each year just to do your job! The important things that students need such as books, folders, pencils, markers, crayons, pencil boxes are supplied not by the schools themselves, but by the teachers that have their students best interest's in mind. I can't even imagine if while I was working on the ambulance that my employer told me that I would need to make sure I brought things like gauze and roller bandages so that I could take care of my patients.

Why I Will NEVER Become a Teacher!

If the world is in need for more teachers, so that the next generation can excel and lead us to a better future for our kids and the next generations to come, things are going to need to change. If you asked any of my friends why they wouldn't want to become teachers, is because becoming a teacher is an expensive job. Why should teachers, who do not have rather high paying salaries, be required to spend money on the basic supplies it takes for them to do their jobs?! There needs to be a change allowing teachers to have a stipend each year for the supplies that they need so they aren't taking money out of their paychecks and giving it right back to their job. School districts need to make buying supplies for teachers a priority rather than filling their own pockets.

Being a teacher is one of the most important jobs that a country needs. If there are no teachers there is no bright future for the generations to come. Teachers have been neglected making low salaries compared to other jobs which are equally important. The average teacher makes only around $60,000-8$85,000 per year, and with the economy growing and prices getting higher and higher, these salaries are not ideal. I couldn't become a teacher with student loans that need to pay off, a mortgage and other bills and then also be expected to spend extra money each year just towards my job that should have already covered the cost!!

If any of you are willing to take on the task of becoming a teacher and work with kids to help create a brighter future kudos to you. However for me, I think ill pass. thank you.

Tell me what you guys think in the comments, hope you enjoyed my small narrative.

Why I Will NEVER Become a Teacher!
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