How to find a good teacher - It’s not what you think

How to find a good teacher - It’s not what you think

The bible says a man’s heart reflects the man, and a teacher is dependent on his student, for his lessons to be transmitted and understood, otherwise he cannot out them into action. While Jesus died on the cross and was a great teacher, many claim to follow Him and live lives that do not reflect his ideals, because they may have the best teacher in the world, but they are not the best students.

So, the key to finding a good teacher is to be a good student. This week, I purchased a lavendaire manual on goal setting through the lavendaire website and I realized, I had gotten a lot out of the work book, because I had agreed before hand that I would put into practice the things they taught me. The best business school in the world, will not help somebody with no interest or running or owning a business. But a business owner will find many benefits to going to business school and learning from the best.

Until you put into practice what you know, you are just liking your burger instead of actually eating it, and that will leave you hungry and I satisfied later, even though in the short term, you might receive the same taste benefits as those who are actually chewing and digesting the burger, so it takes effort and a willingness to reflect and change your behaviour to benefit from teachers.

I once read a Jewish article about how thieves can teach you moral lessons too, such as their ability to pay attention to detail, or their modesty and willing to be anonymous, so really, it’s not just about finding a good teacher, it’s also about having the mental and emotional capacity to learn from others, and that is something you can only teach yourself.

How to find a good teacher - It’s not what you think
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  • collie22
    My Sensei says It's not what you know but what your willing to do. I think that really fits with the Bible teachings.
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  • alance99
    Both teacher and student need to be sincere
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  • loves2learn
    This is 100% true. And the best way to fully learn something is to teach it to others and understand their perspective.
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