A Robot Took My Job


I wish it was replacing something as simple as reception question taking.

How about a surgeon’s job? One of the few industries that was seen to last longest with the onslaught of the 4th phase of industrialisation.

A Robot Took My Job

One of the tasks of a surgical trainee is to assist the chief surgeon in the operation by holding open the cut area and exposing the field of work for the surgeon to operate with more ease to reach various structures inside the body.

A Robot Took My Job

Old way of doing it manually

There is something called a retractor which you hold to expand the cut now this robot hand can do that instead and it is controlled by the chief surgeons head movements he flicks his head twice and the robot hand moves in a certain direction.

So as the trainee surgeon we are not called in for the operations as much now.

It don`t end there before this robot surgical hand there is this robot trolley which you dragged with you inside the ward where the sick patients rested in their beds you entered the robot information about the patient and it worked out diagnosis and what medicines to give.

A few years back it was the robot grass clippers taking kids extra money moving lawns I can`t even imagine what is install next.

A Robot Took My Job
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