What it's Like Being an Emotionless Robot

What it's Like Being an Emotionless Robot

EMOTIONLESS ROBOT is my second name. Well, not really but the point is that I am one myself and I will explain what it is and feels like to be an emotionless robot first hand.

This specific condition is called APATHY and it sums up lacking enthusiasm, sluggishness, lethargy, indifference, not being impacted, not being surprised, disinterest, numbness... in other words: NOT BEING ALIVE.

What it's Like Being an Emotionless Robot

The life of an apathetic (male) person (robot)


Initializing system... (Waking up)

Performing system detection check... (realize waking up and getting conscious)

Central Processor - OK

Memory - OK

Storage devices - OK

Performing peripheral detection...

Arms - OK

> Hands detected

>> Fingers detected

Mobile legs - OK

> Foot detected

>> Toes detected

Performing drivers check...

Vision drivers - OK

Audio reception drivers - OK

Communicative device - OK

Scent drivers - OK

Temperature drivers - OK

Emotional drivers - Error 404! Drivers not found. Skipping...

Welcome to a new day! You are not dead.


What it's Like Being an Emotionless Robot

All day long you feel nothing. Hell, you don't even feel at all because you are apathetic... well except PAIN of course. That's the only feeling you respond to.

These "things" include but are not limited to: Happiness, sadness, joy, fear, anxiety, hate, love, rage, anger, energetic, sympathy, excitement and other emotions do not exist for us.

Even if certain critical events happen such as dropping out of any educational organization (or graduating from it) or being fired from a job (or getting a promotion) or a family member dies (yes, really! I am the example of it) you feel like nothing and you are not surprised or bothered by it. You do not release a single tear or a meaningful "yay".

What it's Like Being an Emotionless Robot

The earth keeps twisting around, the sun goes up and down, time and people pass by, it rains and snows and the sun shines, an accident happens over here, a robbery over there, a road parade happens elsewhere, the sweetest couple came to a break up, in a different country porn and abortion is being banned, a corrupt politician has been framed with it's corrupt deals - since all these things have happened your facial expression hasn't changed over that time and will also remain the same.

And you know why?


And it doesn't matter.

For us humanoid organic robots life comes with different amounts of pain.

Expressing emotions doesn't make it any better but it does expend some energy (yes, even complaining is expending energy!). Talking about energy if you lack energy, you would decide to invest energy wisely in things, that actually DO in fact matter such as survival related chores (cooking, cleaning, job hunting...) or things, that have at least a meaningful impact on yourself.

For example, I didn't see what's so joyful about me graduating college. It's a low level education degree, with which I can continue to study ("yay", more studies -.- ) or get //slightly// better chances getting employed... at the cost of 3 years and dozens of money. Really? Was it that worth it when I was on a job hunt for 1 year until one employer FOUND me and HIRED me?

This degree I am going to get is personally worthless to me and I don't know what is so exciting about it.

What it's Like Being an Emotionless Robot

Then what does matter to an emotionless robot like me?

Like humans, we are different. I will speak only on my behalf. What matters for me are the fulfillment of my physiological needs first. Most of the time I am hungry and thirsty. I also want to remain away from my parents and have an own place, that I can call my home. Where I am now is not my home. It's something between a controlled prison and city with strict laws, low pays and job opportunities. Everyone here is for himself/herself except as a society we hold together while the government never has to worry about what to cook in the next day.

Until I get the basic human needs met, I remain numbed.

Survival matters for me.

What did happen or what does it take for a person to become an emotionless robot?

What it's Like Being an Emotionless Robot

It takes a lot of damage to finally turn into your protective instincts. An emotionless robot like me has been suppressed from feeling how we feel and our emotions, we have been disregarded a lot, we haven't been heard, we haven't been taken into consideration, we haven't been taken seriously when we needed it, we haven't received the support we were after, we were abused, tricked, backstabbed, betrayed, used, discarded/expended, we have been taken advantage of for someone's own benefit, we have cared so much, that we have nothing of it left. Nothing.

Until a certain extend of damage has been achieved. Then we drop it all. You realize, that you have taken all that damage and it's pain has been too strong for you to handle it.

It is a self-defense mechanism, which involves FREEZING YOURSELF and SHIELDING YOURSELF up. Freezing yourself so much like a cold machine and shielding yourself up so much like avoiding interactions and shut yourself out to the others.

Your blood becomes ice cold as does your heart. Your heart numbs from the low temperature. That may also explain why our bodies are so cold to the touch. The warmth is gone.

What it's Like Being an Emotionless Robot

It may also be the reason why we loose all interest and hopes (let alone relationship). We become mechanized. Powered by something, that isn't there. THE COLD VOID AND THE DARK EMPTINESS.

Then you reach a stage where your heart is deep frozen and you wander alone.

There are 2 types of us emotionless robots.

1. Those, who's heart has completely died out (and became celibate for the rest of their lives (for example MGTOW and WGTOW))

2. Those, who's heart has been deep frozen. There may be a chance to thaw it and make it functional again and warm up our bloodstreams and wake us up from the numbness and apathy but the odds are very low.

What it's Like Being an Emotionless Robot

We were assembled by accumulating enough pain.

How can I resurrect an emotionless robot back to a person with feelings?

A very tricky task!

First of all refer to the point I made slightly above and determine the type of emotionless robot you are dealing with. If it's the deep-frozen type of emotionless robot, there may be some chances.

You can try to relate to the emotionless robot's stories and offer support for it. Once you've gained it's trust (open firewall port) it can open up to you and work from there on. You should have a warm blooded person in a matter of time.

Under no circumstance you should expose your subject to any harm or break it's trust!

What it's Like Being an Emotionless Robot

Is it cool, good or bad to be an emotionless robot?

How do we know? You could tell us but then again we don't care.

What is the daily life cycle of an emotionless robot?

Our day begins with waking up and ends when going to sleep. Everything in between is irrelevant to us.

Hopefully I could give an insight about emotionless robots some people are dealing with.

Don't take it personally when you're not getting an emotional response or a response at all. Your target person may just be as mechanical as a machine.

What it's Like Being an Emotionless Robot
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    Excellent take, excellent analysis!
    The damage done by emotional or other abuse during childhood can be immense.
    Even those whose heart has been deep frozen and thawed will keep the traces and the defensive reflexes.
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    • Anonymous

      And then there's the loneliness...

    • Unit1


      I forgot to mention, that depressions are taking a very impacting role in it.

Most Helpful Girl

  • NahidSattar
    your piece is good. should have elaborated more.
    great articles are the ones which sticks with it's points and cares to make this definitive, description wise. thanks.
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  • lightbulb27

    A good mytake!

    Parts of that are me and I lived the pain in early life. I agree with how it all happens. Basically, my emotional range was stunted in early life and I'm still a work in progress.

    The healing is continual. you know that is not right or good, but are afraid to expose your emotions for fear of hurt. In this is our value system... it may be based upon "fairness", connectedness, or whatever... and the world doesn't meet it.

    The healing for me is:
    A) Jesus Christ... you get a pure endless source of love and support. From that you can find other people who give love and support, albeit those humans are all flawed, so remember your God. The belief in Christ gives you a different vantage point over life and its purpose and frees you from the emotional traps you've described. From that, healing can occur over time so your emotional self is healed.

    Why heal? Because you will not be able to have a good relationship with a woman if you don't. Any relationship will expose the lack of emotion and the women will try to pry it out of you. That is fundamental to man/woman.

  • FatherJack
    This is mostly me , but as a FT working single dad , I have no choice but to keep going & remain stoic , can do this fairly easily , as detached & stoic by nature. This is more a male trait , as we are less emotionally wired & , more importantly , most men stand alone in life , most women have well developed support networks & ultra close female friends. Therefore men HAVE to develop harder hearts.
    • Unit1

      Aye! That's true!

  • SovereignessofVamps
    I'm not sure if you're srs, but I've talked to people like this b4 and they were so sensitive. It was funny.
    • Unit1

      Looks like you gained their trust rather quickly.

      Or they weren't emotionless robots after all.

  • BrileyCat
    it took any one or a number of antonyms of apathy to write that .
    seems not like a mechanical take to have put in all of that .
    • Unit1

      For the time being when I wrote this, yes, partially.

  • DumbGoat
    I'd say, despite the tendency of humans to not be good at evaluate their own personalities and tend to apply themselves whenever they hear a description of personality, I'm rather like this. I've always been told I'm like a computer. Additionally, people like to try to get me to change my facial expression because it is always a pokerface. (For example, bugging me, waving hands in front of my face, trying to startle me, trying to make me laugh.)
  • Bvroon
    It's bad, I only say that because I have been there and done that. More importantly it is lonely as hell... just saying.
  • Rissa95
    This is so sad... Made me cry. Is this really you going through all this?
    • Unit1

      I thought I made myself clear enough.
      But Ja, like I said before.

      "EMOTIONLESS ROBOT is my second name. Well, not really but the point is that I am one myself and I will explain what it is and feels like to be an emotionless robot first hand."

      "Like humans, we are different. I will speak only on my behalf."

      I didn't mean to make you cry but it is what it is. 🀷

    • Rissa95

      I see. I thought that maybe it was a short story or something.

      I can relate is all I'm trying to say :)

    • Unit1

      I see. Thanks for stopping by lady.

      I could always use some...


      if you don't mind ☺☺☺

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  • ZellRocx666
    Your take explains well about emotionless people.. But only to a degree. There is slot that could be said and explained.
    • Unit1

      Yes, I am in fact aware of missing points. I might consider doing a part 2 about it at some point.

  • Eternal_Flame
    Interesting take 👍 You'll be heads up on a game of poker 😜
  • skeptic002
    hosea 4:6 my children are destroyed for lack of knowledge
  • cupidkisses
    some of my friends would tell me that i have no emotioΔ±n
  • bustas
    120 % true..
  • grashopper
    How it feels? Meh...
  • Anonymous
    This is plain nonsense. I'm sure you have to tell yourself this story to feel like you are protecting your pride and feelings but the truth is a whole other deal.

    Emotions are the brains response to outside stimuli that a human cannot feel on their skin. It is a programmed survival mechanism like thirst and feeling heat on your skin are. If emotions are thrown out by the brain and the body does not act on them to validate and expel them, the brain redirects the command creating other forms of internal pressure like stress, anxiety, paranoia, often described like painful pressure inside by the patients. People like this get often continue to run from the obeyed emotional command thrown out by their brain by doing something else. This is where biggest addicts are created. It can result in obsessive exercise, just as much as turning into a drunk, or a workaholic. If your drug of choice is more destructive, it will destroy you faster than something else would. You live a tortured, obsessed half life.

    Second possibility is that your brain has genuinely BROKEN DOWN.. And this often has nothing to do with what happened, but your predisposition to be crazy. It is called the schizoid personality disorder, a debilitating disorder that also leaves you stranded in a half life never really doing anything because you don't want to. You're not a robot, you're SICK. Get help.
  • Anonymous
    I was like that graduation the day itself was meaning less id done the exams I knew what id got it was just a long formal ceremony i hadn't just got an offer for something awesome or recently slept with someone (when i did get laid I smiled a lot after while i still had the memories. I don't know if thats normal or hormonal or something?) .
    • Anonymous

      Maybe its just me putting pressure on my self?

  • Anonymous
    Wow, that's so cool :D
    • singlebee

      Hahahahaaha :-D

    • Anonymous

      @singlebee ;) :D :P

    • Bender's a robot with an attitude and personality problem.