The Robot Invasion Has Begun!

The Robot Invasion Has Begun!

One of these days, the robots are going to take over. Not today. For now, they'll help you interact with GirlsAskGuys on Facebook Messenger.

We're always trying to find new ways to expand our reach beyond the web browser. Obviously the apps for iPhone and Android we recently launched are part of that, as is having our content on Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles, for example.

You probably noticed the big blue button that says "GirlsAskGuys on Messenger" before, but our Messenger bot is getting smarter quickly. When you receive a message with content or a personalized recommendation, new buttons for adding opinions and voting on polls will allow you to interact by simply following the conversation. A lot more is coming.

Here are other cool things on this release:

The Follow is back!

The Robot Invasion Has Begun!

The Follow feature is back, as promised. You can follow a Question or myTake, as before. To do that, simply click or tap the three dots on the top right corner of the page and select the "Follow" option.

The content you've followed should be available under the "Follows" section of your profile. We're working on a couple of new things to make the Follow feature even more useful and they should be available very soon.

Improvements on notifications

The Robot Invasion Has Begun!

One user request that we finally found the time to implement is the addition of a "Mark all as read" under the notification dropdown to help you manage the notifications a little better.

If you reply to an opinion and someone else replies too, when you visit that Question or myTake page for the first time you'll now see the opinion and the reply in the "New Activity" section with that familiar "NEW" badge to make it easier for you to respond and keep the conversation going.

And… the app

The Robot Invasion Has Begun!

We've collected an incredible amount of useful feedback on the app during the past few weeks. The next step is to try to include as much as we can in the next updates to make sure the app is useful for everyone. Hold tight.

The Robot Invasion Has Begun!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • dangerDoge
    YES. THE FOLLOW IS BACK. I'm happy GAG made due on their promise. I like it!
    Does one get a notification by the way when a question of their own is followed? If so, I'm pretty sure I accidentally hit follow on a random sexual question when I was about to hide it lol. Oh well.

    And, once the app has the rest of the features in it, I'll definitely be using that more than mobile. I'll wait patiently until then lol

    I like this update. Glad the follow feature is back :D
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Most Helpful Girl

  • dragonfly6516
    Just confirming what we already knew. G@G is overrun with bots...
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    • Pac-Man

      Down with humani... Um I mean no there are no robots here!

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • BellePepper
    The font and actionable fields seem to be getting smaller which makes it A) more difficult to interact with others B ) harder to use the site. I just want to be able to read and click easily at a comfortable distance without killing my eyes.
    • AND the issue with notifications not going away when you go to the page they they link to is SUPER annoying. The notifications take way too long to load for me to just brush that one off.

    • @BellePepper We didn't make any recent changes to font sizes or input fields. We'll try to reproduce the notification issue you mentioned. Thanks. :)

  • YourFutureEx
    That was unexpected. Really unexpected because I thought you introduced "Liked" panel instead of expanding the "Follows".
  • RedVulcan
    Not sure what exactly the Follow feature does. Will it help you re-read mytakes that you've followed by being like a sort of favourites list?
  • akadatank44
    Awesome for further improvements you should make me and @Pac-Man admins xD
    • Complete your homework first.

    • Pac-Man

      If we ask enough times maybe they'll get so annoyed they'll actually do it lmao or ban us, one or the other.

    • @Pac-Man hahha we will wear them down one day! They'll be like fine you can be an admin if you just shut up! XD

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  • Bandit74
    It would be cool if we could create folders to group the questions/takes that we are following.

  • tyber1
    AI is gonna take over, not robots. Okay, maybe there will be robots too.
    • serious

      Yes, but AI will eventually be implemented in the form of Robots. That is if at all AI becomes a reality many years down the line. I hope AI never becomes a reality.

    • tyber1

      @serious I disagree that robots and AI will necessarily be implemented, I believe that strong AI mainframes will monitor and control robots with weaker AI programming. It could happen but it's far from certain. If you think that AI will happen in many years, you're going to be sorely mistaken, it's already happening, it's happening far faster than you would believe and they will likely reach human capabilities in less than 5 years.

    • tyber1

      @serious integrated*

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  • BeeNee
    Thanks for the updates
  • serious
    Yes, I have seen the changes.
  • anonman32
    Cool, thanks for keeping us up to date.
  • Toad-1
    Time to get rid of force closure of questions now
  • blondfrog
    I am still confused by the messanger.
    • How come? Any feedback is helpful to us. ;)

    • blondfrog

      Like what it does. So you press the button and you can have a convo with people on here?

    • For now, when you press the button, you subscribe to our Messenger bot. We'll send some recommended questions and interesting content once in a while there and you'll be able to interact with it.

      We do plan to keep adding new features to the Messenger bot so it's even more useful in the near future. Eventually, you'll be able to ask a question and even carry on a conversation on GirlsAskGuys using the bot. :D

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