FEMALE ROBOTS: My Friend's View VS Mine from two biochems: Eugenics and Why Unwanted Men SHOULD Get A Robot VS Why Every Man Deserves A Chance At Love

FEMALE ROBOTS: My Friends View VS Mine from two biochems: Eugenics and Why Unwanted Men SHOULD Get A Robot VS Why Every Man Deserves A Chance At Love

Hilarious topic, yes, I know. I was laughing myself at a post on here almost all day. My friend and I literally sat there talking and snickering about it for a few hours. It's very laughable.
These two questions are the ones that I'm specifically referencing:

As my friend Brittany and I were discussing this today, what we found interesting is that we both have the same major and the same scientific interests but yet we see this topic in completely opposite ways. We are both biochem majors, but she is more pro-science and is less concerned about religion or people's feelings, whereas I put religion first and am more concerned about how I treat others. This makes the biggest difference on views of this topic. Here's the contrast, so pick your side. :)


Okay so first I want to clarify on what eugenics is. Google defines it pretty accurately: "the study of how to arrange reproduction within a human population to increase the occurrence of heritable characteristics regarded as desirable." As a biochemistry major, I see this in one light: it's the natural selection we need but can't have due to people complaining and our psychology creating societies that will ruin our whole species just to make these complainers happy. We are the only species in the Kingdom of Animalia with this problem, and it's because we don't tell people no when they want to downgrade humanity just due to their own desires.

As a bio student with a firm desire to improve the human species instead of make it worse, I am all for these guys getting robot partners. Here's why:

1) It would stop a lot of complaining from guys.

Apart from funny questions about robots as partners, most guys at some point have complaints about not being able to have a relationship or get laid. So why not create a machine that you can program to do exactly what you want it to do that requires no love? It's a perfect solution to those guys who are into this idea. All you have to do is keep the battery full!

2) Eugenics: The Unwanted Men With the Robots Can't Pass Their Genes Down

Perfect. This is eugenics at its finest working with women without us even asking for it. Instead of us having to deal with society letting people reproduce who should not be reproducing, we can just leave those men out and let them be satisfied with a robot. If it's a robot and not 100% human then those unwanted genes don't get passed down.
(INSERT: Brittany mentioned a scenario:
- woman: "Then why don't you have kids? You got no balls?"
- man: "No. My wife is a robot.")
Now this is where I wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry.

3) It would leave women with only the men we desire and less of those we don't.

It gets rid of the unwanted men, who will resort to robots. The good thing is that the men whom are at least fairly desired by women will not pick up on having robotic partners. What makes those men think we will want them more after they resort to robotic females? It only shows their desperation and their inability to get real women, and it clears the path between us real women and the men we prefer.


Although some of the things she said are true (the scientific facts, not her opinions), this kind of eugenics is not something I would enforce or even like to see happen. Also a biochem major, I do want humanity to improve, but it shouldn't be done in such a way that mistreats others. By "mistreats others" I mean leaves out anyone from being able to find love or fulfill desires.
My side is a little more religious-centered, but some of you who aren't religious may take it as just ethics, and so that's okay.
Religiously, humans are the species that God purposely singled out and created differently from all the rest. We could have been made to be like every other species in the kingdom of animalia, as she said, but we purposely weren't.
Does this mean that we should take any partner who comes at us? No. But it does mean that we should respect them and not take it conceitedly (or as "entitlement," as a lot of guys on here say). Whether it's a woman who only gets asked out once in her whole lifetime or gets asked out multiple times every day, she shouldn't take it as an opportunity to disrespect or even take for granted those that she doesn't want. Obviously the same is true the other way around too. Rejection is a good thing; it's a lesson and a teaching method in one, and it is a freedom, YES, an entitlement. Rejection is an entitlement in itself for everybody.
Along with this, everybody has a purpose. If someone has an undesirable trait - guy or girl - like my friend said, that doesn't give us the right to single them out and tell them they can't love or be loved. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that every individual has a purpose. I also believe that anyone can love and be loved, and that everybody should be loved and respected. Most of the time, these undesirable traits are things that the person can't control and inherited, hence this topic. There is no sense in shaming that person. Will it be harder for that person to find love? Yeah! But why? People cut others off just for one thing.
As I said, this is not something I'd like to see happen, and it's sad that society has come to this. I don't understand why everybody can't appreciate each other and get along, or why the two genders can't be more humble to each other. It doesn't mean you go with any potential partner who shows up, but it does mean respect for everybody and equal opportunity. Preferences are good, but they are set by the mind based on subjectivity and generalizations, and they shouldn't be a 100% determining factor. Standards and preferences are different, and sometimes one who meets standards and not all preferences just might be your other half.

CONCLUSION: So this is a summary of separate views by two biochemistry majors and the similarities and contrasts thereof. I agree with her on the facts of science, and she agrees with me on some of the morals, but ultimately we are on opposite sides of the spectrum with this. As you can see if you click on the two questions I referenced on GAG and read my comments, it is laughable to me that this is even a thing now, and it's a shame.
Feel free to share which side you're on!

FEMALE ROBOTS: My Friend's View VS Mine from two biochems: Eugenics and Why Unwanted Men SHOULD Get A Robot VS Why Every Man Deserves A Chance At Love
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  • startingfitness
    Your friend seems very biased and gynocentric with her approach to science.
    Eugenics, the way she described it doesn't work for human beings. Our population is simply too large and our society is too sophisticated for men to simply check out of relationships. Going by the 80/20 rule (which is originally a business concept, not a sex/relationship one) most men would be considered unattractive and would have to go for bots. That's too big of a loss.

    Humans are a special type of creatures different from other mammals and even other primates in the way that our society is structured. In most mammals that live as a herd or a group, the leader/alpha male is the one male who gets to mate with most if not all of the females. This goes for generations and makes sure that the strongest and healthiest male gets to reproduce with women.

    Humans are different. At some point we decided to abandon that primitive concept and give every man in the tribe a woman ( or women if they were plentiful). This reduced competition and violence between men and increased cooperation. This in turn led to our expansion and rapid development and a more sophisticated society. Every major civilization in human history has some form/variation of this model. But the main point is that men were satisfied enough to have less violence and be able to cooperate and work together.

    If we go back to the previous models of alpha mating with all women, all others get barely anything, then we kinda devolve as a species. And at this stage it wouldn't even work tbh.
    Without going into sensitive topics and territories, i'll just recommend you to try and look into certain demographics were marriages are low and single motherhood is very high: then look into the rates of crime, violence and poverty in those populations. You would see that they increase a lot. Now I can't say whether single motherhood causes those issues or whether those issues cause single motherhood, but we can assume that there is a link.

    The problem is that there are too many human beings for any alpha to handle and take care of. Even a group of alphas can't. Human society was built on a foundation where all/most men had wives and if we destroy that foundation then it will cause a great strain on society (welfare, tax etc). So I really disagree with your friends view on eugenics and this particular issue, I don't think she is using her knowledge in the best form.

    also, I think the robots are only a bandage for the wound they are not the cure. There is a much larger underlying problem and bots do not cure this issue between men and women today.
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  • Anonymous
    Is it laughable? Yeah, definitely comical in some ways. It it a real thing? Yup, and it's coming in a big way. And in some ways it will force women to be better women.

    Why? Because in general women offer far less value to men today than they did in the past. It used to be that women brought a lot of value to men as part of the traditional female gender role. They cooked, cleaned, did the shopping, kept the house, mothered the children... the list is long. Today, women do few of those things and they expect men to do all of them too. The ONLY thing women offer men today that they can't and won't do for themselves anyway... is sex.

    Marriage and committed relationships are a much tougher sell for men today. Men have to put in a lot more than they used to, and they get a lot less in return. Sex is really the only constant, and men can easily get it outside of a committed relationship today, without all the costs and risks associated with the relationship.

    Robots will be one more nail in the coffin in which marriage will be buried once and for all. Or, women may step up and begin being more valuable again. We'll see.
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    • Unfortunately you’re right. I hate the way gender roles have been so disputed and made into nothing. I was raised traditional, and that’s what kills me: men assume there are no good women who will do those things anymore. Some of do it because we want to, not because we have to

    • Anonymous

      Hey Yads, thanks for MHO. And thanks for being a good woman. I have read enough of your stuff to know you are. And I know there are other women like you too, just not nearly enough. Good women have always been the motivation for men to step up and be good men. That motivation is disappearing fast, and good men are disapearing too. That's a shame, because without good men, this world will implode. I appreciate women like you, and I appreciate you writing the things you do here and being a good example to other women.

      Things like female robots are a sad reflection of where we are going as a species. We need more good people like you to turn that around.

    • @Yads_Is_Back I can relate. That's me too, I think women (also society though) people have let themselves go a bit. Getting very fat, not having self-respect, living in a mess. Gender roles, though not suited to everyone, certainly have some truth to them, after all, they have worked well for the last 500,000 years. So in my opinion, those who don't suit those gender roles fine, they can do what suits them best, but instead our quality and standard for both genders is decreasing. A lot of people especially in the US have lost traditional family life. Cooking fresh food, eating together at a dining table etc etc. It makes me sad because that's what I wished for my life, but the quantity of men who believe want a girl like that is decreasing, and I can't even say it out loud without being called a disgrace by fellow girls. Just because my boyfriend is older than me and has a really good job, people also consider me a gold digger. Which... makes no sense at all.

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  • Bluemax
    The undesirable men you and your friend speak of have already been selected out. Sex robots supposedly would provide them with an outlet for their sexual desires.

    The thing is I don't think sex robots are an outlet for loneliness. They do not, nor will they ever (unless somehow they're sentient) love. Furthermore, I worry that sex robots will cause some to miss an opportunity to grow. They'll take away any opportunity for their users to learn from having a partner.

    I grew up around disabled people, many of whom were unable to find love. Some of them went to their graves virgins. They did *not* just want sex, they wanted love and companionship, which sadly eluded them all their lives. Sex robots would do nothing for these people.

    You seem, Yads, to genuinely care about the undesirables as human beings. That's commendable. Having been around so many of them, I also care for them as human beings. It seems as though your friend views them as an obstacle and doesn't seem much to care about them as human beings at all. Do you think I'm right on this or am I mistaken?

    There's a very interesting documentary on this called Love Me, Love My Doll. Check it out on Youtube. The users of these dolls lead such very sad lives. Very sad.
    • No, you’re right. And thanks for sharing

    • Bluemax

      An interesting thought experiment to try with your friend:

      Ask her if she would feel differently if the undesirable was a loved one. A child or niece or nephew born disfigured for example. Or even better, how would she feel if the undesirable was herself, perhaps as the result of an injury?

  • sensible27
    That's not how eugenics works or is supposed to work, you took a basic definition and built upon it with false premises. Additionally the state of technological development, you can't really regulate people (who have never had partners from reproducing), the robots you are talking about won't be arriving anytime soon and by the time most of human reproduction just might be automated. Sometimes it's just hard to grasp exponential things and exponential growth.
    • Not how it’s MORALLY SUPPOSED to work, that’s true, but it’s what would happen

    • sensible27

      Never said morally, it's just not how it works. If you change what eugenics means maybe them it will be true but it's just not. Just because you would like something to happen or be true in such and such a way doesn't make it true or reality.

    • Explain then, against the textbooks, how cutting out undesired traits in the males toward reproduction is not eugenics.

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  • ronaldo75
    WHy are women so bothered by this shit? When a woman has a dildo or says she's not dealing with men, she's celebrated. Yet now if a man buys a sexbot it's because he's "unwanted"? how about men are getting tired of dealing with women's bullshit? This reaction women are having to sexbots only proves y'all are more egotistical than we are.
    • It’s funny how the most desired guys don’t want the bots though 🤔

    • ronaldo75

      Who are the most desired guys? I know more than one player I have as friends who can't wait for sexbots? Women make the huge mistake of not thinking men have feelings. A lot of "desired men" can't stand women and their bullshit and only get the pussy because it's thrown at them. Y'all clearly are having your egos threatened by these sexbots.

    • One simple question: why do you think women continue to give that guy bullshit?
      One simple answer: they don’t care.

      Tbh, I care because I was raised to care and to purposely cater to my man. But modern women? If you think they care, just look around you. They don’t give two shits about what men think.

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  • Rangers
    I have a hard time believing you support eugenics because if you did, you'd see how much of a problem you have with your attitude and inability to see men as people and not numbers shouldn't be passed on. Get off your high horse, you're only proving to everyone here that you're insecure and weak, which is why you go around dehumanizing people and wonder why literally nobody wants you either.
    • Troll 😂I’m not for eugenics, as I clearly posted. The whole post is about her views versus mine. She’s for eugenics, but I’m not. If you ask me, everyone is here for a reason and deserves a fair chance. So I don’t see men as numbers? I don't know where you got this information from or if you even read the post - sounds like you didn’t.
      So I don't know why you’re trying to attack me for nothing, but nice try. Shows a good outlook on your insecurities though. Sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • And I get asked out by a guy literally all the time. And I don’t mean that in a bragging way but in a way that says I see that you’re insecure and that’s none of my business but why you’ve chosen to attack me I have no idea but if you want to attack me you might want to know your facts and actually get some aim first lol

    • ronaldo75

      All women are asked out all the time when they're young. . Wait until you're in your mid-late 30s. At my age men are more a peace with being single, many of us are actually relieved we made it this far with no kids or wife. Women at my age start to become bitter and nasty at the fact that younger women get attention and they don't.

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  • EnglundUberAlles
    For the record you're both wrong. Firstly your assumption that men would want to have sex with robots is unconvincing. Secondly, women practice eugenics already, except they don't call it Eugenics. They call it Not Dating Losers.
    • “Firstly your assumption that men would want to have sex with robots is unconvincing.”
      Absolutely false. Look at the two links I provided. Or even Google the topic. Guys are all over the idea 😂😂😂It’s not even an assumption; it’s more like 1+1=2.

  • NerdInDenial
    I don't understand the humor in this topic. You're making fun of people who have "bad" genes. Why don't you just promote killing ugly people?
    • Where in that entire post did I make fun of people who have bad genes?

    • You stated the whole question of having a robot is laughable; thus, you are inherently shaming men and making fun of them for being ugly or undesirable.

    • Regardless of the reason for having it, it is very laughable. That doesn’t mean I have anything against people who are undesirable to most.

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  • I feel I'm a bit on both sides. I'd prefer a real relationship with a girl but oddly enough, over no girl deciding quite yet, I'd use one for support and just to talk to. Simple desires that are taken away do to the powers of modern selection aka dating apps...

    But before we even get here, I'd appreciate a middle ground. A friendship app that helped genders to connect and support each other to supplement the division that is caused with social apps. Find a way to bring us back together
  • Deathraider
    Society shouldn’t decide who is desirable. Nonetheless, the option for a robotic companion should still be there for whoever wants one.
    • True. And yeah, all kinds of weird things are available for weird people 😂

    • by the way, society wouldn’t be deciding. The men would be eliminating themselves.

  • Guanfei
    Your friend is sexist, and her view on how to treat unwanted men (of course you can expect she won't have the same view for unwanted women) are dangerous. She's thinking of them as cattle, that you can breed and remove at will.
    This is some nazi bullshit at its finest. Keep the one you consider worthy, eradicate the rest.
  • Nalix
    I think it will be helpful to have the bots around, especially as they improve and become more human. They would form a good baseline that humans would need to pass in order to get into relationships. It would also help clear the dating field so that people who want to have children can find each other, and get the people who don't want to have children out of the way.

    The threat I can see is if the bots become better companions than real humans, which may be possible. When men and women who are very desirable prefer the bots, what can people who want to form relationships with them do? You talk about eliminating men who women don't want, but have you considered that these bots could also eliminate desirable men as well?

    Desire for children will have to prevail, and I think we both know that women have that more than men, even the men who do want children.
    • If it goes that far, you're talking about equality - just not the equality everybody has been wanting. Both genders would be with bots. So it's not like men would have control back, and honestly at that time in the future when people look at this part of history, it'll show that women had more control than men did but that's because they fought for it and men gave up and resorted to bots. Going to bots might as well be "I give up; let's make a treaty." and it'll be just that.

  • OpenNudist
    The simple fact that YOU entered RELIGION into the equation essentially makes your whole question Null An Void.
    • Then take it as ethics

    • OpenNudist

      To be perfectly honest you're Using Religion as a double edged Sword

    • Then don’t view it as my religion. Just take it as an ethical view that everyone deserves a chance.

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  • I don't want a robot I watch to many movies and shows robot will take over the world. Keep those robots away from me
  • SilverRain92
    Society has no right to decide who should and who should not have children
    • True. So what's your opinion of guys having these robots and the reasons for it?

    • I don't believe that a robot can replace a real girl

    • I greatly admire you for that view. Shows maturity 😊👍🏻

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  • Aino13
    That's like... if radical feminism (I mean the actual, women-are-better-than-me-keep-men-as-sex-slaves kind, not the normal ones campaigning for equality and the pay gap and everything) and Nazism had a deformed, ugly baby.
  • jestergent
    Skynet is online. Dom dom dom dom... dom dom dom dom...
    Men will spend less during dates with women. Have to save for the robot.
  • Well these robots could solve the issue of prostitution and unwanted pregnancies... could certainly be a useful substitute for hookups
  • Grond21
    I'm with you on this one. I think it would be great if people improved in a scientific way as she's saying, but as soon as you put someone in a position of power where they get to decide the value of another person based on some immutable characteristics, you have a rationale that is precisely what the Nazis used in Germany, what racist slaveholders used to keep black people down, and what thousands of people have held throughout history when they picked race or sex or nationality or anything else as tied into the person's inherent value.
    By making that value judgment against another person, you are aggregating to yourself a position of moral authority or intellectual authority that you do not have and that is, when fully played out, evil.
  • Shamalien
    eugenics at it's best? That's not a phrase I like seeing
    • Shamalien

      Lol I just imagined a future where the traditional marriage ceremony has the added ritual of the bride destroying her man's fleshbot and it's like when jew's break a wine glass MAHTZA!

  • Sevenpointfive
    men are only 1/2 of the problem
    • We wouldn’t be as affected negatively if it happened though. It would greatly narrow down the path from us to the guys most women want; she’s right about that. I think if women did this - correct me if I’m wrong - but even the guys who can’t get women would be affected very negatively. As for the women who mistreat the men: you’re right and it disgusts me.

    • unless women could only create females then there would be no consequences. do you think they'd all be happy?

    • There would be no point in creating female partners for us. The lesbians have each other. And you can never make 100% of people happy, but the differences are definitely significant.

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  • Give the guys a robot
    • Lmao, you siding with Brittany?

    • Somewhat. If it is at all sentient, then don’t. But if it’s literally all clockwork, I have zero issue with them getting a mechanical sex toy.

    • Lmfao it's early in the morning and you just made my day 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

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  • NYCQuestions1976
    Can she be switched off during sporting events? 😂
    • What if she likes sports? I love sports, and as long as he's not a fan of my team's rival then we could have a good time lol

    • Very true and fair enough. What team (s) do you like?

  • Anonymous
    Lol. Both of your analyses are a bit on the shallow end. You didn't follow through. So... if the ugly guys each save up the money to buy their robotic dreamgirls, then where does that leave the ugly girls? And who says it's only gonna be ugly guys who buy them? I'm of the opinion that this is going to lead to an era where human-human sex is only for reproduction among the upper classes, and the only humans reproducing normally will be the ones who are too poor to afford them.
    • Ugly girls will have robots just like the guys.
      “ I'm of the opinion that this is going to lead to an era where human-human sex is only for reproduction among the upper classes” : EXACTLY the point

    • Anonymous

      You forgot the next part. The ugly, broke losers are still gonna be poppin out rugrats because they can't afford robots. So the eugenics aspect is gonna have some major blowback. Desirable genes will become more and more rare

    • If they can’t get robots and can’t get pussy, they don’t have a mate. As for other methods of fertilization, that’s no different from today.

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  • Anonymous
    Men should never get a sex robot. There will come a time when the robots have such advanced equipment they can determine who to eradicate based off of genetic disposition. For example if they are preprogrammed to attack rh+ people
  • Anonymous
    Anything is worth it to not have to deal with real women.
    • What’s your definition of “real women”?
      If you mean modern women who treat men like crap, then I get your idea.
      To me it’s more than being a human female. It’s a matter of being proud to be a woman - submitting to your man, appreciating him for being a man and doing the things that you as a woman can’t do, thanking him just for being there, and supporting him. THAT is a real woman. If you would take anything over that, then you’re definitely an odd guy.

    • Anonymous

      Yes... modern women who treat men like crap

    • Anonymous

      Had too much of that. Done with it.

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  • Anonymous
    Even guys who prefer to bang sex bots will one day be able to have offspring by using their sperm to inseminate artificial wombs. Just saying.