Any other guys rather stay single and have an imaginary girlfriend?

This idea came about lurking this site and my personal life experiences. I personally feel like dating, marry and even having sex with physical real women isn't worth it.

- Picky
Let's begin with issues that bother me. From lurking here and many other sites many women are honest about being picky. A guy has to be tall, certain body shape, must have x-job, must dress in x-fashion, must have x-personality and so on. Most guys find this all so tiresome. It's gotten crazy to the point we men don't even get mad. Instead we kind of just feel nothingness towards women because we simply can't measure.

-Why not go full MGTOW or MRM?
I personally think they are helping in certain areas but are flawed in others. Being independent is very important along with accept the brutal truths of life. Where MGTOW is flawed is their ignorant belief that women reach a wall at 30. No, just no. Even women in their 30s, 50s, 60s women do better than most 20 year old males in the dating world. Second thing is they don't admit that they deeply desire female love.

-Ummm why use an imaginary woman if you just said you want female love?
Because many guys no matter how much they improve themselves will never be loved by women. In a world where women have so much privilege to be picky the chances of you being excepted is low. Even if she dates you most women have 3-5 guys as backup dates. Your value as a male means very little to women considering they can get any guy.

-How does an imaginary girlfriend work?
By inducing a form of controlled schizophrenia in the part of your brains visual and audio section. Use of LEGAL drugs that can allow you to be more open to hypnotic control is used. Repeated flash viewings of the girl you desires. Imprinted personalities must be designed before hand. Lastly, you truly must let the program take over you. She's feel real, smell real and you can even have sex with her. Keep in mind ONLY you can experience her. Never be hurt again, just accept the program.
Any other guys rather stay single and have an imaginary girlfriend?
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