What does he really want? Relationship or Single Life?

Ok, I will break it all down for you as best as I can. I've know this guy since we were in Kindergarten, we'll be 25 this year, our parents are friends and we live 8-10 min from each other. He liked me back in high school but I wasn't interested back then other than friends. For the past 6 months or more we've been texting, he mostly texts me while he's at work during the day. It has gotten to be pretty much an every day thing with us texting/flirting. He has admitted he wants to have sex with me but I've told him how my past has been with guys and how I plan to be in a serious committed relationship from now on before sleeping with someone else. He is respectful to that and will talk about it from time to time but after one day of it he texted me the next saying he hope he didn't offend me! lol He's a caring person and shy in some ways (no he's not a virgin). We've had serious conversations too and once I even felt like he wanted me to say I didn't want him going to find a girl, but I didn't because I don't own him so it's not my place. He will usually start in the morning with a text saying good morning or something and continue throughout the day and sometimes weekends not always, but I know I must stay on his mind. Once he did send a message saying good morning beautiful, and when we were talking about guys and being nice I asked him what makes him nice and he said the fact that he doesn't hurt girls because he doesn't like being hurt and that he doesn't lie. (which I can totally believe) I don't see him trying to screw me over because of our long past of knowing each other and parents being friends. We don't really get a chance to hang out because he'll go with his friends and I'll go with mine but have tried to get together a couple of times. He will tell me from time to time that he doesn't want a relationship, it's too much trouble and he doesn't have time for it, and then tell me that I do want one. I've told him that I enjoy being single and it is easier but I am just going to let life happen and not hold back from any opportunities. Why does he feel the need to occasionally bring up that he doesn't want a relationship? Is he trying to convince himself or what? I think he gets lonely when I don't text him because I usually let him text me first and if he doesn't then we'll just not text and a day or so later he'll be like are you alive? Haven't heard anything from you! He is also the type of guy who likes to go down on girls, he's told me and said that it's nice for him to get off but he'd rather get a girl off. What does it mean when guys are like this? Ok so does he like me and possibly want a relationship with me and fighting it because he's admitted he's afraid of growing up, and personally I could see us getting married eventually and having a family (years from now!) PLEASE GIVE ANY AND ALL ADVICE YOU CAN! If you need more info let me know!
What does he really want? Relationship or Single Life?
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