Science: What Is It Good For?

Science: What Is It Good For?

This one will be short, I'm sorry. I'm on a time crunch today. But this one is on science in general.

What is science good for? Well, simply put, it helps us understand the world around us, free of dogma and doctrinal laws, free of social stigma and of boundaries impose by race and nationality. Science is universal, an equalizer, a uniter of people.

But alas, science is repeatedly under assault by religious fundamentalists, the pandering politicians and the fools. For instance, climate change. I don't know of a single Republican politician that not only acknowledges it's real and that mankind has made it worse, but seeks to do anything meaningful to stop it. Or those that think fracking causes no real harm, or oil spills aren't harmful, or that we are hunting things to extinction every year. America, for all it's innovation, is a country ruled by fools.

Science can improve life on Earth. Not just for us, but animals, nature and your children. Do you want them growing up seeing polar bears in zoos, elephants and rhinos out in the wild? Wouldn't you like them to see lush beautiful forests and lakes and rivers? How about advances that could cure disease or increase their life spans? Science can do this, but not when you elect those who reject science in favor of scripture. Not when you have those in power who hate or don't believe in science, in favor of ignorance or money.

I would rather have science

What about you?

Science: What Is It Good For?
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