Ranting: A bad result on my exam, if you can call it that.


Ranting: A bad result on my exam, if you can call it that.

So, a few weeks back it was mock exam week, our last chance to see where we are at before we sit the real exams so we know what areas of the subject we need to work on for the real exam.

The first mock exam we sat was English Literature, I felt so happy after that exam because I thought I did so well, I was spurting out all my ideas talking to my friends about the questions - like you do after the exams. All the questions I wanted to come up, came up and I even finished the exam early, I wrote about 8 pages!

So what result did I get? Zero marks. Not because my exam was bad, I got up early to revise for that exam, I revised so much for that exam. As far as I know, I got 0 marks because brace yourselves for this...

The school lost half of the class' exams!

The exam papers were ordered in alphabetical order of the students' last name. Anybody who's last name began with K to Z, their exam paper was lost. Unfortunately, I fall under that category. Apparently from the papers got lost either from the exam hall or the English classroom, it doesn't make sense. It's just our class' papers as well, no other class.

There is no explanation to why or how our exam papers went missing, and we don't really know who is responsible- we can only assume.

And guess what?

We've got about a month until our literature exam. And we don't even have a clear indication of where we are at, because our exam papers are lost!

We sat in that hall 2 hours and 15 minutes doing our exam, don't you think the least we deserve is a grade for that exam?

Last time we did a literature exam I got a grade 8 (A+) and because it is unfair to not give us a grade, they've decided to give us our predicted grades and my predicted grade is a 5 (C) so it's going to look like I dropped drastically. And I don't even know if I did drop or if I progressed even further because I haven't gotten my paper back!

It's fair to say most of us who lost our papers were annoyed. We are shouting, swearing why wouldn't we? We work so hard on an exam, we put the work in and get nothing in return? That's not how it should be.

Plus I think most of us are sick to death of how the school has been messing is around like this especially in English let me tell you my time studying English at my school:

Year 7: The first year of British secondary school. To start with, we were all out in mixed ability groups, and I had a teacher. Once we'd taken the tests and been put into classes based on our ability I was put in the top class- and guess what? We didn't have a teacher. No, that's not a typo, we didn't have a teacher. And that went on for the majority of the school year, we just had supply teachers and cover work, which nobody really learned anything because there was nobody who could explain it to us properly. Then towards the end of the year we got a teacher and she was good, but then at the end of the year, she left to go live in Cyprus.

Year 8 - We had one teacher. Then he left so we got another. And then we got another one. But he didn't teach us full time, so we had various teachers in year 8, sometimes supply teachers- it wasn't really stable.

Year 9 - That was one of the better years, for English anyway. We switched a few teachers here and there but overall had less supply teachers.

Year 10 - That was the best year for English. Our teacher was always here, he was a good teacher, he did make the lessons fun and I actually got a high grade at the end of last year in English.

Year 11 - The year I'm currently in. The year we sit out final exams. And guess what happened? We were supposed to have the same teacher as last year, BUT he was one of five English teachers who went missing from the school, not actually missing, but we didn't know where they were and weren't allowed to know why.

So we got supply teachers for a few weeks. Then we got this teacher, and she didn't really teach us much. And she gave us a test, and I along with other students did ask:

"Will this test have an impact on our grade?"

"Will the result of this test be going on the system?"

Her answer was no, and that it was just for her to see where were at.

Turns out, it was recorded on the system, it had a colossal impact on our grade, and it changed our classes.

Then she left.

Luckily I got a good grade on that test so I didn't move down.

We now have a good teacher, (that's more than set 2 who now don't have a teacher and only have supply teachers) she's taught us well but our exam papers are missing which just isn't fair on us.

It is so demoralizing.

We get told put the work in and you'll get those top grades you deserve. We put the work in and we can't even have our exam papers back.

Not only that, but most of the student's exercise books have gone missing too, without an explanation. I've always took mine home, and I'm glad because I still have mine. But a while years work for some people just gone with no explanation.

I hope they find the books and our exam papers, but it doesn't look like they will.

it just makes me think- what if they do that with our actual exams? The real ones where the results we get will stay with us for the rest of our lives? I'd have a mental break down for starters.

Thank you for reading this. If you wonder why I'm writing about this, it's because I'm angry, and that's actually an understatement. I've ranted about it in class, at home, in my head, and now on here and I'm still angry. Writing helps me calm down, and it has been good for me, blowing off some steam like this, but I'm still angry. It really hasn't been my week this week.😠

Ranting: A bad result on my exam, if you can call it that.
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    Wow! That sucks #^^!

    But I’m relieved to know you personally personally do badly.. I would be very shocked and confused and uncertain as to how to handle it😐🙃😌😊

    I guess this isn’t really a matter of passing or not being held
    Accountable- bc the point is it’s meant to show you where you are at... how can they fix that but to make you do it all over again which also is dismal prospect.

    Let us know how it went. Sorry for the mishap 😠
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    • There's literally tomorrow left of term, we haven't got time to redo it- by the way things are looking nothing can be done.

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  • dreamstar72
    Copy this and show it to the now teacher, it should help. If not tell her/him you will just have to get legal help, then quietly add yes money. Just kidding on the last part or maybe not. Take care smile and good luck.
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    • The class has basically said everything in the post to the teacher, I don't think it's her fault because she was just as devastated as we were. She even came into school at 6:30 in the morning to look for our paper.

      There is nothing which can be done.

  • Sevenpointfive
    i really hope you update this because i'd like to know what the superintendent, principal, vice principal, counselors and pta counsel have to say. i know you don't have this in britain, but you must have something...
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    • We do, we just call them something different.

      I'll try and update as much as I can- someone's making a complaint to the headteacher (principal) anyway, so we'll see what, or if anything's going to happen.

    • VIVANT

      I agree I wanna know!’

      Good luck 😊😊

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  • Wowthatsalien108
    @SpiderManFan2002 don't worry about your exam. Now will you answer my question? Will you click on my profile picture of my eye to view my whole profile picture of my face? Let me know if you think my profile picture of my face is very sexually attractive and be honest.
    • Stripes99

      What the actual fuck kind of response is this.

    • IceMoon


  • AnimeThot
    My teacher told me that if they lose your real gcse they'll just use your mock results instead?

    Also, wow an 8! What are you studying in English literature? I'm doing A Christmas Carol, Animal Farm, Macbeth and power and conflict poetry.
    • Cool, I'm doing A Christmas Carol, Macbeth, An Inspector Calls, and love and relationships :)

  • tartaarsaus
    I recognize so much of this in my own experience. For example, with German I had 8 different teachers in 5 years 2 of which we barely got any lessons at all.

    MyTake is well written, by the way
    • You from the UK?
      Haha at one point my school didn't even have a proper headteacher.

    • Haha no, I'm from the Netherlands, so pretty close. German is always the subject where there are very few teachers

  • ItalianGuy2020
    Well then don't worry about it the school messed up not you and if they try to hold this ridiculous thing against you your parents need to fight the school on this
    • The school know it's their fault.

      My parents can complain but it's not going to get anyone, anywhere because there's nothing the school can do.

    • They can't fail you though over their mistake and you should not feel bad over this either because you did nothing wrong a school is in some ways like being in jail they don't respect the students and treat them like they are just numbers but in a couple years you will leave it behind and not need them.

  • John_Doesnt
    That's why we all end up cheating towards the end of graduation.
  • Stripes99
    Sucks. I had a professor lose half of his class’ final paper once.
  • taleswapper
    Happy to help, luv. Rant at us whenever! :)
  • Nuremberg45
    That's freaking ridiculous,
  • Good take
  • zagor
    You have weird schools there.
  • vald9inches
    Kill them!