The Top Ranked School District For the 2018-2019 Schoolyear in Every State in the United States of America-Is Your School District on Here?

Brooklyn Technical High School in the borough of Brooklyn, New York
Brooklyn Technical High School in the borough of Brooklyn, New York

School district rankings are controversial in my home state of Ohio. We always fight on whether the methodology is flawed, and what it means to be a truly effective, and great school district.

This list below is compiled using two of the most reliable sources for ranking school districts in the United States of America(, and, and Blue Ribbon awards, etc.n as well as other accomplishments. Here is some basic criteria to be considered for this ranking.

First of all, this list doesn't include private schools, public-charter schools, boarding schools, or any other specialized schools. These are school districts.

Second of all, the school districts I used include at least a Kindergarten through twelfth grade ranking. This means K-6 "districts" aren't included. This means that elementary schools, Jr. high/middle schools, intermediate schools, and high schools are considered for each district. This also means that just because a school district has the top ranked high school, doesn't mean it's a top ranked district.

Third of all, the methodology looks at test scores, graduation rates, post-secondary rates, academic growth rates, behavior issues, and quality of education.

Alabama-Mountain Brook City School District

City: Mountain Brook

County: Jefferson

Region: Central Alabama

Enrollment: 1,073

Alaska-Haines Borough School District

City: Haines

County: Haines

Region: The Alaska Panhandle

Enrollment: 281

Haines High School
Haines High School

Arizona-Cave Creek Unified District

City: Scottsdale

County: Maricopa

Region: Central Arizona

Enrollment: 5,463

Arkansas-Valley View School District

City: Jonesboro

County: Craighead

Region: Northeastern Arkansas

Enrollment: 2,053

California-San Marino Unified School District

City: San Marino

County: Los Angeles

Region: Southern -Central-California(Southern Cal).

Enrollment: 3,127

Colorado-Cheyenne Mountain School District 12

City: Colorado Springs

County: El Paso

Region: Central Colorado

Enrollment: 4,786

Connecticut-New Canaan School District

City: New Canaan

County: Fairfield

Region: Southwest Connecticut

Enrollment: 4,171

Delaware-Sussex Technical School District

City: Georgetown

County: Sussex

Region: South-Central Delaware

Enrollment: 1,248

Florida-Nassau County School District

City: Fernandina Beach

County: Nassau

Region: Amelia Island

Enrollment: 11,546

Northwestern Middle School
Northwestern Middle School

Georgia-Buford City School District

City: Buford

County: Gwinnett

Region: North-Central Georgia

Enrollment: 2,259

Hawaii-Hawaii Department of Education

City: Every village/town/city in Hawaii

Country/Island: Every island in Hawaii

Region: The entire state of Hawaii

Enrollment: 184,760

Top High School in Hawaii: Henry J. Kaiser High School(Honolulu).

Top Middle School in Hawaii: Moanalua Middle School(Honolulu)

Henry J. Kaiser High School
Henry J. Kaiser High School

Idaho-West Side Joint School District

City: Dayton

County: Franklin

Region: Southeastern Idaho

Enrollment: 680

Illinois-Northbrook Education Service District 27

City: Northbrook

County: Cook

Region: Northeastern Illinois

Enrollment: 1,231

Indiana-Brownsburg Community School Corporation

City: Brownsburg

County: Hendricks

Region: Southeastern Indiana

Enrollment: 8,737

Iowa-Gilbert Community School District

City: Gilbert

County: Story

Region: Central Iowa

Enrollment: 1,515

Kansas-Fort Leavenworth School District

City: Fort Leavenworth

County: Leavenworth

Region: Northeastern Kansas

Enrollment: 1,818

Kentucky-Anchorage Independent School District

City: Anchorage

County: Jefferson

Region: North Central Kentucky

Enrollment: 367

Louisiana-Central Community School District

City: Baton Rouge

County: East Baton Rouge

Region: Southeastern Louisiana

Enrollment: 4,632

Maine-Falmouth Public Schools(I bet there are some students with some FOUL MOUTHS who go here)

City: Falmouth

County: Cumberland

Region: Southwestern Maine

Enrollment: 2,120

Maryland-Carroll County Public Schools

City: Westminster

County: Carroll

Region: North Central Maryland

Enrollment: 25,255

Massachusetts-Dover School District

City: Dover

County: Norfolk

Region: East Central Massachusetts

Enrollment: 483

Michigan-Lenawee Independent School District

City: Adrian

County: Lenawee

Region: The bottom-right palm of your hand ;)

Enrollment: 190

Minnesota-Mahtomedi Public School District

City: Stillwater

County: Washington

Region: East Central Minnesota

Enrollment: 3,252

Mississippi-Petal School District

City: Columbus

County: Lowndes

Region: East Central Mississippi

Enrollment: 4,112

Missouri-Spring Bluff R-XV School District(This sounds like a new Marvel Movie name).

City: Sullivan

County: Franklin

Region: East Central Missouri

Enrollment: 199

Montana-Ryegate Public Schools

City: Ryegate

County: Golden Valley

Region: Central Montana

Enrollment: 57

Nebraska-Elkhorn Public Schools

City: Elkhorn

County: Douglas

Region: East Central Nebraska

Enrollment: 8,685

Nevada-Eureka County School District

City: Eureka

County: Eureka

Region: Central Nevada

Enrollment: 276

The Top Ranked School District For the 2018-2019 Schoolyear in Every State in the United States of America-Is Your School District on Here?

New Hampshire-Oyster River Coop School District

City: Durham

County: Strafford

Region: Southeastern New Hampshire

Enrollment: 2,114

New Jersey-Millburn Township School District

City: Millburn

County: Essex

Region: Northeastern New Jersey

Enrollment: 1,112

New Mexico-Des Moines Municipial Schools

City: Des Moines

County: Union

Region: Northeastern New Mexico

Enrollment: 96

New York-Scarsdale Union Free School District

City: Scarsdale

County: Westchester

Region: Southeastern New York(but not necessarily in the New York City Metro Area)

Enrollment: 4,778

North Carolina-Polk County Schools

City: Columbus

County: Polk

Region: South Central North Carolina

Enrollment: 2,256

North Dakota-Wyndmere 42 School District

City: Wyndmere

County: Richland

Region: Southeastern North Dakota

Enrollment: 223

Ohio-Solon City School District

City: Solon

County: Cuyahoga

Region: Northeastern Ohio

Enrollment: 4,589

Solon High School
Solon High School

Oklahoma-Chisholm Public Schools

City: Enid

County: Garfield

Region: North Central Oklahoma

Enrollment: 1,130

Oregon-Lake Oswego School District 7j

City: Lake Oswego

County: Clackamas

Region: Northwestern Oregon

Enrollment: 7,029

Lake Oswego High School
Lake Oswego High School

Pennsylvania-Peters Township School District

City: McMurray

County: Washington

Region: Southwestern Pennsylvania

Enrollment: 996

Rhode Island-Barrington School District

City: Barrington

County: Bristol

Region: Rhode Island Panhandle

Enrollment: 3,330

The Top Ranked School District For the 2018-2019 Schoolyear in Every State in the United States of America-Is Your School District on Here?

South Carolina-York County School District 04

City: Fort Mill

County: York

Region: North Central South Carolina

Enrollment: 14,024

South Dakota-Ethan School District 17-1

City: Ethan

County: Davison

Region: Southeastern South Dakota

Enrollment: 266

Tennessee-Germantown Municipial School District

City: Germantown

County: Shelby

Region: Southwestern Tennessee

Enrollment: 5,931

Texas-Carroll Independent School District

City: Southlake


Region: North Central Texas

Enrollment: 8,208

Utah-Cache County School District

City: Logan

County: Cache

Region: North Central Utah

Enrollment: 17,892

Vermont-Norwich School District

City: Norwich

County: Windsor

Region: East Central Vermont

Enrollment: 333

Virginia-West Point Public Schools

City: West Point

County: King William

Region: East Central Virginia(believe it, or not).

Enrollment: 806

Washington-Mercer Island School District

City: Mercer Island

County: King

Region: Mercer Island

Enrollment: 4,493

Mercer Island High School
Mercer Island High School

West Virginia-Putnam County Schools

City: Winfield

County: Putnam

Region: West Central West Virginia(a whole lotta west here)

Enrollment: 9,715

Wisconsin-Swallow School District(I can only imagine the inappropriate jokes here).

City: Hartland

County: Waukesha

Region: Southeastern Wisconsin

Enrollment: 528

Wyoming-Sheridan County School District Number 2

City: Sheridan

County: Sheridan

Region: North Central Wyoming

Enrollment: 3,495

Honorable Mention: District of Columbia Public Schools

City/District: Washington, District of Columbia

Top High School: Benjamin Banneker Academic High School

Top Middle School: BASIS D.C. Public Charter School

Benjamin Banneker Academic High School
Benjamin Banneker Academic High School

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    There are different metrics for determining it. According to US News and World Report, a group of Charter schools in Arizona are the top ranked, but they focus on test scores and that does not necessarily reflect student achievement in other areas.

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      I already mentioned that I wasn't including any private schools, which includes the "public-charter" schools.

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  • The ones for NY and TX did mot surprise me but the ones for MD and VA did. An ex of mine teaches in one of those districts.

    • It should be noted that Maryland, and Virginia don't have a very good educational system, so even the best districts in those states probably don't have any elite districts.

    • They have some very good ones in the DC area. Chesterfield and Henrico Counties in VA also do.

  • Some of the worst schools in this state are around the area where I live.

  • My town is in the top 20 for opioid use. So I shouldn't be surprised it's not here.

  • But where's the booty picture? :(

  • I go to community college I don’t think it’s there

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