8 Myths About Working From Home

8 Myths About Working From Home

A lot of people have a dream to be able to work from home, but not many actually understand that working from home does not just mean a free pass to do anything you want when you want or that you will be able to manage not being in a traditional office setting. Here are some myths about working from home.

Myth #1: You can always do what you want/you don't have to follow a schedule

8 Myths About Working From Home

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of working for yourself. Though you may love the idea of just leaving your home office and disappearing for 6 hours, if you work for an employer, they have work schedules like you would if you were in an office and if you work for yourself, if you intend to make profits and grow your business, you have to apply some sort of structure to your work day in order to get all that you need done to satisfy the clients who employ you.

Myth #2: You don't have to deal with anyone/other employees

If you work for yourself, you have to deal with clients. Just as in an office or business not all of them are awesome to work with. Sure you may have more of an option not to work with them, but if they are a high paying client, you might not be able to just walk away, especially if they can bring in more business for you or help your reputation. You may also have a small staff or other remote employees that you work with on your team.

Myth #3: You don't have to work that many hours

8 Myths About Working From Home

This is especially a myth if you work entirely by yourself or have a small company. Unlike in a traditional business, there is literally no one else to fall back on. If something needs doing, the person that needs to do it is you or your small staff whether that be at 7am, 4pm, or 1am. Also with online businesses, there is often no such thing as a 9-5 job because the internet never sleeps. Your birthday, holidays, you being sick---work and the world keeps going non-stop. Clients may be messaging you late at night or early in the morning needing something changed immediately or and they expect you to do it.

Myth #4 It's awesome to be by yourself working

Working for yourself, all you ever wake up to is your office with no one in it but you unless you happen to work with a few employees or you have a significant other who also works from home that you see more than just when they get off work. In the middle of the day, you can't really call up a buddy to come hang out or discuss the latest binge worthy tv program on a lunch break. A lot of people can't or don't want to work like this because they feel they miss out on a lot not having daily interactions with other employees or the benefits of things like after work drinks or company events to go to.

Myth #5: You have fewer responsibilities, burdens, and stress

8 Myths About Working From Home

Work is work! Much like a kid graduating to the adult world, working from home can be an eye opening experience in how responsible you must be in regards to your job and the maintenance of it. If you work for yourself, you are solely responsible for filing your personal and business taxes, keeping up with receipts, filing business paperwork, paying any fees associated with your business, waking up on time, keeping to your meeting schedules with clients/dealing with them, and for the burden of the business when it's not doing well. This can be stressful and confusing to those just getting started or dealing with a business on the rocks, and again, you are the only one responsible for making sure things are working out in your favor.

Myth #6: You have endless time to hang out with friends and family

Ironically working from home can sometimes be isolating from family even if you live with them. Anyone with kids knows how hard it is to complete simple tasks let alone complete a work assignment with kids clamoring for attention and dogs and the postman ringing the door bell. You might physically be at home, but mentally you might as well be in an office a million miles away in order to do what you need to do, and that often means sending friends away or instructing family members to shut the door behind them so you can get your work done.

Myth #7: You have great work/life balance

8 Myths About Working From Home

Most people in traditional office settings have a set boundary between the part of them that is work and things like family and their social life. They clock out, they're done for the day, and they walk way. Often what happens when you work from home is there is no shut-off valve. Five o'clock rolls around and so what. No ones shutting off the lights or locking up the garage on you. Where are you going to go? Your office is in your house. Business deals are still going on, on your phone or through your website and it can become an addiction to keep working and keep pushing sometimes to the point of severe exhaustion or at the cost of your family or social life to accomplish your business goals or keep your business afloat.

Myth #8: Everybody can work from home

Definite myth. If you're the type that barely makes it in to a traditional office on time and frequently fails at work tasks, working from home is probably not going to solve issues with your work ethics. Working from home requires the same caliber of hard work you'd find within any office with a great team of employees. If your dream is to work from home so you can essentially screw around all day, bottom line, you're not going to be successful working remotely and definitely not entirely for yourself.

8 Myths About Working From Home
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Most Helpful Girls

  • DizzyDesii
    I work from home 99% of the time
    #1 nope u can't do what u want because thhe calls are so back to back. If i want to take a piss, i’d have to carry my laptop and a whole station of things with me. I can't even watch tv in between calls any more because i’d have to pose every 5-10 mins.
    #2 i still have to deal with my worsen supervisor, calling me asking me why i clocked in a minute early or why i told the customer the wrong info
    #3 working from home makes them throw even more hours at you. I signed up for an 8 hour shift but on some days its up to 11 hours 😭
    #4 i like working alone but when u need help, the supervisors and coworkers hardly ever respond to your emails like they would at the office. Plus, there's no hot eye candy to look at
    #5 the only stress is getting cussed out and missing dinner and gaining weight because working from the bed is so cozy
    #6 fam sees me maybe once a week
    #7 you have even less time to yourself and others
    #8 not everyone can work from home. You have to be trustworthy with peoples personal info. I didn't even get to work from home til after 2 months at the office
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  • yeneiri
    I still prefer working outside the house.. Aside from gaining more knowledge from different people, you would have a chance to let yourself explore from the different settings of work. You won't be stagnant in just one work. There would be a higher progress of skills if you work in the workplace than working home. :)
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    • Anonymous

      Yes and no on this one. If you work for an employer you may be required to attend trainings with other employees or obtain more schooling to up your skills like any other traditional office employee. If you work entirely for yourself, it's a lot easier to just rely solely on knowledge you have up until a point rather than attempt to gain more skill or training to improve your business, but it depends on the individual. If you find you're work becoming stagnant because competitors have other skills you don't, you're going to have to get out there and learn or lose out.

    • tcwmass

      working from home and/or being self employed, especially in the tech sector, is about continuous improvement and keeping up with the changes in the tech world. It's exciting at times, but stressful too. Having to learn new things all the time, but it's great if you're that motivated to keep yourself on the cutting edge. Keeps me from being stagnant :-)

Most Helpful Guys

  • Lance1965
    I work from home and I love it but there are myths about it, biggest one being you can make your own hours. I have my own business and I employ 5 people that do the bulk of the work for me but I still have to be up by 6am every morning and sometimes the phone calls don't stop till after 9pm.
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    • Anonymous

      There are a lot of people that really don't get that. They say things like it must be nice to just wake up when you want or go to the mall during the day, and I'm like, wow, no! I wake up early and have to start working and I work like one would in an office. The only difference is I don't have to drive to get to my office to do so.

  • Anonymous
    I do not get, you mix working from home with owning business?

    I would love to work from, home I would be traveling and working...

    Having my own business, no I been there to much headaches and totally no time for life all time work...
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    • Anonymous

      I do yes, but generally people do one or the other so I wanted ti include both in the take.

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  • ThisAndThat
    I see you either run your own business or you have definitely done your homework. I give you a A++++ grade on your take. It is very hard to run a business from home especially when your environment is messed up.

    The plus side though working at home for me anyway, I didn't seem to fit in much socially in the work environment, been there done that isolating myself from others at work. I'd also get lonesome and depressed being away from my loved ones. If I had kids I would go nuts worrying about them all the time were they ok or not and for other reasons I won't go into.

    On the negative side of working at home. Aside from the list you supplied, people seem to think because you are at home that you have the time to accommodate their needs and visits when you don't. You don't want to be rude to them, but they are interfering with your livelihood, your commitments to your clients or customers.

    And again, having the work environment required to meet your duties can be a big issue when you don't have it.
  • Anpu23
    I own a business and work out of my home and a few things that you missed
    1 as your work and your life happen at the same place ot can begin to feel like a prison. Like can we just GO SOMEWHERE ANYWHERE?
    2 Businesses need contacts, it's amazing how many contacts you make at lunch at the local diner, the elevator in your building etc. When working out of your home these natural contacts become harder to make.
    But ultimately I enjoy what I do.
  • bolverk
    The only ones who dream about working from home are those in an office or cubical, If your a hands on engineer or similar home working isn't even possible given the tooling you need to have or make to complete jobs a home workshop on that scale is out of the question, unless you have the resources of Tony Stark, Then you would not have to work.
  • btbc92
    I agree with YOU on all points. I thought about working at home. But sadly, I wouldn't know where to rely look that doesn't require much experience or is scammy.
  • Red-Blaze
    Really nicely written
    For me main reason to work from home is cut the travels back and forth
    Beyond that I guess I mostly prefer working in office
  • Meditatingsquirrel79
    That was my life. Being a writer but quit. I wrote for 14 years but stopped. I have my question on here. Should I write after 14 years? It's making me think to write again.
  • Alwaysthinking14
    This is absolutely true. When I used to work in the office I could leave at 5pm. Now it’s 8pm and I’m still working.
  • chriss
    Why do people assume everyone works in an office? There are so many jobs that are not office jobs.
  • Liam_Hayden
    Excellent on all points! I lived #3 last night. Emergency rush had me working till 0320 this morning and then I had to be at a different client's in Century City by 0900.
  • John_Doesnt
    I've never worked so hard until I started working for myself from home. It was easier to have an 8 hour a day job, but the pay sucked and I wouldn't be able to jack off at work.
    • There's something about getting paid to fap that makes a whole lot more satisfying

  • lightbulb27
    yes. there are tradeoffs. but I've always preferred it to working in a cube in a warehouse.
  • elizamichale1
    Nice take honey
    And as far as i am concerned i can do part of my work from home i think but still i will be better off at my workplace though
  • JesseTheMan
    I know people who make ridicolously good money per hour doing freelance coding or whatever you wanna call it. Dude literally works like 10 hours a week and makes a decent living.
  • esotericstory
    The best about working from home is that you dont have to drive hours to go to your job and drive hours to go to home either.
  • VK1997
    I agree 100%!! I dont own a company but I work from home for my job. I do like it but I dont have free time, I'm on a strict schedule while I'm working, I'm concentrating and can't focus on what other people at home are doing, if I dont balance going out every once in awhile I get super depressed too. It's easy to not leave the house for long periods of time when working from home. It also is not for everyone. I like working at an office more but I can handle working from home. I've had coworkers quit because they could not handle working from home. It's got its pros and cons but you dont really understand until you do it.
  • CubsterShura
    Someone marry me already I'm just gonna be housewife then lol rip
    • OrangeBoy2

      Let's do it.
      Have some time Saturday?

    • CubsterShura

      I was just kidding wth

    • OrangeBoy2

      I know that's I'm replying, gotta laugh and play a bit sometimes

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  • Twerk4Me
    Work at home jobs rarely exist and if they do, it's shitty money.
  • bhavy24
    I prefer proper routine and discipline so i can't work from home.
    Nice mytake
  • Naydyonov
    I work at home (I also have an out-of-the-home-job). I especially agree with point #7. When I leave the house for work, that's it. If someone texts me, I just push the lawnmower with one hand (if possible: i. e, no hills) and answer. But because I am physically not there, that's the most I get: a text or a call.

    Working from home means abruptly leaving family breakfast for an hour of work. It could mean working for an hour, spending half an hour in the washroom, preparing food, eating, and talking to my brother, and then having to go work for 2-3 hours. By the time I'm done he may already be at work, with friends, or busy himself.

    The result is that I save time on transportation but spend time on:
    — Finding new clients/work
    — Tracking hours spent and money made
  • needadvice1245
    I work from home and it's hard work long assignments
  • Alexis1992
    I think it’s harder to work from home with the distraction.
  • marcos2222
    I’d love to work from home tho
    • Anonymous

      I'd say give it a try if you are responsible enough to be able to manage working by and/or for yourself. This is more the realities, but there are also good realities to working at home as well.

  • Awesome MyTake 🖤
  • Twenty2
    What do you do from home?