On Women In The Workplace

Think with your big head.
Think with your big head.

It is very often that when I visit the "flirting " or "dating" section of this fine and prestigious website , I will see many G@Gers , most of them young and male , ask what amounts to the following question: Should I date my female coworker? I will tell you young men the following answer:

No. Don't do it.

Now you may wonder the following: "But Texaskid1 , you don't understand ; Peggy Sue from accounting has the biggest and brightest blue eyes and the smoothest skin I have ever seen. Plus she has a nice rack and a tight ass to go along with it. She is an angle sent down from heaven. What could be so wrong with me perusing such a fine women ? ( which , by the way , is man speak for "I wanna tap that ass").

So what is wrong? Well , rest assured that when the time is right , cute little Peggy Sue will throw your hormone - laden ass under the bus with out a second thought. So let's get into the nitty gritty of why you should steer clear of Peggy Sue and avoid her like a hobo avoids a job.

1. Rumors.

Once you start dating someone from work the rumor mill will start spinning. So , lover boy , do you go to work to do the job that you are getting paid to do or are you too busy trying to get into the new intern's panties? You do not want to be the center of this type of attention because it will harm your reputation. People will talk behind your back and you will come off as unprofessional. Other women may start to avoid you or feel unforgettable around you. You may think that this is no big deal but if that is the case than you are very naive. I have personally seen several reputations go down the drain over the years because of some office romance. In some cases one does not even know for sure - but a rumor can be started just by being chatty with a female coworker. People will take that and run with it :

"Oh...did you see Tim from marketing? He was talking to Mary from accounting for 10 whole minutes!""

Don't talk to the woman at work unless it is work related.

2. Envy.

What if there is some other dude at the office that has the hots for the girl that you are trying to bang? A coworker, a supervisor? An assistant. If you are lucky the other gut will be an alpha male. And one thing about alpha males is they don't sweat over a female. If he sees that you have "called dibs" on her he will simply move on. For the alpha male pussy is like the NYC public transportation system: if you miss one bus there will be another one in 10 minutes. But most men ( at least in western countries) are beta blue pilled pussies. If your coworker or supervisor sees that you are talking to "his girl" he may get his panties into a wet bunch and find ways to sabotage you.This is much easier than you think.

Trust me if some other guy "got the girl" before you did he just did you a favor.

3. Sick of each other.

I once went to a popular restaurant and ordered their most delicious slice of cheesecake. I can tell you it was heaven on Earth ; creamy and cool cheese with a lime layered topping and drizzled with caramel and topped off with whipped cream. And it was huge. So big in fact that I could not finish the entire thing. By the time I was 3/4 into it I was already tired. My taste buds had had enough of the sugar laden desert.I was sick of it. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

Do you really want to see the same women at work and at home? At work she is dolled up and pretty and keeps her hormonal mood swings under warps. At home that is a very different story. You will see an ugly side of her that may shock you. Arguments at home can spill over into work. Do you really want to have a lover's quarrel in front of your boss? Do you you really want to discuss that expense report after you just had sex with her?

Sooner or later you will get tired of that cheese cake.

4. White Knights

If you don't know what this is , well in a nut shell:

It is a man that defends women at all costs. She could be the biggest hussy to walk the face of the Earth , she could have a shitty personality and have no moral character but when she fucks things up and gets into trouble a White Knight will ride on in his high horse and defend her no matter how shitty her behavior is. If cute little Peggy Sue is not into you or if you broke her pretty little heart , she will want vengeance against you.

And women always want to get back at men that hurt them.

If she thinks that you were just using her for sex , or if you have some kind of argument with her she may very well weave a tale against you and run off to the HR dept. and say that you have been making her uncomfortable , that you have been harassing her and creating a hostile work environment. whether you like it or not , your boss and the fold over at HR are White Knights. For two reasons , they will have a natural tendency to protect the female and also because they are getting paid. What ever she tells them they will more likely believe even if there is no evidence to back up said claims. You have no idea how easily most men will side with a women who is emotional and crying. All logic and due process go out out the window when they are confronted by crocodile tears. I know this because I have seen it happen and heard many women brag about how they cried in order to get out of trouble (i.e traffic ticket).

5. Sexual harassment

This one here is the Crown Jewel of them all. The dreaded sexual harassment law suit.

If Peggy Sue says that you been harassing her well than you have been harassing her. In today's #metoo world due process and serious investigation all go out the window. If Peggy sue says this that and the other about you ( because you broke her heart you son of a bitch) the HR dept and your direct supervisors will take it as truth and more likely than not will suspend you pending " investigation" (which is usually just a kangaroo court gone mad) and there is a good chance that you will be sacked. Believe it or not a good number of sexual harassment complaints in the workplace are filed by women who are bitter about some romantic /sexual relationship they were having at work (i.e. the male decided to end the relationship) and just can't stand the sight of the guy and wants to get rid of him. That she flirted shamelessly with you at work , or had sex with you in the back supply room after hours , or that she said yes out of her free will every time you asked her out , or was making eyes with you from across the room is all irrelevant. You are the man and in today's #metoo world the man is always guilty no matter what.

So the next time that cute little Peggy Sue from work- you know, the one with the bright blue eyes , the perky tits and the nice tight ass locks eyes with you .....hard ignore and keep walking.

You future depends on it.

On Women In The Workplace
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  • Dongtai
    There’s a way to do this sort of thing. I wouldn’t automatically X all women in the workplace. It CAN be more difficult and risky but can be done nonetheless. You just have to be smart about it.

    1. Rumors

    There will be work gossip/drama no matter what you do. Especially if you plan on working your way up the ladder. If you’re a nobody then no one will pay you any mind. But I know for me, once I became a manager, I suddenly had haters. For no reason. Like random short jokes and trash talk. All I did was work hard and boom, haters. But guess who loves me? My boss. And that’s all that matters. Be a reliable hard worker with credentials and it won’t matter what others have to say. If you have a good boss they’ll trust you over them.

    2. Envy. This ties in with above. People are people. If you have “anything” they want they will want it. Promotion? Envy. Pay raise? Envy. Hell. People envied me when I published my first book. I just keep on rollin’. Again, if you want to avoid people having a bad feelings for you, be a nobody. Don’t improve and don’t grow. Let everyone get ahead of you and trust me there will be no envy.

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    • Dongtai

      3. Eh. To each his own. I know some couples who run businesses together. It can work for some while others it won’t. This isn’t a one size fits all. More like a blanket statement that projects your own feelings about working with a spouse.

      4. Don’t be an idiot. It definitely takes some safe thinking and a certain approach. Anyone with a “Peruse” attitude shouldn’t be dating. If you’re objectifying her from the jump you’re setting yourself up for trouble. Treat her like a human being.

      To go with that, get to know her first. Don’t just ask her out. Find out if she’s the type to be cool with you asking her out or if she is in fact one of those women who’d tried to ruin your life out of revenge or hurt feelings. This is a pretty bad point to make but I don't know if you watch the media but there are quite a lot of men walking free after being accused of rape and sexual harassment. Not saying it’s right. But women definitely aren’t always taken for their word.

      5. Read above

      My biggest advice would be try to get to know said girl outside of work. Build a friendship and see who she is as a person so your success is better. The more comfortable she is with you the more likely she’ll be to go out with you or at least not take it personal. Just treat her like a human being and not a girl you want to tap

      The biggest thing is actually getting to know the person you’re wanting to date. No flirting just so she doesn’t feel pressured or uncomfortable. It’s better to

Most Helpful Girl

  • jojouzumaki
    well said 🙂 👍 👍 👍
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  • I'm the white knight, and I'm following you everywhere. I'm warning you, if you ever hurt a woman I'll come with my horse to stab you with my long medieval lance in the heart
  • Clinton321
    Wow.. Love your speech
  • Joker_
    This is epic
  • Apple1996
    This is why I dont let my husband work with women
  • francis51s
    Yeah it's bad news.
  • Anonymous
    Yep, #5 is the biggie here. I have seen it happen. The guy was not actually sexually harassing the woman in question but he was forced to leave his job nonetheless and it really fucked him up. It was not the first time the woman had done it to someone. She did the same thing to a guy in a different job. She was a complete piece of shit.