Is it selfish to be rich, retired at a young age and chose to be single for life?


This sure is quite long for a question and I've exceeded the characters limitation in this. So I'm just gonna turn this into a "myTake question"

I've heard it's more expensive to be single. Also married couple makes more money than single people. But that's the case for working people. Lets say I'm a multiple company owner. As far as I know, it's also harder to start and focusing on expanding your business if you're married with a family. So i'm not talking about being rich because of a high paying job and high position but i'm talking about being the sole proprietor entitled to keep all the profits.

Is it selfish to be rich, retired at a young age and chose to be single for life?
Is it selfish to be rich, retired at a young age and chose to be single for life?

"More expensive to be single" Here are the 3 reasons why they say. This is just one site actually. I didn't bother researching for more reasons why but I just find it fun to respond to this I could be wrong though or there might be more things I miss. Another thing would be I don't think single/unmarried tax costs more than family expenses.

But I'm just gonna make theoretical responses to that. Keep in mind, I'm not rich. This is a what if scenario.

1. It’s hard to save for the future when it’s so uncertain.

I don't have to save when I already invested on my business which gives me more time income than any working people out there. I don't think marrying and having kids can add more to what I've invested and earned. Maybe when I retire? Well I have more than enough for my retirement savings.

2. Socializing is more expensive when you’re single.

Or.. I can say I'm an introvert who don't have to socialize and mind my own business.

3. I’m more likely to hire someone to help me with things.

But if I'm a rich CEO, I'm also gonna be more likely to end up having more kids, pay for tuitions, health and pay for a nanny/butler full time to help us in our family. Like what I said before, theoretical. Me as a single person can cook and do house chores by my own no problem or I may only hire just one helper to help me vacuum stuff. But since I'm single, I don't need a big house with multiple bed rooms even if I can afford.

Now don't get me wrong

Of course I plan to have kids and family. And again I'm not rich but I know there is still a possibility I can be. Not sure about the marrying part because I don't want the government involving in my life. But that is a what if scenario in a parallel universe where I just remained single and happy and probably richer. I would also have no one to give my money if I'm dead. So what if I'm rich, retired at a young age and chose to be single for life? Would that be selfish?

Is it selfish to be rich, retired at a young age and chose to be single for life?
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  • nerdybutlazy

    I dont think that would selfish but I do think that would be kind of lonely if you have friends close by that live with you maybe, but I don't think you'd enjoy it has much when you get older unless you have a have a tight social circle

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  • Not_Average

    It’s not. Personally for me, my girl handles our personal expenses, budgets, and I handle our investments. Without her, I wouldn’t have as much time to focus on the investments. She also handles tedious tasks such as talking to property managers etc... She’s a big help and huge contributor towards my sanity in this Wild west of the financial world. I’ve lost A LOT of money in risky investments, and I’ve earned it all back with more. She really knows how to ground me and keep a level headed when we see these violent swings in our net worth.

    I have very ambitious financial goals. I want 50 million in net worth by the time I hit 40. A lot of people think that’s far too crazy despite making it to the seven figure club already- but she fully believes in me. The kinds of risks I have to manage can be extremely stressful. I think I would have quit if it wasn’t for her.

    Accumulating wealth is a game best played as a team sport. I have a lender, a broker, realtors in different areas which I call my deal finders. I got my go-to contractors. I got an accountant, and a book keeper. I got a coach that helps me strategize. I have a tax attorney. I subscribe to research teams in the cryptocurrency space that let me know what coins to look into.

    There’s absolutely no way that I’d be able to create an expertise in literally everything I just mentioned. At best, I’d be mediocre at all of these sectors. My significant other is my biggest teammate.

    If you ever get the chance, read Adam Smith’s work. He was a historic economist. He talks about a concept called the division of labor. An example that explains this concept is how Ford discovered the assembly line. They found it to be much more effective to assign one task to create an expertise in for each individual. When each person specializes in one skill set, production goes up on an exponential curve. This is for a variety of reasons, but I don’t want to go to in depth.

    My point is that your wife should serve as an asset towards your financial success rather than a liability. If you marry a liability who is heavily driven by consumption and instant gratification, then it will hinder you. If you marry a woman who can assist you, motivate you, and offer value in some way shape or form- then it will only benefit you.

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  • zeitgeist057

    I don't think so. Do what you want. There are lot of benefits to remaining single and just having people you date here and there or date no one if that's your preference (I know you said it's not, I'm just saying for anyone out there)

    as for the point they make, I have my own answers. I live very cheaply by the way, and have managed to do a LOT in my life on a very low budget. Including traveling to over 20 countries and spending over 12 years of my life 'on vacation", 6 years (cumulatively) traveling abroad, and 6 years just not working but living domestically.

    I currently live on a yacht that I own debt free and pay less than $400/mo for my slip fee "rent', in a city where average rent for a person sharing a home or apartmen with 2-3 other people is around $1,000.

    on to those questions:
    1. It’s hard to save for the future when it’s so uncertain.
    BS. I have no idea what the future will bring, but how does that stop me from setting aside savings? Also, you don't have to have a partner to have goals. I am currently saving towards a goal of $500K, to buy a bigger boat and sail the Pacific Rim:

    The Lagoon 42 or the 440?
    The Lagoon 42 or the 440?

    2. Socializing is more expensive when you’re single.
    Nope. Socializing is actually FREE. It's HOW you choose to socialize that costs money. Meet in the park? Free. Play frisbee? Free. Play lots of other games? Free. Conversations, sports, so many things are free. Drinking alcohol, buying food, going to restaurants, ubering and driving everywhere, going to clubs, festivals, concerts, all that costs money. But you don't have to do any of that to socialize. But if you did, what is more expensive, one festival ticket or two?

    3. I’m more likely to hire someone to help me with things.
    Nope. I do it all myself, or I do it with friends. And I help friends as well so it's reciprocal. I rarely hire anyone to do anything for me. I'd rather learn the skill and have it for life.

  • Elsa143

    Not at all selfish. Selfish are those who tell you what to do with your life and then get mad at you if you don't confirm their beliefs.
    Why to marry or have kids when you're not ready? Both the parties will be miserable.

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  • Brainsbeforebeauty

    Not selfish but a lonely life... Money won't love you, money won't be there on your death bed, money won't miss you when you're gone, money won't keep your memory alive like a spouse or children will... But if that's enough for you, then do you...

    • I'm sure that is case for majority of people "lonely life" but if you're just so creative, being single don't matter that much.

    • Younger people always say that... It's when they're older they change the votes... But usually when it's too late to change it do anything about it

    • Well sure but still not everyone is thesame.

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  • jshm2

    Not selfish, but the quality of life and intellect will be quite low.

    Also, you're basically saying you're not good enough to breed with. That you are happy to give away all your wealth and success to the state, instead of to any heirs.

    Seems like you're going out a loser as no millionaire or billionaire is unmarried. Not only for tax reasons, but to prove they were not a genetic failure.

    • How can a millionaire be a loser when they earned what they got? Thats kinda like saying you're a loser because you're a working employee.

  • Zhisad

    I didn't read everything but I don't find it selfish lol it's your money.

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  • MrOracle

    You're not completely wrong, but you are ignoring one huge, obvious problem:

    Having a bunch of money and all the stuff you want isn't going to make you happy if you don't have someone to share it with. Going on vacation isn't a lot of fun if you can't share it with someone. Coming home to an empty house with nothing but a TV will get very old. And you could have a partner (wife/girlfriend) who supported you in various ways that would allow you to make even more money, or to make the same money with less of your time, leaving more of your time free to spend on things that really make you happy.

    Money is important, but it's a means to an end, not an end in itself.

    No one says you have to get married, or that you have to have kids that you have to raise and send to college, but spending your life alone is not going to be very fulfilling, and you'll figure that out eventually.

    • That can be true but everyone is different actually. Sure vacation we'll get old, tv and computer will get old and other things but the thing is i still have my business running. I can visit time to time manage stuff even make many acquaintances with customers. Even if i have to go back to work. The thing is the world is a really big place and anyone can just be really creative. I'm not saying that i don't have any hobbies or talents that i can develop. Because i am aware that life is not all about tvs and vacations

    • Also i can keep expanding though if i want more risk. Challenge myself start another business from scratch with only $20. Develop my creativity on till i die. Many alternatives to making a family.

    • I can tell you that anyone can be hooked by expanding their businesses. So for example, if there is satisfaction in raising a family which is why married people start focusing on them, i'm going to keep making new new businesses in raised of myself like a family to me. Who knows i could be richer than Bernard Arnault.

  • ik9999

    Single but never alone, why you must commit to a candy when you can have all candies you want :P

  • IntrovertElite

    I agree.. except for the last part, its ur choice.. its just life standard u know


    Yeah! I know make everyone feel bad about how rich you are.

    • How could i feel bad when i deserve it? Its not easy to become rich. And to think many people are looking for jobs so people working under my company are saved from being unemployed. Also companies are a big help to the economy. So tell me how it's selfish again?

    • 😆 😂 I think you are responding to the wrong comment.

      My comment is about being indifferent to your problems. It is a nice why of... yawning.✌️

    • "Is it selfish to be rich, retired at a young age and chose to be single for life?"
      And your response is "yeah". I aware of what you're saying. Aren't you aware of the question tho?

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  • nodnol32

    Nope. Not selfish at all.

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  • OceanMelon

    Didn't read it, but no, I don't think its selfish.

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  • Dave31989


    • If you think about it, there are many people looking for jobs and they can consider themselves lucky they are employed under my company so if i have multiple companies with many people working in it then i just save many people from unemployment. Now think again.

    • I'm single people have better focus on expanding. On the other hand, i can have kids and invest on them and more business is means better economy but the downside would be burdening society's population by making more generations is the problem.

  • Yourman86

    Not if that is what you want