Do you struggle to find a decent working environment?


Since I started working I have had quite a few different job roles. Anyone that might look at my CV will probably wonder whether I'm serious about actually having a job.

(In the last 7 years I've been in one industry well because I'm stuck.)

That's not because I'm not a good worker it's mostly because I'm often caught up in power struggles. I have desperately tried to speak up about some of the issues I have faced, one employer decided to give me my job description, this was one month in to a role I still wasn't being trained in, when I started to show understanding and improvement because I got help from external sources, the manager actually went out of her way, sabotaging my work.

These scenarios keep cropping up forming a very similar pattern, of me showing signs of development and being attacked and unsupported by management forcing me to just leave because well I have no allies.

I am now in a job that at times I like due to its fast pace and the ability it gives me to do more hands on things, whilst interacting with the public.

Jobs like this are always tough due to the variants but can be rewarding. But again I'm in an environment where I'm being gaslit and sabotaged. Where I'm made to feel like a potential thief, that my very existence is a hindrance to them, that I can't do right from wrong. Which is conflicting when some management are telling me I am in fact working really well.

This is leaving me as it did in previous jobs feeling incredibly anxious, helpless, confused and worthless.

I wasn't going to but out of complete and utter frustration I sent an email to my employer. There was a list as long of my arms of grievances over what I am putting up with.

I was weary because well she's unprofessional and I was worried it would trickle down and I'd endure worse treatment.

When I returned to work I ended up hitting my head on a glass cabinet door that a colleague, who I had mentioned in the email, went into after taking samples for herself.

Coincidence? I don't think so. 😐

Anyways they're being "nice" which I'm aware are orders from management.

I decided to do some reading, since a colleague questioned me on whether I read or not.

I found this amazing woman posting through another website.

I will share the links here so to not take credit for her work, I think it's could help you as it has me.

Let me know what you think, any advice you may or may not have could be really helpful.

But I'm tired of this industry simply because I'm running around in circles with no progression in sight as I can never stay anywhere long enough as it just goes too far and gets so hostile.

Do you struggle to find a decent working environment?
Do you struggle to find a decent working environment?
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  • Adam1978

    Sounds like you are in a women dominated work place, men don't do these things. Maybe you should look at working among men rather then women.

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  • Hispanic-Cool-Guy

    Get the hell out of there ASAP. Your peace and happiness is far more important than a damn job or company.

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    • I'm trying I really am. But it's hard to find another role on a part time basis. People may very well be miserable there but whilst we're stuck you don't have to be nasty to the people at your same level. And that is the point I'm trying to make. Some people are "leaving" but instead of attacking those they "hate" they're attacking the easier target.

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  • Jjpayne

    Dealing with managers is not easy... I think it's finding an environment and job that works for you or fits you. It's not always easy to do and it might take some time to figure out what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. But I'd recommend a career coach or counselor

    Do you struggle to find a decent working environment?
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    Damn. This sounds like a toxic work environment. I had a toxic work environment as well and i quit. My health is far more important than making someone else money.

  • msc545

    Yes, some places I have worked have been really horrible, and actually in violation of hospital health standards.

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  • Rickinct7

    lol, i wish i could work with women in suits and dresses, better than what I have to look at while working

    • No suits or dresses only stupid tops and trousers

    • Rickinct7

      i'm in home repair, if i had an office job i would be able to enjoy well dressed women, oh well, i see them on their lunch breaks, lol

  • MrCreep

    I don't know what you do or if it's worth while job but sounds like it's a bad environment probably not the job it's self

    • Very bad environment that only gets worse with people's nastiness

    • MrCreep

      That's anywhere on earth and beyond chic

    • Indeed but no one needs to put up with such crap. Other people at other places, knows you can actually work and be pleasant and what is nasty behaviour here would actually be healthy competition elsewhere, pushing other team members to do better. Like this it's actually making me suicidal.

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  • ManHater

    Nope, I work well in all area's including pimping women.