Why Do College Educated People Think They're So Much Smarter Than Those That Didn't Attend College?

Why Do College Educated People Think Theyre So Much Smarter Than Those That Didnt Attend College?

So this was going to be a question but would of been too long, so turned into a mytake....

There's nothing wrong with people that are proud of their accomplishments in life including attending/graduating from college. I commend, congratulate anyone who did so...

But when people use that to belittle or make assumptions about the intelligence of those that didn't attend college is where it gets ridiculous...

Time and again, I've seen users on this site thinking they're smarter than people without a degree...


Some of the smartest, richest people in the world never attended or dropped out of college without getting a degree...

So I compiled a list of some of those people...

First on the list/had to start with:

1: Bill Gates

Why Do College Educated People Think Theyre So Much Smarter Than Those That Didnt Attend College?

I'm sure most people know who Bill Gates is. But do you also know that this smart man is a Harvard dropout? He made his first $20,000 by age 13, and was only 20 when cofounded Microsoft.... Not bad for a college dropout🤔

2: Thomas Edison

Why Do College Educated People Think Theyre So Much Smarter Than Those That Didnt Attend College?

Thomas Edison is probably the most famous and productive inventor of all time, with more than 1,000 patents in his name, including the electric light bulb, phonograph, and motion picture camera. All that, and only had three months of formal education and was homeschooled by his mother who was a school teacher.

3. Benjamin Franklin

Why Do College Educated People Think Theyre So Much Smarter Than Those That Didnt Attend College?

Benjamin Franklin was a politician, diplomat, author, printer, publisher, scientist, inventor, founding father, and coauthor and cosigner of the Declaration of Independence. One thing he was not was a high school graduate. In fact he dropped out of school at the age of 10 to work for his father and later his brother as a printer.

4. Walt Disney

Why Do College Educated People Think Theyre So Much Smarter Than Those That Didnt Attend College?

Walt Disney dropped out of school at the age of 16 to join the army, but was too young so joined the red cross with a forged birth certificate. He received an "honorary" highschool diploma at the age of 58.

Also on the list would be:

John D. Rockefeller
Richard Branson
George Burns
Colonel Sanders
Charles Dickens
Elton John
Ray Kroc
Harry Houdini
Ringo Starr
Princess Diana

and many more....

Why Do College Educated People Think Theyre So Much Smarter Than Those That Didnt Attend College?

Just like people shouldn't judge a book by its cover, they also shouldn't judge the level of someone's intelligence of lack there of just based off their level of education alone.

Can you be intelligent without college?

Yes, absolutely. Intelligence is innate and independent of education. A lack of formal education won't stop an intelligent person from learning on their own. Conversely, no amount of formal education can confer intelligence on someone who lacks it.

Why Do College Educated People Think Theyre So Much Smarter Than Those That Didnt Attend College?

Moral of the story, point of this take is trying to make someone look or feel stupid isn't the way to show how smart or intelligent one is.. That's not intelligence, that's pettiness.

As always, thanks for reading💛💛

"Brainsbeforebeauty" 😘

Why Do College Educated People Think They're So Much Smarter Than Those That Didn't Attend College?
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  • MrOracle
    Schools have used their political and social connections to market college that way, because it makes them a ton of money (in particular the private colleges). They've also vastly expanded their non-STEM fields of study to accommodate all of the students that probably aren't getting much of value from college. It makes people feel important (for $60,000 or more) but doesn't contributed significantly to the careers of most people

    Now, folks going into STEM fields are another matter. College is necessary for most STEM students to learn the advanced concepts and standard procedures in their fields. Those degrees are no joke - you have to be smart AND work your add off.

    But anyone can learn things, and you don't need to go to college to do so - you just need to focus on something and try to learn something new about it every day.

    I also have a problem with them common societal attitude that blue collar workers are "less than" because they work with their hands. The same with stay-at-home mothers raising children. These jobs are vital to society and require a lot more skill and knowledge than a lot of people appreciate. And plenty of guys in the trades are making six figures.
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  • DJB72
    My dad used to use the terms "educated imbecile" and "intelligent idiot". I went to university for one reason: my wife wanted me to. I was 31 already and working as a business manager for a doctor's practice.

    That we owned.

    I studied at varsity 5 hours a day on average and worked another 8 hours each day at the business. I majored in strategic management because it's what my wife wanted me to study. I hate it. I passed, but academically I didn't learn much I didn't already know. What it did give me was a piece of paper to hang on the wall stating I'm qualified to do the job I was already doing.

    What else it gave me was a few good friends. It was worth it for that.

    I was offered membership of Mensa, the high IQ organisation at 16. I turned it down because I didn't want the label, and I don't regret doing so. An IQ test measures one type of intelligence. A degree demonstrates another. But both are extremely narrow definitions. What's more important is the ability to USE the intelligence available to the best effect.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • SpiderManFan2002
    I think it mainly stems from arrogance. Firstly there are plenty of people who didn’t go to college, who are smart enough but didn’t go maybe for personal reasons, or they simply didn’t have the opportunity.

    Secondly intellect doesn’t always equate to academic ability. I’m looking to go to university (just struggling right now because ✨issues✨) but I know I’m smart enough- but there’s still plenty of things I can’t do that other people can who didn’t go to college. My grandparents lacked education for example, and I am far more educated (academically) than my grandparents. But send us to their village in Pakistan, and I will be clueless whereas they will know everything on how to live there. Who’d be the “smart and educated” one in that situation? Them.

    Truthfully, everyone has different skills and abilities so we shouldn’t confide smartness and intellect to only one system. Yes, people who go to university are smart, some insanely smart- but that doesn’t mean they should become arrogant and underestimate the intellect of those who didn’t.
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    • MHO answer here💯 of I remember to select, year older so year more forgetful🤣 couldn't agree more💯

    • Aw thank you😂Don’t worry about it lol, my memory has people saying: “How can you remember that?” or “How can you forget that?” No in between😂😂

    • 🤣🤣

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  • btbc92
    This has nothing to do with somebody being college-educated. I'm now in a college getting my education. I don't think I'm smarter than anybody else. It has everything to do with the kind of mentality the person have and the kind of personality that may be unhealthy and their personality. You can have nasty people bid if they been to college or not. I haven't counted plenty of people that never been to college and didn't want to act like that better than people who are educated. I had met people that have phds and they figure that PhD is a set of beetle but tell they carry themselves and their mentality tells a different story. Not everybody that goes to college or goes to any type of a school bus in public school k12 or not is educated. You're educated when you have the knowledge. If you don't have the knowledge. You're not educated. You have people that sadly they do what they do. Yeah people that can cheat, you can have people that do all kinds of things. That doesn't guarantee you have an education. It has everything to do with the person.
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    • btbc92

      Sadly. What they do not tell you is that all the people that you basically listed have more lots of sold themselves out to the devil into the system in order for them to gain. They come from families and bloodlines that are into satanic things. So they will easily gain just by doing what they're doing. Not only is about who you know, but it's about what you're willing to sacrifice. That's exactly how it works into this world. They lied and say oh you got to get a college education everything be fine. That's not true. Because if that's the case, then how come we got more than enough people who have the college degree that they have but less than half is able to actually get into that career field that they started for? Many people have jobs and careers that they never actually started for or have a degree in. So I really say has there been doing what you choose to do with that. People have many different kinds of smarts. But one thing I cannot stand is willful ignorance.

    • I agree💯

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  • ShadezMcgee
    Probably has to stem from a false sense of superiority and the instilled idea that unless you attend and graduate college or have a master's or PhD, you are no smarter than the average high schooler, but here is the counter to that.

    You got a degree with and a piece of paper with your name on it. Cool. You working in that job field or doing something way different because of the job market being outdated to what you were told to what was going to be needed at the time of your graduation? Plus, all of that debt, have fun paying that off.

    Just because you attend college doesn't make you smart. There are people have attended Ivy League schools or the best universities of their state and after talking to them you realize some were fucking retarded. Only got in from connections and money.

    Christ, if I could do anything over I would have gone down the trades route. Would be making bank as a plumber, electrician, carpenter, machinist, etc.

    Education needs to teach kids marketable skills as well as encourage them to pursue careers that mirror their strengths on academic strength. Someone who is good with math and mechanically inclined, awesome, bro. You should take a look at trades. Oh, you are great with literature and writing? Cool, look more towards copywriting.

    Pursuing higher education is honestly one of the biggest scams the United States has, especially if you aren't using your degree in the field you majored in.
  • Lliam
    I think you're right, bbb. With many people, a college degree only proves that they were smart enough to memorize the necessary information to pass their courses. But it doesn't necessarily prove that they have a whit of sense.

    My ex brother in law was a cardiologist and good at his job. But the guy new nothing about anything else.

    I knew a guy who had a masters degree in electronics. He was in on pioneering modum technology and made a shit ton of money because of that. But because he was an electronic engineer, he thought he was Dr. Science and the expert on any topic you could name, from biology to economics to medicine.

    I know lots of people who have master's and doctorate degrees who are really nice people but smug and closed minded when it comes to controversial issues. They may know less about how the world works than a high school student, but are less curious because they think they already know all there is to know. They don't get their information from the TV. Oh heavens no. A true sophisticate reads the NYT and possibly the Wall Street Journal from cover to cover every day. They don't realize that it's the same garbage, different format.

    I value education very highly. But formal education can be used to indoctrinate. It can be a way of drilling in conformity and compliance. It fills people full of information but doesn't teach them 'how' to think. In many cases, the goal is to create good worker bees.

    Then there are those extraordinarily bright people with multiple masters and doctorate degrees, who have led foundations and government and global agencies and who, over the past year and half, became targets of slander for being honest and ethical in reporting findings that conflict with the official narrative. The indoctrination and intimidation did not work on those people.

    I also know many, many people who don't have advanced degrees but are information sponges. They are incredibly bright, open minded and perceptive. They do amazing research. Some of those people become independent journalists who naturally get ignored, banned, blocked and slandered by mainstream media and social media platforms for reporting information that conflicts with official narratives. People are supposed to believe what they are told to believe by "authorities", not take in as much information as possible and use their own reasoning power to develop informed opinions. An educated slave is a dangerous slave. They tend to get funny ideas that create problems for the rulers.

    By the way, you neglected to mention the man who was possibly one of the greatest geniuses in history, Nicola Tesla. He dropped out of university. When Einstein was asked, “How does it feel to be the smartest man alive?”, he replied, “I wouldn't know. You'll have to ask Nikola Tesla.”

    Also, some of the greatest philosophers, mathematicians and scientists in history lived before any formal educational or university systems existed. Some of them got burned at the stake for thinking outside the box and threatening the established order.
    • Yeah there's lots of great people I missed on the list cuz this would of turned into a book instead of mytake... We agreeing once again.. I hope that means cold front moving in cuz it's hot out lolol

    • Lliam

      I'm glad you agree, my friend, because I was hoping to bring you relief from the heat. 😅

    • Could jump in the pool, but I imbibed on some frozen cocktails.. my birthday was Wednesday but we celebrating today.. Why'd they bring two cakes lol there goes my diet

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  • ohshee
    Well I think for most people that act that way if they didn't act that way they would cry because we have to justify if they're still spending money paying off their college tuition and they're afraid to say out loud okay I'm just book smart I'm not hands on because that is two different type of people right there and then the next thing you say I agree with two except for in the case of Bill Gates I know Bill Gates very smart man but I don't believe he's an honest man I believe well I'm not going to go there but there is a lot of agendas that Bill Gates has and very capable of getting those agendas done because of the capital that he has and I think somewhere down the road in time we will all find out that we don't like Bill Gates just my opinion anyway yeah I Love College people one of my bosses was a college person what is a MP in the armed forces was very successful at a business career with Chevron went into business for himself and he was very book smart but with hands on he didn't know his right hand from his left hand and it was quite funny especially when you would call him on it because all you can do is laugh but the rude people that think it's all about them just because they did whatever down deep someplace they know the truth and there just aren't happy people
    • I agree and great answer.. I also agree with your opinion of Bill Gates, but whether like him or not, I still have to admit he's a smart man whether he uses it for good or not

  • Dragonpurple
    It is true that education doesn't make anyone more intelligent, what is does prove is they are capable of learning.

    At my work, I actually prefer NOT to hire college grads... because I have to train them from the ground up, because they think they know how to do the job and they constantly mess up, cause escalations, customer compensation for doing it wrong.

    The people who aren't college grads are easier to train, they are 100% receptive to everything, without preconceived notions they are better than everyone else.

    Many of the graduates think they know more than everyone else, they are very egotistic.

    I'd rather take someone with real life experience over someone who has been indoctrinated in some University somewhere that won't listen to anyone trying to train them to do the job right.

    On another note, it really depends on what someone considers smart or not.

    A common example I see, if is someone spells something wrong or uses incorrect grammar, people think they are automatically smarter than that person.

    I say so what, someone did something wrong, doesn't mean they are dumb... just mean they made a mistake or they may not care, so long as the point got across.

    For me personally, I have found most (not all) college educated people are less smart, in fact I often call them educated idiots. A few years back, the local school district here, had a new super, that decided to cut the benefits of all the custodians and janitors. Had a big meeting at district headquarters, when people became angry about this, he said... you guys are a dime a dozen, if you want a better paying job, go to college like me.

    He had to flee from that meeting, then later on his house was vandalized, his tires slit, and gas poured on his lawn with cuss words.

    This guy was clearly an idiot, anyone with even a little bit of intelligence would know you don't go insult a room full of people you just yanked out benefits from. Lets just say he got run off the job for his own safety and many of the benefits got restored after his little experiment proved that having no custodians or janitors in the school wouldn't work out.
    • Luopio27

      I wonder if there are movies based on stories like yours. Your story is powerful and educative as well as rare. Very few enployers prefer lower educated people over highly educated people.

    • @Luopio27 You missed the point... Just because someone isn't college educated, don't mean they're "lower" educated.. College isn't the only place people can get "educated"..
      Great answer, agree💯 sorry took so long to see or reply

    • Luopio27

      No I didn't miss the point. I never claimed higher educated people are better class than those without degrees.

      I claimed that most employers at least in my country would rather hire uni/collidge graduates than others.

      Whats worse here, is that only universities and collidges have all the high tech equipment and lower level schools have nothing. Worse is that they dare call it high level of education when for example movie university has all the same million dollar studio equipment while career schools of the same studies have no access to university equipment and have no equipment of their own.
      This social class division is causing racism. Worse of all, all universities, collidges and career schools are paid in full with tax money but benifits only the few.

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  • natured
    I have a bachelors degree, and honestly i worked my behind off to finish Uni also because I was working at the same time.
    It's the hardest thing to work and study at the same time. DON'T DO THIS !
    But I would never think something of someone that never attended College or University, it's not right to judge them or think that they are "not intelligent" and so on..
    • Congratulations!! An accomplishment you should be very proud of!! Thank you for getting in not discouraging a college education nor am I undervaluing the hard work and dedication, and sacrifice it takes. The whole point was for those that use that as a way to try to undermine or undervalue a person without a degree without even knowing them out their story... And I know you wouldn't be that way going by the way you conduct yourself on here💛🤗

    • natured

      Thank you sunshine, honestly, I think people with a "high educational level" should start school from the very beginning like first grade or so if they SAY SOME BS LIKE THAT. Because it only means that they are ignorant, and Ignorance is worse than not finishing college or school or whatever.

  • RealMarek
    The whole mythos around college is purposeful. If people think they need a college degree to be recognized as intelligent; they will pay for the degree whether it is probably going to be valuable to them or not. The banks love the government-guaranteed student loans (they cannot lose), the universities love the money (all the gains in college staff for the past couple decades have been in administration, not instruction), and the government won’t let people clear student loans in bankruptcy and can garnish paychecks or seize your estate upon death to get the money back. There are powerful financial incentives for pushing large numbers of people through college.

    The college-educated population is probably more intelligent on average than the rest, but averages are deceiving. There are plenty of unintelligent people with degrees and intelligent people without. Similarly, while college is financially beneficial on average, the distribution of outcomes is what matters. The average is pulled up by heavily compensated people like doctors and attorneys. The value of a college education for fields that are not heavily compensated is decreasing rapidly.
  • PinkMichae
    Having a degree does not make someone smarter than someone who doesn't have one. Some people teach themselves and can even know more thab someone who went to college for it.

    My husband for example is a diesel mechanic. He never went to school for it. He learned on the job and helps teach the new college educated mechanics.
  • demonics
    Society told them that they were for decades.

    Its even gotten to the point where people with $100k worth of student loan debt, working retail, and living at home with their parents will STILL look down their nose at a debt free tradesman, who just bought their second house at 32. Especially women, and especially black women. They are the MOST affected by this kind of indoctrination... often LEADING with their education when it comes to dating and relationship qualifications (literally no other race does this!). Most of the women that call into Kevin Samuels' show find this out the hard way. 30 something single women SHOCKED men can't *&$@ their college degrees, and have nothing else to offer men.

    But hey, look on the bright side, "those who can, do, those who can't..." are still getting the big bucks teaching BS to young people in college. As rebellious as young people always have been over the eons... why TF did they decide to listen to the adults now and go to college? That still baffles me!
    • Great answer.. I agree.. My hubby didn't go to college but he was very smart and knew a lot about a lot of things... And he had no college debt and neither did I which allowed us to purchase our home on my 31st birthday...

  • RolandCuthbert
    Well I think when it comes to intelligent folks, the proof is in the pudding. You know when people are intelligent, because they make intelligent arguments based upon facts and logic. They support their argument with proof.

    I have never had an experience at work where someone was considered to be smart simply because they were college educated. And I definitely have not hired college smart folks. They have had to prove they know the technology.
    • That's a good thing👍💯

    • Yeah, I know plenty of people who are in positions they do not deserve. But that is mostly because they know someone. Not because they have a college degree.

    • Yeah know that as well

  • johnsmithjs
    The bottom line is, college educated people that think they are smarter then non-college educated are actually stupid.

    I do have a college degree, thank-you GI bill. I think I have more experience then most people from everything that I have done in my life but I really do not consider myself to be any more intelligent then the average person. Yes there are some people that have special gifts but they are a small minority like Albert Einstien.
    • And the school system said he wasn't smart, go figure

    • rcljr

      I do not have a “ college degree” what I have is 58 years of life, hardships joys, triumphs, defeats, I’ve lived my life my way and will continue to do so, that’s better than any wrapped up paid for education.

    • rcljr

      Than… smarter THAN…🤣🤣🤣

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  • SlightlyEccentric
    With intelligence comes loads of arrogance. Its a shame colleges nowadays are less interested in actual education and more interested in woke Marxist indoctrination.

    As Bruce Lee famously said, and this is one of my all time favorite quotes: "Arrogance is a fools idea of glory." In this case, those who wave around a college degree thinking they're better than everyone else are nothing but egotistical, self-righteous pricks.
    • Exactly what you said.. Cuz not all do that.. And there's nothing wrong with being proud of accomplishments or having a degree they worked hard for.. It's when they think they're better... My mom's older sister went to college, my mom didn't.. She lorded it over my mom so the time and treated my mom like she was stupid

  • kespethdude
    I AM a college grad, and smarter than most of my acquaintances. But definitely NOT smarter than the first three on your list. Walt Disney is extremely controversial so I'm not even going to touch that topic.

    Your point is otherwise spot on, as usual.
  • AlexanderAnttila
    Alright so; arrogance can come from any direction. Educated people can be arrogant about their education, uneducated people can project insecurity and be arrogant towards educated people (I've experienced this myself).

    But as for your examples, Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard. The hardest school to enter in the world, so his intellect was already through the roof, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin were likewise a geniuses. Walt Disney was creative and imaginative which became his fame. You can't really take the margin and argue on the general. On the broadest scale people need education. Even if your list seems long they still are an incredible minority, and encouraging people to never mind higher learning because this or that guy became wildly successful is irresponsible and dangerous.

    On your point of intelligence being innate: Yes, aptitude is inherent. But ability is nurtured, and you're not just born knowledgeable, you're born with the aptitude of becoming knowledgeable. But it's another kind of arrogance to figure you're already too smart to have to learn anything. Anyone who's ever thought like that has had a big reality hit when trying to translate theory to practice.

    Are there issues within Academia today? Yes. huge issues. Elitism, indoctrination of radical leftist ideologies, falsification of facts, politicization, biased research, intervention policies etc. But the premise of academia which you're critiquing goes a tad too far.
    • Don't put words in my mouth didn't say.. Nowhere did I say or encourage not going to college.. Said don't use that to measure your intelligence or someone else's of they were less fortunate and couldn't attend college. The list was just to show that people CAN stop still be incredibly smart even without that college degree

    • Don't be so defensive.

      It's a slippery slope and when you discredit college/university as unrequired for success you're not being truthful because again, these cases comprise an extreme minority. They don't work for just any Tom Dick and Harry with average intellect.

  • Riddler1412
    My father was a college dropout, but in any conversation he had, with a college educated person, my dad owned him in an argument, or debate. He may have been a college dropout, but that doesn't mean he was uneducated.
    He was a good student, but had to drop out.
    • Exactly!! There's many reasons someone may not have gone to college or may have dropped out, especially for older people who grew up in a time where going to college wasn't pushed as much as it is today

    • dray995

      I don’t think it was going to college that made him smart. He was probably already smart and college just enhanced his natural intelligence.

  • ariadneR
    I've always felt stupid and less than my compatriots that finished college/university, because I didn't. Like I wasn't smart at all.
    It wasn't until I was talking about it with my bfs nephews, that they said to me. "Auntie, you're one of the smartest women we know, don't ever tell yourself you're stupid, cause you're a heck of a lot smarter than 90% of people we know"
  • Not_Average
    Generally, those of higher intelligence end up having degrees. Having said that, it’s definitely not always the case. I personally can’t stand the types that cultivate a superiority complex. I also can’t stand how we measure aptitude as a society within the professional work force. I rather self teach and save the money, but society unfortunately wouldn’t allow me to work in the field I am without these credentials.
  • Massageman
    The ones that feel they need to belittle others to "counter-boost" their OWN egos, are the ones who are really "uneducated"- uneducated in how to be a success in life.
    Great post
  • FatherJack
    What passes for education is often nothing more than indoctrination. Universities have mostly turned into Cultural Marxist Indoctrination Campuses. At least the Soviet Union & other Communist bloc countries " re-educated " you for free , not several $£K per term !
  • hellionthesagereborn
    You forgot Abraham Lincoln, because historically you didn't need to go to college to take the bar exam, it just helped.

    As for why they do it, well statistically people know LESS after graduating college then when they entered (according to the US department of education this has been going on for thirty years or more and is just getting worse. Specifically in the catagories of reading comprehension, civics, economics, history and critical thinking (when you do what your told all day every day for almost half your life, critical thinking goes out the window unfortunately and education has been pushing more for obedience rather then outside thinking). So they really have no reason to think they are smarter for it.

    However why they do is because of investment bias. They paid an insane amount of money, more then likely amassed massive amount of debt, and "wasted" years of their life to graduate college and quite frankly the idea that it was all for nothing is so terrifying (most graduates don't even get jobs in their respective fields) that they have to justify all of that investment some how i. e. they are smarter then every one else and that it made them smarter and better then every one else (because otherwise they are left with nothing but poverty and lost time).
  • AndrewMG
    Education and intelligence are two completely different things and neither guarantee success or happiness in there own right, but both are commendable qualities if used in the right way... but more to the point did anyone need reminding Diana and Ringo Starr didn't go to college? lol
    • 🤣🤣

    • dray995

      But I don’t need a college degree to know the difference between “there” and “their”.

    • AndrewMG

      @dray995 It's late here, initially the auto correct changed my "two" to a "too" and I won't even tell you what it did to Ringo's surname! lol So I let the odd there, their and they're slip by! lol

  • Birdlegs
    To be fair these are outliers who else makes $20,000 by 13? A college degree is objectively the smarter the decision. Not saying it’s not possible to succeed without one but you’ll have better chances with one
    • That wasn't the point... The point is a college degree alone doesn't determine one's intelligence or lack of intelligence

  • ChrisMaster69
    As someone that hires and interviews individuals that are Technology, Software, Hardware, and a mix of similar disciplines.

    what it means for me, is I know if they have a decent degree from x university, they will have studied to a certain level and covered specific modules. That bit of paper is proof of it.

    i also will and have recruited individuals direct from specific trades within the Forces, not because they have a degree but because I know they will have the aptitude and determination to learn.

    I have a guy that works for me, he has pretty no qualifications, however he learned nearly every language type from 1980’s on wards, assembly, machine code, onwards, he trained people that work at the doughnut. He does however have limited social skills, should have retired years ago, I had to check we still paid him. He’s also the reason I got my job.

    I hate people getting stroppy or bragging they have degrees, yes it shows they studied well and have a certain level and amount of knowledge.

    I also have a print of Ada Lovelace on the wall in my office.


    I've seen someone with a brain the size of a small planet try to fill his engine oil up through the dipstick hole….

    We ate a lot of pizza waiting for him.
  • Alejandro3000
    Life experiences make us smarter not just college education. Getting 1st class by sitting in the library all day everyday is foolish. But many employers have to choose candidates with the best scores. And what they end up with are troublemakers.
  • Grond21
    Well said. The elitism of the intellectuals has grown into a cancer in higher education. It seems like there's an inverse proportion to the decline in quality of college degrees and an increase in arrogance for those who take them
  • LeeannaDD
    Because they're teachers tell them they are. Schooling is not a measurement of intelligence, it's about how well you do what your told essentially. Obviously people who obtain doctorates and masters degrees are intelligent, but I'm not impressed by a a 2-4 year liberal arts program...
    • Well honestly you can easily get a masters while being completely average. There aren't even as many above average intelligent people as there are people with a master degree. Intelligence is normally distributed.

  • EmbraceThePain
    Well, it’s quite simple.
    They’re associated school or more school with more intelligence. So, if you have a master’s degree then you must be more intelligent than someone with a bachelor’s and certainly more so than someone with no degree whatsoever.
  • Finchie40
    Cuz they are mad at themselves that they are stuck with huge student loans and the person without college isn’t , so to make themselves feel better about themselves, they act like they are smarter when in reality they aren’t
  • loves2learn
    I don’t judge a person’s smarts based on a degree. You have to talk to people and get to know them to truly understand them.
  • Smashingdoozy
    Yes you can be smart and not go to college but having a college degree does often make you more knowledgable on that specific topic than someone who has only learned about the topic via the internet. You are not overall smarter if you went to college.
  • Likethesky
    Having a college degree makes you smarter. Having a degree means you know more about what you studied about not everything else.

    Just school & colleges can't make anyone more intelligent. Being intelligent means being efficient at using what you know or being able to handle tough situations and having the ability to make the best decisions. But I disagree with something here. You can make a less intelligent person more intelligent. Everyone learns and gets better with experience in life
    • Likethesky

      Having a college degree doesn't make anyone smarter* lol my auto correct is drunk

    • You're autocorrect as drunk as I am.. Delayed birthday celebrating lol

  • AdithyaR
    Absolutely. College is great and all but people can get by well in life without it too.
    A college is gonna do no good if a person doesn't know how to utilise it.
  • alance99
    Totally agree with you, getting a college degree isn't the only parameter to know about a person's intelligence but education is important for everyone.

    Having superiority complex just becoz a person is educated isn't good at all
  • TommyMountainFigure
    I went to university here in the UK... Well I had to. I use to deliver pizza there 3 times a week. :D
  • MotorcycleMan
    Sure, there are many smart people that don't go to college, but in general, people who go to college are far more educated than those that don't. Many people, once the go to college realize how much they still don't know, as opposed to those who have not had that exposure.
  • rcljr
    They aren’t, they’ve just been indoctrinated and brainwashed with useless liberal/ socialist bull shit.
  • Celtero
    People like every excuse to feel superior to their fellow man.
    And I always feel like it's important to note that overeducated morons exist.
    • ,👍🤣

    • Yes and those overeducated people have a sheepskin that this day is is not worth the shit it is stamped out of but they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt most of the large company s and banks will not even hire them because they know only how to protest riot and think the majority of people are stupid because we did not go to college. I did not have a large loan to payoff. I have made many millions of dollars in my life and I am retired living the good life because I worked and learned from O. J. T. and reading everything I could about my craft.

    • @darkcloud1945 That's awesome👍👍

  • JackSmy
    LOL!! SOME, College-Educated people think that, not EVERYONE!! Let's make that clear!!!
    I am not some arrogant fck, that thinks that because I went to college, and have a Fancy Paper, saying I did that, means that I am any better than anyone else!!
    My mom once told me that she can't talk to her sister, because she didn't go to college, and what could they possibly talk about? LMFAO!!!
    I talk to my Aunt, for HOURS, sometimes, about all kinds of things, and I have a B. S. degree, and a Master's!! Somehow, we find soooooooo much to talk about, and I never 'show off' what I know, or learned!!
    Sometimes she asks me how something works, or asks about some computer thing, and I show her, not condescendingly, but honestly trying to help, and make sure she understands!
    Some people are naturally pretentious assbags, and having a degree just makes them feel more justified!
  • Surely
    Because they spent big money and have a piece of paper called a diploma to hand on their wall!
    A lot seem to lack common sense
  • invalid1
    I just wanna make things clear. You don't have to be smart to be rich 😁
  • Bluemax
    Largely because their teachers, academic advisors, parents, friends, etc TELL THEM.

    And strangely today jobs where it once would have been thought absurd to require a college degree now have that very requirement. Department store managers, bank tellers, secretaries, etc. now often require a college degree. Hell, there are airlines that require FLIGHT ATTENDANTS to be college educated! It's strange to think that the person giving you the safety demonstration and your crackers has the same level of education as the pilot!

    Hell, during the civil war era, TEACHERS were not required to be college educated. I can attest that I could have done my job without a college degree. Head Start requires their preschool teachers to have a goddamn master's degree. A MASTER'S DEGREE... to teach preschoolers colors. My friend is a heD start teacher. She says the only thing her master's has done is put her in 10s of thousands of dollars in debt.
  • ODC2112
    I say this as a person who has done all three levels until PhD (I studied in universties in Italy, Sweden and Norway). A good part of the people who have done bachelor's and master's degrees are very smart are above average. Indeed, intelligence has little to do with academic success. Often, they have only a good study method and a good time organization. In my experience, these are the keys to academic success up to the master's degree.

    At the PhD, everything changes, but here we are on a different level. Here we must do, not repeat or rework as in the previous levels. The first thing they told me when I started my PhD is that a talented student is not necessarily an excellent researcher.

    Educated people have a hard time dealing with uneducated people. It is not a question of intelligence. It is a question of culture. De facto, poorly educated people have a strong tendency to be gullible. This is because they do not have the tools to understand a world that is increasingly complex. Here too it is not a problem of intelligence, it is a problem of culture. Many of the people you mention in the article are people who have a high culture even though it is not certified by an institution, some other such as Elton John or Lady Diana.

    To be economically successful, especially in the post-WWII economic boom period or in the rain of money given by the government, e. g. 80s isn't about being particularly smart. Rather, it is the fact that you are the right person at the right time and have a higher than average risk appetite. Being socially successful even less especially if success is married to it, e. g. Lady Diana.

    The principle of ambivalence is also clearly applicable to the concept of culture: culture is a positive factor when the person who possesses it uses what he knows to understand himself and what he experiences in more depth. Used to place barriers against those who are less educated, to rise above others, to make culture a distinctive trait of merit and superiority towards people with an inferior culture.

    Very often, those with a great culture end up being dominated by it and losing sight of humility. That humility that must always lead us to remember the fact that for everything we know there is an infinity that has not even been touched by our knowledge.

    However, this is not always the case. There is a defensive factor of the poorly educated people who are terrified of being spoofed by the educated. Therefore they go on the defensive and see educated people as braggart and assholes when in reality it is just their projection.

    Some types of jobs require advanced preparation. I honestly would not have a doctor who studied books at home operate, or I would not trust an economist without a doctorate or I would not have a boy just out of high school design a dam.

    Universities in numerous fields provide opportunities to learn things that cannot be learned before. (In Italy once they were in high school then they emptied the high schools of knowledge making them more practical and oriented to the world of work)
  • DianaWest
    look at all those salty folk who haven't gone to college. i don't think arrogance is good on either side, but so many salty folk on here talking about "just a paper." it is "just a paper" that can make you an extra 30 grand per year than joe schmoe who just has his GED. if it doesn't, it just means you did not use your "just a paper" wisely like others have. i have met people who suffer from superiority complexes and those (despite their degrees) i find to be incredibly stupid and idiotic. an intelligent person does not need to announce their intelligence to the world. the same goes for the less educated. you don't have to think you are better or less superficial than college educated people. idiots are found in all aspects of life, whether on a university campus, a doctor's office, or a cafeteria.
    • I agree.. in not knocking those that went to college... My daughter graduated last June and couldn't of been prouder...

  • Breanna_nonbinary
    Actually that’s not true. Look up a concept called “cognitive bias”. Very interesting stuff.
    • 👍👍

    • What's not true? You think that there are no people who look down on others who don't have a degree?
      Maybe you don't talk to people much?

    • @Hallo626262 perhaps you should understand what cognitive bias is before commenting. In all honestly I don’t look down on anyone until they open their mouth and show how stupid they are. Of course having a degree is in no way a sign of intelligence. It’s like when people say they couldn’t have committed a crime because they are godly. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

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  • najekim
    There is formal education with the books and classes and there is informal education which comes from reality and experience.
  • dolemite89
    because if they wasted that much time and money for a degree they have to convince themselves that it was all for something in the end 😂
  • DarkCarousel
    Some of the most creative and intelligent people I know didn’t go to college. The most intelligent person I know DID go to college and sadly he is going through dementia right now (not that that is related).
    I apologize for not reading the whole thing. My brain is fried. But based on your title, I’m in agreement.
  • Paige90
    I don't think a college graduate is smarter but I do think it shows he/she is determined to endure four, six or eight grueling years.
    • It is not always grueling. Just the all nighters followed by an exam.

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your MyTake, It was written very well and is interesting
    I got a story to share years ago our former neighbor came out and admit
    when he lived in Tennesse with his now ex-wife he earned a Bachelors
    degree in psychology well he had the degree he could be a therapist,
    counselor and he took a job well it didn't last long cause he became
    addicted to prescription medications such as xanax and I believe
    Adderall too well they moved to Pennsylvania and that's how we
    met him and his wife, his wife left him and they remain, friends,
    but they got divorced and she went back to Tennesse but he
    gets a large amount of money from his sister once a month
    plus he gets a big check from Social Security Disability it's
    shame that he chose to ruin his life and he is age 67 now
    so things happen to people
  • ralphphilip83
    I don’t judge intelligence or even aptitude by university degrees. I hold a PhD in electronics and photonics from University of California Santa Barbara. I have acknowledged people in my publications who don’t hold any formal degree.
    University gives you the opportunity to learn to work on some cutting edge tools, but your native ability decides what you accomplish with said tools.
    Besides, these days you can learn almost anything in industry that you can learn in acadaemia. Exceptions are cutting edge mathematics and theoretical physics.
  • 007kingifrit
    48% of college grads never use their degree

    in 1960 15% of college grads got As in a class. today 45% of college students got an A in a class

    they aren't getting smarter, nor are they smarter than the average. its just that they were groomed by their parents to think they are special