Why are college girls so boring these days?

I'm almost 30 and I'm in my first year of grad school.

I graduated from my undergrad back in 2006(I was a young one.) I took some time off and now I'm back. So I went to college from 2002-2006 and now I'll be going from 2015-2018.

Wow, the girls have changed, and YES I'm talking about UNDERGRAD women. I remember how wild they could be back in the early 00's. Now, they're stuck up prudes and don't even want to hang out or party. I have a theory it's because of the vast social media outlets and people don't do anything fun anymore.

I know some bros who want to chill and hang out but girls are so... snobby and no fun. Why is this? What happened? It's crazy how much changes in a decade.
Why are college girls so boring these days?
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