Boyfriend not coming to graduation?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 1/2 years. I invited him to my college graduation. He has stated he is not coming to my college graduation because his adopted daughter will be at her moms. His daughter does not want to go to my graduation and does not want to see me or my parents. He stated his sister wanted to go to my college graduation. She is not going. No one from his family is going to my graduation although they have been invited. I have been working on getting this degree for twenty one years. He adopted his niece 14 years ago. She has come to my home and thrown my moms purse on the floor with force, yelled at both my parents, and broke many things in home on purpose. She has stole hundreds of dollars from me, hit me with things she had in her hand, and stole my drawstring black bag. He has brought her to my property at times and leave her in his truck and she ignores everyone and is on her phone. She never apologized to my parents and is not sorry about anything she has done. He has said he would never miss her graduation. Should I let him know if he calls that I don't expect him to come over after the graduation? So he can spend more time together with her? Because it's so important.
Boyfriend not coming to graduation?
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