Did you do any special high school programme (AP, IB, ... )?

I'm currently doing both the IB and my country's A-levels, which is a lot to be honest. We recently looked at sample Math, Biology and Chemistry SAT and couldn't belive how easy they were, my best friend gazed at it and said "only multiple-choice?"
Our A-levels are at least as hard as Germany's A-levels (Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg; for the other Bundesländer's A-levels, Austria's is harder) and a little easier than Switzerland's A-levels I'd say.
If you attend a Gymnasium, you'll only just pass if you don't study most of the time, but for other schools it's easier. Not getting into the complexity of the Austrian school system here though...
IB vs AP
IB vs AP
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I'm curious to find out whether any of you did the AP (advanced placement) or IB (International Baccalaureate) programme, graduated high school regularly or did your country's (or the UK's) A-levels.

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Did you do any special high school programme (AP, IB, ... )?
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