What do I do about my coworker?

I was recently hired and put on a team of coworkers with several people. Before our work begins later this year, a person on our team is encouraging us to have three professional development meetings spaced out over a few months. I was hired about a week ago, found out about these meetings a few days ago, and our first meeting is in about a day. I live several hours away from all the other people on the team (they all live within 15-20 minutes of one another).

My mentor said, if I am able to make it, I could do so in person or on Zoom (whichever is easier). I opted for Zoom because of my travel time. This is when another person who scheduled these professional development meetings began to give me push-back. They asked if there was any way for me to come in person (after I had already said no), and then proceeded to tell me that it is very disappointing that I won’t be there in person. I am moving to the area in less than two weeks, and do not understand this person’s issue given Zoom was presented as an option for me.

Does anyone have any general advice? I’m concerned because I’m brand new to this job and it already seems as though this person doesn’t like me.
What do I do about my coworker?
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