Why do my coworkers not want to talk to me?

I work as a security guard at a college. All the other guards there are very gregarious, outgoing. We work in a very informal work environment where people are extremely friendly, conversational, and we see each other like family. Not the typical professional, strict envrionment so it very common to see us chatting about our personal lives, tons of small talk.

I just find that my coworkers do not want to talk to me. When I make conversation with them, they would reply but after 25 seconds, they would see the janitor walk by and then interrupt me to say hi to the janitor then go onto talk to them, as if our conversation never existed. Its really rude to just cut me off while I'm saying something, just so that you can small talk with the janitor. Its happened multiple times with various different people. Maybe I'm not interesting enough? Maybe I'm not charismatic enough?

I can't force people to talk to me. So I just stopped small talking to anyone at work. If people don't want to talk to me, then why should i try talk to them? But after a few weeks, I started getting lonely. I don't really have any friends outside of work so I didn't have a social life at all. Then later, I also had a small "fall out" with a supervisor.

Now I just don't feel welcome at my job anymore. I feel like I'm not included in their family. I liked working there very much and it offers great benefits. But I honestly am not excited to go to work to see my coworkers anymore. I just work the job , grab my money, then run as fast as possible at the end of the day.
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I also have lost interest in bonding with my coworkers too. Because I am so turned off by the environment.
Why do my coworkers not want to talk to me?
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