Question about eye contact with your boss/manager?

hi pee!

I’m a 20 year old girl and recently started working at this place, had a job interview, the HR said that her and the manager liked me so I have been training with the manager for the past few days, he’s been teaching me the details of the job and stuff, lowkey has been very considerate.

He’s around 27-28 years olds? And during interview and after has been very very nice, praised me a few times coz I take the job very seriously and stuff,+ study, he asked a few questions, you know how it goes.

The main reason I’m writing this question is because of eye contact, usually I have trouble with staring into a person’s eyes but he has a habit of looking in my eyes when explaining stuff and I look back, I don’t wanna be rude and avoid eye contact but I feel like he’s always looking lmao not weird since I’m new at the job and he is being careful but still, he notices everything, I swear lmao starting from the sneakers Im wearing and earrings.

he has been really nice and very polite, got surprised when I repeated my age, I guess he thought I was older? And joked about me being miss/mrs when filling in my resume, which i kiiinda found weird? It was quirky but still... gut feeling.

I guess the question is dumb, I’m just really not used to prolonged eye contact and always avoid it, but since he is a manager I don’t want to be rude, besides he always smiles and jokes around so I mean it is not uncomfortable at all, quite the opposite. This may be a test? Lmao coz he doesn’t stare at other workers, he’s very friendly with everyone

I guess the main point of me posting is that I’m usually shy and overthink stuff, I don’t wanna make anyone uncomfortable  thank you so much for answering this anxious over-thought blabber lmao means the world!! 
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Lmao peeps* don’t know why it says pee my bad
Question about eye contact with your boss/manager?
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