Hey I'm back in gag?

Do you like chicken?
Well just wrote this so this post won't be taken down.

I'm Apulu_3! Again after 3 days! I bet most have even forgotten me now.
So actually what happened is I fixed my schedule.

I stopped doing office work under dad. It is making me stressed and even while doing this Maths my mind wonders about, "If this costumer took finance then which staff have the advance?" My dad even supported me in this and said I should join after 18 only because I have got all the basic knowledge.

Other thing is, Guys I completed my first ever novel!!! I completed the first book of my novel series 'On my face'. For now my English teacher is reviewing it. My stress on writing part is reduced.

Currently my schedule is such that I study for 6-7 hrs in a normal day and have plenty of free time for myself. I will probably use 95% of the free time on my passion. Sorry. If I get some time then I will spend it here. I will at least spend time here on Weekends. I was busy before because I was completing my course in home. Now I am done with it so all I have to do it revise the whole year!
(P. S a great tip for students! Complete your course before summer vacations as fast as possible. Even before the session starts when you get your books. And revise the whole year! All the study load is reduced. You will score nice grades too if you did it all properly)

And I just made this account. I can't promise to be as active as before. I can go inactive for days also.
I realized that this problem wasn't even that bad. I was just stressed out by so clumsy timing as I'm a person who wants everything organized and everything to be done in time. If there is any mistake then I will be like I wanna die lol. This is what happened here too. Teenage is showing its effects. Sigh.

No one is bullying me in class now so I feel much better.

I was thinking I need 3 years to recover back but once I got back in cool then I did it in 3 days. I spent more time in nature so I became more calm.
Hey I'm back in gag?
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