Friendship-like relationship with a professor?

I am doing my Ph. D. and the professor who is my mentor was my mentor also when I was a student so I worked with him a lot till now. We get along pretty well, he is very nice and helpful and always takes enough time to help me. Because I also have a regular job, it is sometimes hard for us to meet in person and so we mostly have a lot of zoom calls.

We meet in person only sometimes and we firstly always met at faculty. But once it was harder for him to come to the faculty so he proposed I come to his home instead and since I know him good enough I went and it was completely normal, we sat at his home office table and discussed what need to be.
One another time I was very busy during the week but had time to meet during the weekend when faculty was closed so I said to him that we could have a zoom call during the weekend or we could also meet somewhere and I said it is OK by me if we meet at my home (I suggested this because when I went to his home it was completely OK), to what he responded that it is fine by him as well and he can come to my home.
Since then he came to my home three times already (in a few months) and it is always completely normal, pretty much the same as if we would meet in the office.

I am writing this because I want some other person's opinion on the situation as well. I am aware how this situation can be interpreted, but I think it is innocent, I don't have that kind of intentions with him and he also doesn't act that way. He is very nice person, also to other people and other students and since I know him quite a bit and feel comfortable with him and because he doesn't act unprofessional around me I don't have a problem if the situation is a little more personal at times (visits at home) and it actually makes working with him easier.
He is around 50 years old and has one grown up kid. I don't know if he is married or not, probably not. I live alone, and when I went to his home he was alone as well, at least at that time.

Thank you!
Friendship-like relationship with a professor?
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