Can you help me improve the grammar?

I am new to call center and need your help badly to improve my grammar on each lines and if possible revise a short one. Thank you!

This is Kim from ABC. I received your request for a call

Am I talking to xxxx? Is this the best time to talk with you?

Great, thank you!

Before we start, I'd like you to know that this call be recorded for training and quality purposes, is that okay?

Thanks so much for your consent For me to have an access on your account, we need to verify each others PIN. Can I have your please?

Thank you for confirming. Mine is 1234

As I can see here, you have a concern regarding Tax. Is that correct?

Thank you for confirming. Can you tell me more about your concern?

Thanks for giving me this information.

Would you mind to put you on hold for 2 minutes for me to check your account.

I'll be needing another 2 minutes to check. Is that okay? Please bear with me..

Apology to keep u on waiting, it looks like your account needs further consultation. Is it okay to convert this call into email?

Thanks so much or your patience. I'll be also sending you an email regarding this.

Do you have any other concern?

Alright, thanks so much for taking my call and have a good day!
Can you help me improve the grammar?
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