Help with Grammar Assignment?

1. In my essay class I learnt how to strengthen my arguments and opinions with facts and _____.
a. points
b. figures
c. words
d. fallacies

2. The game was _____ by a heavy shower
a. interrupting
b. interrupts
c. interrupted
d. interrupt

3. The interview session _____ an hour ago
a. is starting
b. start
c. started
d. starts

4. Lita is preparing for her exam so that she can get good results. Howver, she is anxiety-driven
as she had not been doing her revision regularly in the past. This has caused regular panic
attacks that could have been avoided. Lita is _____
a. a role model for other students
b. revising her lessons regularly
c. anxiously waiting for her results
d. having a nervous break-down

5. Hemoeopathy, first developed in the 18th century, is getting more popular internationally in the
current era. In its view, which differs from the conventional medicine point of view , diseases
afflict both the mind and body so treatment is holistic. Homoeopathy ______
a. was popular in the 18th century
b. is different from conventional treatment method
c. is accepted internationally because it is holistic
d. is an incurable disease

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Help with Grammar Assignment?
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