Is bartending a bad idea for a future child psychologist?

I currently work as a sound engineer and hate my job. I won't go into detail here, but I work in a very toxic environment and want to get out by this summer. I, however, have no other job experience besides sound design. I've looked elsewhere and they are only hiring full time, which I am unable to do right now. My mom suggested that I look into bartending school. I could be done with it before the semester starts and have a pretty good chance at a job which works around the hours I need (more or less).

My main concern is that I want to work with kids in the future. If I work at a bar, will I be looked down at for this? I also don't drink, so I am not sure how good I would be at this. She says I have the tough, brutally honest, yet sweet personality that bartenders have and I'll learn as I go. But I am more concerned with how I will be looked at to potential employers and clients. I don't think the words "bar" and "kids" go together. I apologize if anyone here is offended. I am not looking down at the position itself, it's more about how I will look to people when I say I want to work with kids, but here I am working at a bar.

Anyone have experience or advice?
Is bartending a bad idea for a future child psychologist?
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